The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1859

The party could no longer continue. While most guests left, some stayed behind.

Ian Carter did not follow Clayton upstairs. He just stood in the place where Nicole was attacked earlier. He looked down at the delicate girl that was crying on the ground with a gloomy and cold face.

It was a different situation from the past when this girl was just pestering him. Back then, he only felt annoyed, but now, Ian had an impulse to beat her up.

The delicate girl whimpered. The makeup on her face was all messed up. Only now did she feel how serious her offense was.

The Stanton family was much more powerful than Riley. If she did not even dare to offend Riley, how did she get the courage to find trouble with Nicole?

At that moment, she did not even know how she would end up.

Ian stood in front of the girl indifferently. His gaze was oozing with cold intent.

“You really are crazy…” He said.

The delicate girl abruptly stopped crying. When she saw Ian standing there, she looked at him like he was her savior.

“Mr. Carter! Please help me! Please help me beg for mercy! Please let me go! »”

Ian sneered. “Let you go? Do you know what you’ve done?”

“I know I was wrong. I was too impulsive. I shouldn’t have done it… Mr. Carter, I really know my mistake!” The girl cried as she spoke.

She did not know her mistake.

She just knew that she was afraid. Ian’s tone was cold and harsh. “No one can save you anymore.”

The deadly silence was truly despairing.

The delicate girl tilted her head and looked at him expectantly.

“Mr. Carter, you have a good relationship with Ms. Stanton, so you can help me plead for mercy. I was just too impulsive and didn’t mean to hit her. As long as they let me go, I definitely won’t come back to find her or pester you again.”

Ian’s gaze was dull as he laughed lightly.

‘What right do you have to state terms? It’s so easy to make you disappear. We just don’t want to get our hands dirty.”

After saying that, Ian never looked at her again. He just turned around and left.

The delicate girl cried even more miserably.

It did not take long for someone to come over and tape her mouth shut so that she could not even cry.

Grant was waiting for the doctor inside to finish examining Nicole before he went down to deal with that woman.

Nicole was unconscious. She did not bleed much, but the laceration on her head looked very serious.

The doctor finished a brief examination before he breathed a sigh of relief.

“Her situation is stable for now. She just fainted, but it’s best to go to the hospital to get a CT scan to see how serious the concussion is.”

Floyd nodded repeatedly. “Great. Thank you, Leo.”

“You’re welcome. I watched Nicole grow up, so I’m also relieved that she’s okay.”

The doctor smiled and called the hospital, asking them to prepare the ward and equipment in advance. Floyd thanked him again and asked Kai to walk the doctor out.

Clayton’s eyes were red as he sat there. His eyes were staring at the unconscious Nicole unblinkingly.

His heart ached to the core as he thought, ‘It’s been such a short time since she was in the hospital. Why is she always injured?’

Floyd went over and patted Clayton’s shoulder.

He sighed and said, “All that matters is that she’s okay. Now that the bleeding has stopped, we should bring her to the hospital.”

Clayton’s eyes were red and bloodshot, and his voice was dull.


Floyd paused. “Who’s the attacker? Do you know her?”

Clayton shook his head. A trace of ruthlessness crossed his eyes. “No matter the reason, I won’t let that woman get away with it.”

Anyone who dared to make a move against Nicole would have to pay it back a hundredfold!

Floyd was stern as he said, “Of course, we can’t let that woman go! Otherwise, others will think that our family is easy to bully. How could I not do anything when my daughter was attacked?!”

After Floyd said that, Clayton stood up.

“Dad, please stay here and watch Nicole. I’ll go downstairs.”

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