The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1848

Yvette frowned. She was puzzled. “Why not?

Even if Kirsi was Lum1’s sister, it should not affect Kirsi’s right to join her family’s business.

Kirsi’s face darkened slightly, and her smile was not as bright as before.

Julie nudged Yvette’s arm and frowned slightly.

Yvette still did not understand.

Kirsi smiled. “It’s okay. People only ask because they don’t know. It’s not a secret anyway.”

Julie felt a little heartbroken.

Kirsi’s tone was calm.

“My mother now isn’t my biological mother. She’s Lumi’s biological mother. I’m an illegitimate child and only joined the Makinen family later in life.”

The noise in the hall also seemed to quiet down for a moment.

Kirsi so calmly spoke about her personal life as if she did not care at all. But if she really did not care, how could no one have known about it?

Nicole and Yvette looked at each other. Yvette somewhat regretted blurting out the question.

“I’m sorry, Kirsi. I really didn’t know about this and didn’t mean to hurt you.” Kirsi smiled and looked at Yvette.

“I know.”

Julie coughed.

“Well, it doesn’t matter. Everyone has their own path and their own strengths. Let the past be in the past.”

Nicole nodded. “Yeah. I see that Lumi isn’t so keen on the company either. It’s a good thing that you don’t need to bear this kind of pressure.”

It would be torture to watch one’s family business go bankrupt in their own hands.

Kirsi’s path was much simpler and brighter than Lumi’s.

Yvette thought about it.

“Do you get along with Lumi? We didn’t get to go to her wedding before, but she still asked us to pay up anyway.”

Kirsi laughed. “I have a good relationship with my sister. She’s an innocent girl. If not for her, I wouldn’t have had it easy with the Makinen family. She just wanted the money for her startup. She lost too much money before she got married, so the family limited her spending.”

It was quite rare for half-sisters to get along peacefully in a family like this. Yvette laughed. “She failed in everything she did. We’d have to avoid her in future investments.”

“The good thing is that Samuel Lindstrom is looking after her now, so she dialed it back a little.”

Kirsi could not help but laugh.

Nicole also smiled. The atmosphere was just right. When Nicole looked up, she saw a woman pulling Ian to pester him.

She froze slightly.

“That woman looks so familiar!”

Nicole was referring to the woman next to Ian.

Yvette took a look and laughed. “Isn’t she Ian’s friend? I heard that it didn’t work before anything even happened. This woman is simply a drama queen.” Julie narrowed her eyes. “I think I’ve seen her on the set.”

Kirsi nodded. “Yeah, she’s playing a servant girl with only two lines. I don’t know who shoved her in this film.” Yvette and Nicole glanced at each other. Ian was very annoyed as he loosened his collar and walked over with a glum face, looking very upset.

The people passing by also watched from afar and did not dare to intervene. The delicate girl followed Ian as she stared at his back fondly. Those who did not know what happened would think that she was deeply in love with Tan.

Ian took a glance and walked toward Nicole and the ladies.

Nicole suddenly looked at the delicate girl and recalled who she was.

She thought, ‘Isn’t she Riley’s girlfriend? The woman who came over earlier to warn her not to tell anyone about their relationship… Tsk tsk…’ “Carter, pretty girls follow you everywhere you go, but I remember that she’s not your previous girlfriend…” Yvette was deliberately teasing Ian from the side.

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