The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1830

Before Grant finished his sentence, Clayton already knew what he was going to o say next.

So, Ferguson Corporation would be a tough opponent to beat in this competition That was why it was not surprising for Eric to personally show up here.

When Clayton saw Eric in the middle of the crowd, his eyes turned slightly colder. Clayton thought, ‘He’s back again? Does he think that everything is in the past? Does he think that he can just find an excuse for himself and show up here again frankly?’ No one would forget those things.

Grant saw Clayton’s cold gaze and guessed that this probably had something to do with Nicole. “Lil N still hasn’t recovered her memory yet, so don’t let people talk nonsense in front of her.” Clayton smiled. ”

Of course. With her personality, she won’t even believe it even if others told her.” Nicole only believed what she wanted to believe.

After this period of interaction, Nicole was not the slightest bit repulsed by Clayton anymore. Even when Clayton tried to be intimate with Nicole, she would not refuse.

Instead, she would be enthusiastic and proactive. Without any memories of Eric, Nicole lived recklessly and openly. In Nicole’s daily life, besides being intimate with Clayton, she would watch her baby grow. When she was bored, she would go shopping with her best friends. Her life was not the least bit affected by her memory loss.

Originally, the hospital said that her memory loss was only temporary and would take about a month to recover. Now that some time has passed, nothing has changed.

Floyd felt that it was good for Nicole to keep going like this. Previously, although Nicole was competitive and outstanding in all aspects, it was too tiring.

Floyd felt that h e did not get to pamper Nicole as much back then. Now when Nicole was home discussing with Floyd to buy everything and spend a lot of money, Floyd suddenly felt that his hard work for the first half of his life was finally worth it.

That was because he could afford to buy everything his daughter wanted. Clayton looked at his phone.

Nicole sent him a message asking when he would be done. He replied. [Where did you go today?] Before Nicole could reply, Clayton saw another person in front of him.

Eric was holding a glass of wine, looking at Clayton with eyes full of indifference. That kind of look carried so much hatred as if Eric could not wait to skin Clayton alive.

If it were someone else, they would not have been able to withstand the power of Eric’s gaze and would have surrendered. However, Clayton did not. Clayton met Eric’s gaze.

His gentle and dull look was a little gloomy. Clayton even had a faint smile on his face and did not lose to Eric one bit. No one lost in this subtle contest.

Grant watched from the sidelines and secretly felt that the current Clayton was not the gentle and doting husband that he showed in front of Nicole.

If Clayton were to compete with Eric, he might not lose. The first one to speak was Eric. “It’s been a long time, Mr. Sloan.” Clayton raised his eyebrows.

He did not get up and looked very relaxed and distinguished. “It’s been a while. How’s the air abroad, Mr. Ferguson?” Eric’s face sank slightly, and his eyes turned colder.

He hooked his lips indifferently. “I saw Nicole shopping alone just now. She doesn’t seem to be doing as well as before.

Mr. Sloan, you have to be careful.” Grant paused slightly and saw that Clayton’s face stiffened in an instant. Soon, Clayton recovered his composure.

“Mr. Ferguson, thanks for reminding me to take care of my wife. She’s my woman, so those who daydream are the ones who should be careful.”

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