The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1833

Near the end, Grant and Eric had said all that they should, and they had already stated all their conditions and advantages respectively.

The rest depends on how they would compete in private.

This banquet was just the beginning.

They left one after another, and Clayton stayed till the end.

Some people came over to say goodbye, and Clayton smiled in response.

“Mr. Sloan, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen Ms. Stanton. Please send her my regards.”

Clayton nodded and spoke with a smile.

“I’ll be sure to tell her. Nicole has always liked collaborating with you. Let’s play golf some time.”


Everyone talked and laughed as they left one after another.

Clayton waited until Mr. Jensen was about to leave before he straightened his clothes and followed him.

When Mr. Jensen was about to get into the

car, Clayton called out to him.

“Mr. Jensen…”

After all, Mr. Jensen was from the army. Although he was old, he was fit and did not show any signs of middle-aged weight gain.

Hank Jensen turned around and narrowed his eyes.

He recognized this person as the recently influential figure in Atlanta, Clayton Sloan. His investment projects were not

small, and his family background was a mystery. He was also very low-key.

The time when Clayton was the most high -profile was during his wedding with the heiress of Stanton Corporation.

However, at that time, not many people could attend the wedding because only close friends and family were invited.

Those who were unaware thought that Clayton relied on the Stanton family in order to stand firm in the country.

Those who were aware knew that Clayton had brought a never-before-seen domestic project and dominated the Medianian market. He even opened up the field of European artificial intelligence and was a legendary figure.

However, his field did not have many overlapping areas with the political world, so they had very little interaction.

In particular, Clayton did not have deep

roots in the country. Hank Jensen only started to pay attention to Clayton during this period of time when Clayton settled down in the country.


Hank Jensen raised his eyes and smiled. He looked a little intoxicated.

“Mr. Sloan, it’s getting late. If you still have something to discuss, why don’t we talk about it next time?”

Clayton steadily walked forward. His eyes were warm and modest. A dim light flashed in his eyes, and he had a polite smile. He did not utter a word of nonsense.

“Mr. Jensen, I’m afraid that it’ll delay progress if I leave this to next time. I just want to borrow a few minutes of your time. If you think it’s useful, please consider it. If not, just forget I said anything.”

Once Clayton said this, Hank Jensen’s face remained unchanged. He then looked at the driver with a smile.

The driver nodded, left the car, and walked to the far corner to wait.

He knew the rules

Hank Jensen reached out and pointed to the back seat of the car.

“If you don’t mind…”

Hank guessed that Clayton had something important to say. Otherwise, Clayton would not have waited till now.

Either way, Hank had to choose an environment where he felt more secure.

Clayton nodded slightly, and the two men got into the car. Half of his face was immersed in the shadows.

Hank Jensen had a few speculations.

“Mr. Sloan, are you also interested in that

military project?”

Hank went straight to the point and put Clayton on the spot.

There were already quite a few people who expressed interest in that project tonight.

For those who were not qualified, Hank joked about it and brushed it off.

Only Eric and Grant got to discuss the project with Hank in depth. He would then choose the one he liked the most among these two companies.

Even Samuel Lindstrom, who came from Baltic City, was not qualified.

The purpose of tonight’s banquet was achieved. The rest would depend on who. among Ferguson Corporation and Stanton Corporation, was more sincere.

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