The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1864

The ward was quiet. They were all waiting for Nicole’s answer.

Nicole lowered her eyes and nodded her head.

The doctors revealed a bright smile. “Ms. Stanton, this is a blessing in disguise. The previous blood clot that didn’t dissipate is completely gone now. You only have a slight concussion, so you’ll be fine after a few days of rest.”

Everyone in the ward, except Clayton, looked relieved and delighted.

In the two days that Nicole was in a coma, the doctors spent a lot of effort and were afraid that there was nothing they could do.

Nicole looked at Clayton.

The man’s eyes were dark, so she could not see through his emotions. Was it heartache or sympathy?

It was very painful for Nicole to remember those things, so Clayton would rather Nicole even forget himself than let her go through that excruciating pain once again.

Thus, it might not be a good thing for Nicole to regain her memory.

Would she still be as carefree as before?

Once the doctors went out, Nicole held out her hand. Clayton went over and looked at her with concern and forbearance.

“Are you feeling okay?”

Nicole nodded. “Yup, I remembered everything.”

Clayton’s gaze was gloomy. “I’d rather you never remember all that.” Nicole held his hand and raised her eyes to look at him. Her gaze was glistening and gentle, and her eyes were so bright and beautiful.

“Then won’t I forget you forever too?”

Clayton was stunned. He then reached out to pull her into his embrace. Nicole’s eyes were slightly red, but she still smiled brightly.

“Look, I still fell in love with you no matter what. Aren’t you very proud of yourself?”

Clayton’s body trembled.

He held her even tighter.

Nicole had never expressed her feelings so bluntly and frankly before. Clayton had been looking forward to this moment so much, and these words were like a spring breeze that soothed his restless heart.

He instantly calmed down.

“Nicole, don’t you ever leave me, okay?”

Clayton whispered in her ear, and his warm kiss landed on her forehead.

He carefully cherished her so much that it made her heart ache.

Nicole stretched out her hand and hugged him. The corners of her mouth curled up into a smile.


Every day with Clayton would be a good day.

Someone pushed the door open and broke this warm atmosphere.

“Are you awake?!”

It was the anxious Kai.

Seeing this scene, Kai immediately covered his eyes and stepped back.

He sighed and said, “Can you two consider other people’s feelings?”

A trace of displeasure crossed Clayton’s eyes, but it was well restrained.

Clayton gently stroked Nicole’s hair to soothe her, then casually turned to the person at the door.

“Kai, have you had dinner?”

Kai coughed as he dodged Nicole’s probing gaze and touched his stomach.

“Oh, yeah. I’m full.”

Nicole narrowed her eyes and snorted coldly.

“Kai, you can still eat so well when I was in that condition?!”

Kai clicked his tongue. He knew that he was guilty, but he did not admit it.

“Well, would you be happy if your third brother collapsed from hunger even before you woke up?”

Nicole rolled her eyes.

She was so pissed that she could not say anything.

The atmosphere instantly heated up because of Kai’s arrival.

Kai walked over, looked at Nicole carefully, and sighed.

“I haven’t left this place for a moment! Don’t be so heartless. I only ate this one meal in the past two days!”

Nicole looked away and grunted coldly.

Clayton was just relieved and happy because Nicole had the strength to be angry.

“Are you hungry? The doctor said that you can only have liquids for the time being. I’ll make you some delicious food when we get home. Do you want porridge for now?”

Nicole gladly agreed.

She naturally did not feel so good because of an empty stomach. Thus, when Clayton mentioned this, Nicole felt so hungry that she would eat anything.

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