The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1817

What’s wrong was that Clayton was out here.

Didn’t Clayton want to be with Nicole at all times?

Why was Clayton waiting outside when Nicole was awake?

Clayton did not look as surprised as Kai imagined either.

Clayton’s face froze for a moment after Kai asked that question.

He pursed his lips.

“She’s not fully recovered. Let’s wait for the doctor’s results…”

Kai wrinkled his brows. He could not understand Clayton’s words.

What did Clayton mean by not fully recovered?

All that mattered was that Nicole was awake!

However, Kai did not think too much about it and pushed the door open to walk in.

“Baby sister…”

Kai happily opened his mouth and was ready to give Nicole a big bear hug.

However, when Kai saw the doctors’ sullen and serious faces, his heart instantly dropped.

Oh no.

He had a bad feeling about this.

Nicole sat on the side of the hospital bed and swung her feet as she smiled gently.

“Little K, I gave Dad the love letter that you wrote to that actress!”

Nicole’s sly gaze carried a glint.

Kai’s body instantly stiffened. His smile slowly faded.


Love letter?

What kind of bolt from the blue was this?.

When did he write a love letter to an actress?

Wait a minute…

Kai seemed to have some recollection of this.

When Kai first started out in the entertainment industry, he had a crush on an actress who had been in showbiz for a long time, so he wrote a love letter on impulse.

He even asked Nicole, who was a woman, to help him embellish the letter.

Later, the love letter that he had written with all his heart and soul went missing.

Back then, Kai thought that he lost it and was too shy to ask if Nicole saw it.

Later, it somehow landed in Floyd’s hands.

Floyd held the love letter in one hand, and a cane in the other hand as he smacked Kai so that Kai would recognize the reality of the entertainment industry.

Later, Kai finally came to terms with it.

Kai was the male lead in the film that Stanton Corporation invested in. He secretly arranged for this actress to play the female lead but was too embarrassed to tell her.

Later, he then saw this actress sleeping with the director just to get more scenes.

From then on, his dreams were crushed.

Kai never dated another girl from showbiz again. That was his bottom line.

Seeing Nicole’s arrogant and cunning face now, Kai instantly put the pieces together.

His face turned red with anger. He could still vividly remember that beating from Floyd.

It was such a profound memory.

“So, it was you! You little sh*thead!”

Kai gritted his teeth and wanted to settle the score with Nicole when he suddenly realized something. His body stiffened.

“Wait… When did you give it to Dad?”

“Last night!”

Once Nicole said this, all sounds in the room seemed to have disappeared.

The silence was deafening.

Kai’s expression was complicated.

It was amusing

The corners of his mouth twitched. “Is this an act? Are you lying to me? Fine, you win. You’re a n amazing actress!”

Nicole wrinkled her brow. “Dad won’t let me enter showbiz. He said that I don’t need to works o hard…”

Kai could not even bring himself to laugh.

His eyes were dark as he stared at Nicole.

“Lil N, don’t scare me!”.

Nicole stretched out a finger, pointed at Kai, and smugly raised her eyebrows.

“You can just wait to get beaten up by Dad!”

Kai’s expression collapsed.

He did not know what he should do now.

Kai turned his head to look at the doctor.

The doctor also sighed and gestured for him to talk outside.

Kai looked at Nicole. “Stay here. I’ll be back soon.”

Nicole was quite unhappy. She wanted to ask Kai who was that man outside.

That man was very good-looking. However, before she could ask him, Kai and the doctors left the room. “What the hell is going on?! Did she get brain damage from childbirth?!”

Kai scratched his head and had a bit of a breakdown.

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