The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1818

Clayton stood outside and looked at the doctor with a dark gaze. The doctor sighed. “This kind of situation is uncommon, so it’s out of our expectations. After a comprehensive assessment, Ms. Stanton’s body indicators are gradually recovering.

Since she has just given birth, her body is still very weak. She doesn’t have the recovery speed of an ordinary person.

It’s possible that her excessive blood loss this time resulted in insufficient blood and oxygen supply to the brain. This can briefly lead to partial memory loss.

We just didn’t expect that M s. Stanton would be so unlucky to have all these after-effects.” After that, everyone fell into silence. Obviously, they did their best, but accidents always happen.

The doctor saw their glum faces and added, “But Ms. Stanton’s life is no longer in danger.

She can be discharged at any time, but she must have proper postpartum care…” Kai finally understood why Clayton looked like this earlier.

How miserable must Clayton be after finding out that his wife no longer remembered him? Nicole really knew how to make life difficult for others! Kai pursed his lips and looked at Clayton.

Clayton’s face was calm. “Then is it possible for her to recover her memory?” The doctor nodded. “Of course.

Memory loss is just temporary. Once her body is recovered, it might take a few days or a few months for her memory to be restored Clayton’s face eased up as he sighed with relief.

“Is there anything that I need to watch out for? Does she need to take any medication? Will it have any side- effects?” At that moment, Kai truly admired Clayton. Clayton could still ask the doctor for care instructions at a shocking time like this.

It must be true love. When Nicole recovers, Kai must tell her about Clayton. The doctor breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly began to give detailed instructions.

Nicole could not eat too much medication due to her current physical condition. Moreover, this was not an unbearable illness. It was best to wait a few months for Nicole’s body to recover before they slowly treat her memory loss.

Clayton nodded and took note of everything, then looked at Kai. “Then I’ll go in first and pack her things. You can keep her company for a while.” Clayton was worried that Nicole would be left alone. Kai nodded.

The two men went into the ward one after the other. Nicole was inside reading a magazine, looking bored. Once she saw them, she paused. Her eyes lingered on Clayton’s face for a few seconds. When she saw Kai, she extended her hand.

“Where’s my phone?” Kai went over and slapped her hand away. Amandited He then clicked his tongue in discontent. “Is your phone more important than your brother?” Nicole snorted haughtily.

“I’m gonna tell Dad that you bullied me!” Kai looked at Clayton with amusement. “See, this is my sister’s true self!” A smile surfaced on Clayton’s pale face. Afterward, he began to turn around and pack up. Nicole looked at Clayton’s actions with surprise. She pursed her lips and looked a t Kai.

“Who is he? And why is he touching my things?” Kai rolled his eyes and pointed at Clayton solemnly. “He’s your husband! You’d better remember him!” Nicole’s eves widened in shock. “I’m SAMSUNG Nicole’s eyes widened in shock.

“I’m married?!” Clayton looked at her quietly. Nicole could not accept this news for a moment. It was quite overwhelming. She slapped her head in distress. “Why can’t I remember anything? Are you guys lying to me? Is this a joke? I don’t recall anything!” Clayton lowered his eyes and did not speak. Kai flicked Nicole’s forehead. “Why would I joke about this? You remember everything, but only forget about him!”

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