The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1893

Everyone had seen enough drama and felt relieved.

Fortunately, Lance did not let them down.

His words just now were incredibly satisfying. He did not give Whitney any opportunity, which should be the way a good husband treated his ex- girlfriend.

Everyone was happy for Yvette because this

meant that they had no problem in their relationship.

Yesterday must have been a misunderstanding. Lance did not go to his office. Instead, he went in the direction of Yvette’s office.

He knocked on the door, but there was no response.

However, he could hear a soft voice speaking inside.

He paused for a moment before pushing the door in.

Yvette was talking to someone on the phone with a relaxed expression.

While Yvette spoke, she looked up at Lance and finally looked away casually. Her voice was dull, and she sounded familiar with the person.

“I know, impulsiveness is the devil. Of course, I’m not worried about it. Don’t I still have you?” Lance walked inside and sat on the sofa to wait for her.

He was not sure if Yvette was angry because of Whitney’s appearance this morning.

Initially, Lance thought that the call would be over soon.

As a result, Yvette showed no intention of ending the call. The assistant even came in several times to remind her that everyone was waiting in the conference room.

Yvette just nodded, indicating that she knew,

then continued on to the next topic.

When the assistant came in again, he could only cast a pleading glance at Lance.

Lance loosened his collar, wrinkled his eyebrows, and knocked on the desk.

“You can talk. I’ll attend the meeting for you.” This was really something that the assistant wished for.

Lance also wanted to find the opportunity to talk to Yvette, but she did not give him the opportunity. Once they left, the room became quiet.

The person that Yvette was talking to asked, “ Lance was there earlier?”

Yvette laughed lightly and replied, “He’s just feeling guilty.”

Nicole sighed. “Don’t say that. I got someone to investigate it. Lance and his ex-girlfriend didn’t have much feelings for each other.

She used to be his assistant that took care of his day-to-day issues. One day, she drank too much on behalf of Lance at a drinking party that she got gastritis. I guess Lance was touched by that, so the two of them started dating.

But even so, they didn’t meet that often either because Lance’s company was going through some tough times.

He was busy with social engagements and didn’t have time to date. Meeting her once a month was already considered a good thing.

That’s why he only had one legitimate girlfriend after all those years. So, after some time, outsiders thought that the two of them had a good relationship.

In fact, I don’t think that they had a good relationship. After all, Lance didn’t miss her at all or contact her after she left the country.”

Nicole briefly explained the information that she got from asking someone to investigate overnight.

Yvette’s drunken call yesterday truly worried Nicole.

She was afraid that her best friend would suffer a loss.

Fortunately, Lance’s background came out clean, and the investigation was not too difficult.

It turned out to be a story of an abject gentry’s business struggles.

After a long time, Yvette finally said, “How can they not have feelings for each other after dating for so many years?”

“Miss Yvette Quimbey, you gotta acknowledge that he was a free spirit before you showed up in his life. This time, it’s obvious that his ex-girlfriend deliberately came back to pick a fight with you.

What’s most important is his attitude. If he has a good attitude, then you shouldn’t make it such a big deal, lest you both fall out of love with each other…”

Nicole drank a sip of water and patiently advised Yvette.

Yvette sighed. “I know. I actually made up my mind to get a separation and find an opportunity to divorce him. But this morning, he had a heart-to-heart talk with me, which made me waver again. I want to trust him again, but that woman

showed up here this morning. She just ruined my mood!”

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