The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1891

Lance’s tone was gentle. He looked at her patiently with guilt and adoration in his eyes. After thinking about it all night, Lance felt that the best way to solve this problem was to explain it clearly.

Last night, they had too many misunderstandings, and he was too irritated, so he was not sensible enough.

Yvette had also been drinking and was not sober enough.

However, they had completely calmed down today.

Seeing as Yvette did not make a sound, Lance paused and changed from rubbing her wrist to holding her hand.

“Don’t overthink things. We’ll be together forever and ever.”
He then brought her hand to his lips and gently kissed it.

Yvette was stunned. She was soft-hearted and did not attack him as aggressively as before.
She just kept looking at Lance.
She was trying to see if he was lying or if he had any difference between today and last night.
Be together forever and ever. It sounded so childish, but those words went straight to her heart.

Yvette had to admit that she was moved at that moment. The defenses she built instantly collapsed.

Yvette thought, ‘Shouldn’t I give him one more chance?’

She did not make a sound as she saw Lance smiling at her. Lance then opened the car door and got out, but she was still sitting inside the car.

After a short wait, the passenger door was also opened.
Lance held Yvette’s hand and led her out of the car.
They walked hand in hand into the elevator together and were not afraid that others would see them.

In the past, Lance was not used to showing affection in the office because he wanted to keep his image. He especially did not want their colleagues to start gossiping.

However, at this moment, Lance wanted everyone to see them together.

The two of them went upstairs holding hands and went directly to the top floor office.

Lance was in a good mood. While he pulled her out, he turned back and said, “Let’s go to my mom’s place for dinner tonight. She said that she made your favorite baby back ribs just for you.”
Yvette’s eyes finally showed a hint of joy.

However, in the next second, they came to a stop. The assistant and colleagues all looked at each other.

The assistant stepped forward and braced himself before he spoke.

“Mr. Sheldon, Ms. Locke came over early in the morning to wait for you, saying that she has something important to tell you…”

In fact, there was no need for him to report to Lance since Whitney was sitting right in front of Lance’s office door. Her eyes were slightly red and pitiful, but she had a strong gaze.

Whitney looked at the couple.

Lance tightened his grip. Somehow, he subconsciously panicked and turned his head to look at Yvette.

Yvette was smiling just like yesterday, looking cold and polite.

Her smile kept people at arm’s length.

Yvette lowered her eyes. Her tone was indifferent as she said, “Then you guys should talk. Saul, prepare the materials for the meeting and get everyone to the conference room in five minutes.”

She did not even look at Whitney and went straight to her office.

The atmosphere was very awkward, but Yvette did not care. It was as if she did not see Whitney. Everyone was siding with Yvette because who did not like a lady boss without an attitude?

However, that scene yesterday afternoon was too shocking.

They could not and dared not stop Whitney.

Lance watched as Yvette left. He suddenly recalled what he said earlier in the underground parking lot, that Whitney would not show up in the office today or in the future.

As a result, he had to eat his words so soon.

It seemed that his employees were not so diligent after all.

Whitney walked over to Lance. Her tone was a little choked up, and more than anything, she refused to comply.

“Why do you want me to leave the company? What mistakes have I made? You’ ‘re not someone who abuses your power for personal reasons, and we don’t have a grudge…”

Lance saw that Yvette had already closed her office door. Suddenly, he could not suppress his emotions.

“It’s my decision. Your existence will affect my life, soI got them to dismiss you. I don’t care if you leave the country or join another company. Just don’t show up here again.”

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