The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1866

Kai looked at Nicole’s reaction with confusion and thought, This shouldn’t be her reaction!

“Aren’t you surprised? Clayton’s approach is so different from his usual style!

Nicole wrinkled her eyebrows. “I’m not surprised. Isn’t this a normal reaction?”

Kai was speechless and thought, ‘Am I the only one who was shocked by the whole thing?

Nicole rolled her eyes.

“Kai, you’ve really learned nothing from being in the entertainment industry for so long. How can you look at people so superficially? How can I not know what kind of person my husband is? To me, nothing he does can cover the fact that he’s a sincere and kind person. The rest is

not important to me either.”

Before the wedding, Floyd and Grant had already talked to Nicole about it.

They comprehensively analyzed what kind of person Clayton was.

Regardless of how well Nicole knew him, she felt that loving him was worthwhile.

Kai pursed his lips. He was completely convinced.

Clayton’s actions only shocked him.

Nicole asked about some other things that happened in the past two days as well as the progress of the company.

Kai obediently replied, especially about the company’s affairs. Nicole was frowning as she listened to it. She wanted to reprimand Kai, but she knew that it was not right to do so.

After all, Kai was considered to be of big help. It was already a pleasant surprise

that he did not make Stanton Corporation go bankrupt.

Nicole paused and was just about to call Grant when she heard familiar footsteps approaching. Clayton pushed the door open with a little anxiety in his eyes.

She put down her phone and smiled.

Clayton walked over like a gentleman and sighed.

“I was afraid that you were too hungry, so I rushed them to make it. It’s still hot. Try it.”

Clayton gently opened the container. The fragrance of the porridge diffused out, and Nicole suddenly felt hungry.

However, because she just woke up, she could only eat a few bites.

The next day when Nicole was discharged from the hospital, Floyd brought Chatty over to pick Nicole up.

Nicole took a good look at Chatty again and felt her heart turn into mush

She thought, ‘How could I almost forget such a beautiful daughter?”

Stanton Mansion

Aida brought her son over to celebrate Nicole’s discharge from the hospital and had already started preparations with Grant at the mansion

When Nicole arrived home, everyone

casually hugged each other

Grant’s son, Levi, could already walk with the help of others

When Levi saw Chatty in Nicole’s arms, he happily kissed the baby a few times before Clayton silently carried his daughter away

Everyone finished their meal and sat down to chat.

Clayton naturally held Chatty on his lap.

Grant was discussing the upcoming plan.

Floyd did not agree for Nicole to go back to the office so soon.

“You’d better rest for a while longer. Your big brother and third brother will help with the company. Your health is the top priority!”

Aida also nodded along. “You’ve had two consecutive hospitalizations, so your body must be very weak. You should rest well and think about your health first. Clayton, what do you think?”

She gave Clayton a look.

Clayton paused, glanced at Nicole, and smiled as he spoke.

“I’ll support her no matter what she decides to do.”

Kai rolled his eyes and said, “Although it is very tiring to manage the company and I’ve had enough of it, your health is more important, so don’t force it.”

Nicole knew that they all wanted the best for her, but she just felt bored if she stayed at home all the time.

“How about this? I won’t go to the office just yet. I’ll get Logan to brief me on the lastest situation every day and send me emails if there’s anything. Once I’m completely healed, I’ll head back to the office.

Floyd ended up being completely fine with this arrangement, so everyone could only agree as well.

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