The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1901

Fiona saw that Yvette did not have much of a reaction, as if this was just a trivial matter. However, Lance and Yvette’s interaction was obviously not the same as before. They were a lot more distant.

In particular, Yvette’s gaze when she looked at Lance was not as bright as before.

As someone who had been through this before, Fiona understood what that meant.

“Right, but she showed up again with ulterior motives. Even if she’s not worth anything, it’s better to keep your guard up. It wasn’t easy for you to be together, and I don’t want you two to misunderstand each other because of her.”

Lance said, “Mom…”

Fiona shot him a look, signaling him not to interrupt her.

“I disagreed when you first got together with Whitney back then, and it’s not because our family backgrounds didn’t match. To be honest, our family’s standing was not that great at that time. We were in such a precarious situation, sowe can’t really pick on her either. But this woman used your contacts to achieve her own goals. She also betrayed you more than once for the project that you worked so hard to get. Why did you think you repeatedly lost those bids?”

Lance’s face turned glum. His body tensed up, A>\ kM4VX he was a little surprised.

Fiona coldly snorted. “That’s not all. After I found out, she intensified her efforts to destroy Sheldon Corporation’s relationship with our old partner. Why did you think that Chad Lowe, who hada good relationship with your father back then, would suddenly turn his back on you at your most difficult time?”

Yvette sat there. At first, she was not so serious. However, she suddenly felt as if she had probed into a huge secret.

Fiona stood up and took out a kraft paper bag envelope that she had long prepared from the wine cabinet.

She took out the contents and handed them to Lance.

Yvette could also see what was on it.

At once, her expression became unsightly.

It was a picture of Whitney and an old man shopping, arm in arm.

That old man was Lance’s father’s best friend, Chad Lowe.

Fiona then took out something else and spread it out in front of Lance.

Lance’s face was even gloomier.

“These projects that you lost ended up with Harrison Corporation. You didn’t forget how Harrison Corporation suppressed Sheldon Corporation, right? Whitney was Harrison Corporation’s consultant. She was able to earn a sizable sum for every project that you lost. Look at the signature and Whitney’s income statement. They all match up.”

Fiona looked at her son. Lance felt like he could not breathe properly. He sat there frozen with an indignant expression.

It was not because of his ex-girlfriend’s betrayal, but because he was actually kept in the dark.

He was completely clueless.

His impression of Whitney was that she was obedient, gentle, understanding, and so low- profile that he repeatedly neglected her existence. Thus, even if he did not love her, he also felt indebted to her for delaying her youth when they broke up.

He was unaware of all these unsightly things that his mother just revealed.

Back then during those difficult times, Lance had sacrificed so much in order to get Sheldon Corporation back on its feet.

He was basically living at the office, and his mind was constantly thinking of the company and his projects.

Now, Fiona told him that he actually had a chance at success back then. It was just that he was betrayed by the people around him.

This huge revelation was really hard for him to accept.

Fiona’s words did not stop there. She continued, “ You must be curious why I didn’t tell you before. That’s because I only got this information after she left the country and after the collapse of Harrison Corporation.

I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want these unsightly things to affect you. But now, it looks like I was wrong for hiding this from you.

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