The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1861

The delicate girl squirmed around. She did not want to say anything, but the two bodyguards behind her suddenly pulled her arms back with force.

Her face turned white from the pain. She immediately opened her mouth.

“Ms. Stanton told Riley about my relationship with Mr. Carter, so Riley came to find trouble with me. I just couldn’t stand his constant pestering, so I wanted to settle the score with Ms. Stanton!”

Yvette ran down from upstairs with a glum face.

“You have the guts to settle accounts with Nicole, but don’t dare to confront Riley? Are you out of your mind?”

The delicate girl was shocked and sobbed. “I was just too impulsive. I wouldn’t have done it if I thought it through.”

Clayton stood aside and listened quietly before he spoke indifferently.

“It’s that simple?”

The delicate girl nodded timidly. Clayton averted his gaze, beckoned to Mr. Litt, and whispered a few words. Mr. Litt’s face changed slightly. His eyes darkened when he looked at the delicate girl.

However, he was in no position to comment.

He was in trouble as well, so he had to do everything he could to salvage the Stanton family’s impression of his hotel.

The hotel manager turned around and hurriedly ran to the back.

The delicate girl did not know what he wanted to do and pursed her lips.

“Let me go! I-I can personally apologize to Ms. Stanton!”

Kai sneered. “Stop dreaming. That’s the last time you’ll get to see her. Is someone like you even worthy of talking to her?”

This girl was not even worthy of holding Nicole’s shoes.

In less than three minutes, Mr. Litt brought a large box with many empty bottles from the back. The bottles clashed with each other and made a loud and crisp noise.

Another person behind Mr. Litt was carrying another box that looked quite heavy. The bottles in this box were not empty.

Somehow, the delicate girl’s face suddenly became uglier. A deep fear filled her eyes.

“Wh-What are you guys trying to do!”

Both Grant and Kai did not speak.

The angriest person in the room was somehow the calmest one. He looked very civilized, gentle, and very good- tempered.

However, at this moment, she did not feel that way.

Clayton’s thin lips were tightly pursed. There was an indescribable chill when he stared at her.

The most frightening thing was that no one could see through Clayton’s anger.

At that moment, Clayton spoke.

“I’ll give you two choices. You can either smash these empty bottles on your head until they’re all broken…”

The delicate girl shuddered.

Clayton continued to speak.

“Or, you can drink every single drop of liquor from this box.”

Whichever option she chose could take her life.

She simply could not escape.

The girl looked up with a frightened face. The three men’s indifference was alarming.

Clayton’s face was calm. “This is just interest. Will you choose, or shall I choose for you?”

His tone was so chilly that others could feel the coldness of hell.

The delicate girl looked at the two big boxes with a pale face. Her body subconsciously shivered and trembled.

The chill that penetrated her bones completely crushed her.

She had thought that Clayton was a gentle and decent person and did not expect that his methods were much more ruthless than those people who only know how to use violence to relieve their anger.

Clayton simply wanted to torture her to death without even having to do it himself.

If anything happened to her, it would be her own fault for drinking or smashing her own head.

They would not have to take any responsibility.

Fear and the cold from the floor spread to her whole body. She could not even stand up and fell limp to the ground.

She looked at the person in front of her as if he came from hell.

She could not even say a word to beg for mercy because his deadly cold eyes told her that it was absolutely impossible to let her go.

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