The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1825

When the two people’s eyes met, the way Clayton’s eyes contained a smile made Nicole’s heart suddenly burn up.

Nicole quickly withdrew her hand and averted her gaze. The way she dodged made Clayton’s smile deepen.

Not long after, the maid came in with the baby in her arms and spoke with a smile.

“Miss, the Chairman said that you should spend more time with the baby when she’s not making a fuss so you’ll develop a stronger bond.”

The maid handed over the baby to Clayton. A trace of nervousness flashed across Clayton’s face.

Although he carefully carried his daughter, he was obviously not as relaxed as just now.

He looked down at the baby with big eyes and could not help but smile. He looked at Nicole, lowered the baby, and brought her in front of Nicole.

“Look, she looks so much like you.” Nicole looked at the baby and felt a strange feeling. She blinked her eyes and thought ‘I’m a mother?’ She reached out and pinched the baby’s face.

It was soft and tender with distinct and pretty features.

The baby was really likable, but did it look like her? Its features were nothing like hers. Nicole frowned and looked up at Clayton.

“I’m not like that, right? I’m much better looking!” Floyd always praised Nicole for inheriting all the advantages of him and her mother.

She was the most beautiful girl in the world. This tiny baby in front of her simply could not compare! Clayton looked at Nicole with doting eyes.

“Yeah, you’re the prettiest.” Nicole smiled and looked down at the baby. The maid on the side could not help but laugh.

“This little miss is the best-looking baby I’ve ever seen! When she was first born, her skin was red and wrinkled. It’s only been a few days, but those wrinkles are now gone.

She’s a little beauty.” Nicole reached out and touched the baby. She felt quite happy listening to others complimenting this little one.

Clayton accompanied Nicole for a while, but he felt too tired. Nicole then asked him to go and rest.

When Nicole thought about what Floyd said about Clayton staying by her side at the hospital all this time without even looking at their child, her heart stung a little.

Clayton did not say much and agreed, then went to the bedroom to rest. He was well aware of his current condition.

Previously, he could not sleep soundly because he was worried about Nicole. Now, he really needs to rest.

Nicole saw him walking to her bedroom and wanted to say something, but when she remembered the current situation, she chose to shut up.

The baby was well-behaved. She did not cry or make a fuss when she was not hungry. Soon after, the butler came over and informed Nicole that Yvette and Julie had arrived.

Nicole was surprised and wanted to go downstairs, but the butler just brought the ladies upstairs.

The two of them were the closest people to Nicole aside from the Stanton family. Yvette and Julie came to Nicole’s room and smiled as they spoke. ”

We bought a lot of gifts for both you and your baby! They’re downstairs. Congratulations on becoming a mommy!” Nicole’s eyes arched when she smiled.

She felt inexplicably loved. Julie sized Nicole up and walked over to sit down next to her.

“Are you feeling okay? Are you uncomfortable?” Nicole shook her head. Julie said, “I heard from Kai that you lost some memory. It’s fine. Just focus on healing your body first.

You really scared us to death previously.” Yvette nodded. “Yeah! We went to see you every day, but you were unconscious. No one would’ve thought that childbirth was so dangerous. Luckily, you pulled.

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