The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1897

In the end, How can people who have broken up be interested in the company’s stock?

Yvette looked at the door silently, her smile restrained.

She considered it and called her mom to inform her.

Mrs. Quimbey paused for a minute before inquiring: “Are you sure you’re going?”

Yvette replied, “If I don’t go, I’ll never be able to hold on, and I’ll never be under your and the Sheldon family’s wings to live a lifetime?”

Mrs. Quimbey sighed, most likely after much thought.

“You are free to go, but you must be aware of the danger. I want you to grow up, but I don’t want you to have an accident, do you understand?”

Yvette responded with a sour look in her eyes.

“I know, Mother, but Lance hasn’t let go. I’m curious if you could say hello to Aunt Fiona. Lance’s life will be much easier if she agrees.”

“All right, let me tell you.” Mrs. Quimbey said after a brief pause.

After a few seconds, she repeated, “I heard something bad happened to you. Lance’s ex went in search of him? You didn’t suffer, did you?” Yvette burst out laughing. “Obviously not. Others may be concerned about the future of my relationship with Lance. Why do you enquire?” Mrs. Quimbey scoffed, “I can’t stand by and watch you get bullied. Despite the fact that it was said to be a marriage, I am also. I have chosen carefully for you.

Lance is a nice guy, so he agreed to marry you. But if he bullies you, I will not stand by and do nothing. If you have complaints, don’t put up with it. If you really can’t get along, the divorced mother will back you up.” Yvette initially smiled. Later, her tears became uncontrollable. Over the phone.

She cried silently because she couldn’t imagine Mrs. Quimbey’s expression when she said these words.

Mrs. Quimbey has always complained to her that she despises iron and steel, and she is the helpless daughter.

She’s always causing trouble outside, and Mrs. Quimbey runs the company by herself and wipes her *ss.

Mrs. Quimbey expected her marriage to Lance to be the most fulfilling time of her life.

As a result, her first reaction when confronted with something is to endure it before considering the best way to defend herself.

Despite the fact that she knew the end was near, she decided to persevere.

In terms of marriage, Yvette has already given up her entire life, and all she can say is that she is unlucky. Because she knew in her heart that Mrs. Quimbey would not agree to a divorce.

She suddenly felt that all the grievances she had swallowed had reasons to spill out now that she had heard her words. She was free of the shackles and shackles in an instant, and she no longer had any scruples. She is the Quimbey family’s eldest lady, arrogant and fearless.

Both parties are silent Mrs. Quimbey didn’t have to say anything, she simply sighed. “Marriage and falling in love are two distinct things. You’re still too young, you’re always motivated, and feelings are just icing on the cake.

I have no relationship with your deceased father’s money that you lavishly spend on weekdays. You must mature responsibly on your own. so that you are not bullied” This was something she frequently said. Yvette, on the other hand, listened this time.

She remained silent, wiped her tears away, and said: “I got it, Mom.” Mrs. Quimbey responded, but she had something else to say. Someone knocked on the door and entered as if they were a visitor. She was always on the go.

Yvette didn’t pull her to talk and smiled as she hung up the phone. Lance and Whitney were successful in teaching her a lesson.

Whitney’s appearance was not pure, she realised. However, She believed that she could be replaced in Mrs. Sheldon’s position.

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