The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1838

Zane had to ask for clarification.

Before Lance went on a business trip, he clearly instructed Zane not to let the company’s affairs affect Yvette’s normal life as much as possible.

In other words, they should solve all the small and miscellaneous things.

What did Lance’s phone call mean now? Lance wanted Yvette to work overtime? Zane was afraid that he got the wrong idea. That was why he wanted to clarify this.

Lance’s voice was dull across the phone. “I just want you to find something for her to do. Ms. Quimbey couldn’t sleep well because I’m not around, so it’ll be better to divert her attention.”

Zane said, “Understood, Mr. Sheldon. Don’t worry. I promise to make it so that Ms. Quimbey falls asleep as soon as she gets home!”

So that’s what it is.

Unknowingly, Lance just showed off his affection for Yvette.

Lance let out a faint “mm” and hung up the phone in satisfaction.

Zane was truly quick-witted. He understood without much explanation from Lance.

The next day.

Yvette woke up with a stomachache. Luckily, Mrs. Sally prepared a cup of hangover tea, so Yvette felt much better after drinking it.

Originally, Yvette did not plan to go to work that day. She just wanted to lie in bed all day!

However, suddenly something came up in the office.

Zane called Yvette repeatedly.

“Ms. Quimbey, there seems to be a problem with the proposal. Do you want to come to the office to take a look?”

“Ms. Quimbey, the lawyer said that we need to study the agreement. Why don’t you come over and participate?”

“Ms. Quimbey, we’re having lunch at noon, and we really hope that you can attend!”

“Ms. Quimbey…”

Yvette’s phone never stopped ringing. After Yvette turned off her phone, Zane started to call the landline at her house.

Yvette could not get a moment of peace. Finally, Yvette unplugged the cable.

Not long after, Zane called Mrs. Sally. Mrs. Sally was torn as she went over to knock on the door. “Madam, the office said that something happened. If you don’t go over, they’ll just have to come to the house to get your opinion.”

Yvette went to get dressed reluctantly. She never knew that her role in the company was so important that they could not function for a moment without her.

Thirty minutes later, Yvette arrived at the company with a cold face. She saw that everyone was just talking about what to eat for lunch.

How was this urgent?

Zane came out of the office and walked over with a smile.

“Ms. Quimbey, you’re finally here!” Yvette pursed her lips. “I thought that the company would go bankrupt if I didn’t come. Lance never told me that being the vice president was so important. It looks like my meager salary is really not enough!”

Zane heard the reluctance in Yvette’s tone and hastily spoke.

“Ms. Quimbey, since Mr. Sheldon is not around, everyone considers you as the company’s backbone. You’re also the president’s wife, so who else could we look for if not you?”

Yvette snorted coldly and walked toward the office.

“I ordered coffee for you all. Go down and get it when it arrives later.”

“Thank you, Ms. Quimbey!”

When Zane followed Yvette, he carried a pile of documents with him.

Yvette saw it and froze.

“What’s all this?”

“This is CF Corporation’s project information. Mr. Sheldon needs the initial quote that they gave urgently, but I still have a lot of things on hand. Can you please…”

Yvette looked at Zane in shock.

“Hey! I’m the vice president!”

“I know…” Zane felt embarrassed as he scratched his head and smiled. “But these are confidential, so I’m worried that others will leak the information. If it’s leaked, Mr. Sheldon’s efforts will go to waste!”

Yvette gulped speechlessly. So, the importance of this project was that she had to look through this stack of documents?

Yvette wrinkled her eyebrows. She looked extremely upset. “Then will I need to do such work in the future?” Zane pursed his lips and smiled shyly.

“Ms. Quimbey, Mr. Sheldon took a lot of people from the project department with him. If he left some people behind, it wouldn’t have been like this.”

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