The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1829

Grant spoke in a low voice that only Clayton could hear. Clayton raised his eyebrows and did not make a sound. Although Clayton recognized Kai’s ability, Kai did still have some disparity in strength compared to Grant.

Thus, Grant was the most qualified person to say this about Kai. Besides, Grant was just making a casual remark. Kai always liked to take Nicole out for fun, and Nicole would tag along happily.

Thus, Clayton did not have any opinion about it. The two exchanged their views on the project, then exchanged some pleasantries with people who came to them.

This banquet was important because, in this urban planning, there was a secret project that involved the military sector. Needless to say, the amount of profit in this project was not important.

The important thing was being inextricably linked to the political world. When the time comes, the nature and status of that enterprise would have a significant weight.

This was why Grant attended this event in person. He was very interested in this project, and it would be very beneficial to the future development of Stanton Corporation Grant made a toast to some important people and saw Clayton sitting not far away, smiling and conversing with others.

Clayton’s eyes were always gentle and indifferent, which made Clayton look like he did not care about anything. Grant also felt as if he could never tell what Clayton was thinking.

Grant could not help but think of the person that he just saw on the other side of the hall Bao That person was stern and domineering. His coldness and indifference were also oppressive.

It was completely different from Clayton’s style. That made sense though. Otherwise, how else would the Stanton family feel comfortable putting Nicole into Clayton’s hands? Grant walked over and sat down.

A few people greeted Grant and saw that he had something to say to Clayton, so they did not bother them much. Only the two of them were left at the table.

Clayton did not drink much, and Grant could not tell which project Clayton was Interact din interested in. Grant pursed his lips and put down his glass. “Which project are you interested in? Clayton smiled.

“Everyone has their eyes on the one I’m interested in.” Clayton was only interested in it and did not plan to get his hands on it. Grant asked, “You know about it too?” The politicians did not mention that secret project, so only a limited number of people knew about it.

After all, not many companies had the ability to handle this project. It was not difficult for Clayton to find out with his strength. However, only one or two companies had the best chance in landing this project.

Clayton let out a low chuckle. His eyes were lax as he said, “So what if I know? My background is too complex since I have too much contact with foreign countries.

I certainly won’t pass the background check, so I can only look from afar.” Grant smiled and did not make a sound. This kind of project had very high requirements in the political sector.

Even if Clayton was capable, the people in the political world would not give him such an important project. The other projects aren’t too bad. You can take a look.”

Clayton nodded his head. Grant raised his eyes and saw the man in the crowd. He said, “Eric is back.” Clayton’s smile stiffened slightly. He then looked into the crowd as if nothing had NWAY happened.

It had been a long time since Eric showed up. When he did, many people naturally flocked around him. Clayton narrowed his eyes. His tone was somewhat playful.

“Is Mr. Ferguson also interested in the military sector?” Grant pursed his lips. His eyes sank a little. “Ferguson Corporation has participated in the project exchange many times, but they have yet to express their intention for this project explicitly.

But it’s clear that they’re going for the military sector.” After all, Grant and Clayton now have a closer relationship, so Grant did not have to watch his words. Clayton raised his eyebrows.

“Are there other companies that want to compete?” “I heard that the Lindstrom’s from Baltic City are also interested in it. After all, who doesn’t want a cut of this big pie?” Grant leaned back in his seat. His face was expressionless, and his voice was dull.

“But Eric has the biggest advantage. He was from the army and has a lot of network there. He’s always had a good reputation in the political world too, so…”

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