The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1885

There were too many aspects involved in a divorce. Thus, Yvette proposing a divorce was an earth-shattering revelation.

If the whole world knew that Yvette had lost to Lance’s ex-girlfriend, how could she still maintain her reputation as the great Ms. Quimbey?

A separation would be the same as giving up Lance, but not the identity of Mrs. Sheldon

Yvette would just be like countless rich wives; either willingly keeping up a harmonious act and tolerating such a nasty thing, or squandering money on their sugar babies.

It did not matter.

Of course, Yvette would also have no right to meddle in her hmhandlenrivate

to meddle in her husband’s private affairs anymore.

Yvette could not decide if it was better to cut off their relationship once and for all or to keep an out-of-sight, out-of-mind attitude.

Divorce or separation?

Nicole was probably shocked by Yvette’s sudden question

She was silent for a few seconds before she asked Yvette tentatively, “Yvette, are you joking? What happened?”

Yvette took a deep breath.

“I’m not kidding. I’m being serious. For the first time, I feel like it’s degrading to be deeply in love with someone.

It was like this with Sean back then, and it’s still the same now that I’m married. Why can’t I be more casual in relationships? That’s the kind of person I was supposed to be!”

Those men dragged her into the whirlpool of love, yet they told her not to take it too seriously.

Every relationship taught her something, but she just never learned her lesson.

Realizing the importance of the matter, Nicole softly persuaded her.

“Is there some kind of misunderstanding?”

Yvette suddenly lost control and burst into tears.

“Lance got his ex-girlfriend to work in the company, and everyone knew about it, but he kept it from me. I even overheard the two of them talking about how he regretted our marriage. What other misunderstanding can there be?”

Everyone in the bar was stunned when they heard this.

The bar manager stood there for a while, not knowing what to do

He could only pretend not to hear anything and continue to serve Ms. Ouimbey with all the finest things.

Previously, he heard that Ms. Quimbey got married and had a good relationship with her husband

He did not think that no couple in the ultra-rich circle could escape the fate of being superficially harmonious.

What a pity!

Nicole did not speak for a long time and listened to Yvette’s uncontrolled cries. Her first reaction was that this was impossible.

However, Yvette was so certain about this. She even said that she heard it herself. Thus, Nicole did not know what was the truth

Lance did not look like that kind of

person, but no one could guarantee that. After all, it was always difficult to understand someone’s true nature.

So many couples in affluent families had extramarital affairs because they knew that they only got married for benefits.

Those who married because of love were few and far between.

However, everyone thought that Lance and Yvette were different.

After they got married, their feelings for each other deepened day by day, just as everyone thought they would.

Now, Yvette suddenly and hysterically said that Lance cheated on her, which startled Nicole.

Yvette was still crying. The last time Nicole saw Yvette like this was the time Yvette found out that Sean lied to her.

Nicole slowly exhaled. She was still calm.

“Yvette, where are you?”

Yvette’s voice was hoarse. “I’m fine. I just want to be alone. But I want to ask your opinion on how I should deal with this.”

Nicole was silent for a few seconds before she answered.

“If you can tolerate it, just get a separation. If you can’t, then get a divorce. I’ll get you the best divorce lawyer to fight for your best interests.”

Yvette laughed out loud. She was crying and laughing at the same time.

“That’s more like it! I can’t leave without getting anything! I wanna take his property and spend all his money!”

After Yvette finished her sentence, she hung up the phone. Her heart ached even more.

Nicole stared at her phone, lost in thought.

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