The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1905

Yvette wrinkled her brows slightly.

“I still wanna go! I can’t exactly say that it’s to prove myself since I know my strength, but I just want to have the chance to be able to stand on my own for a while.”

Nicole looked at her and nodded. “Be safe then. Call me if you need anything.”

Yvette sighed. “But getting there is now a problem!”

“So, you won’t go if he won’t let you?”

Nicole knew Yvette like the back of her hand. It was just that Yvette’s brain was fried for a moment.

Yvette froze. After some thought, she immediately stood up.

“Lil N, [knew you’d have the most tricks up your sleeves!”

After saying that, Yvette did not say another word and ran out with her bag.

Coincidentally, Logan came in with Yvette’s coffee, which spilled all over him when he tried to avoid Yvette.

Yvette patted Logan’s shoulder.

“Thanks, Logan!”

Logan was still frozen in place, but the woman in front of him had disappeared.

Nicole laughed.

Logan asked, “President, what’s wrong with Ms. Quimbey?”

Nicole raised an eyebrow.

“She just can’t wait to run to the battlefield!” Logan was speechless.

He did not understand what Nicole was saying.

Nicole looked at Logan. “I’ll give you half a day off this afternoon, so go back and clean up a little.”

Logan nodded joyfully.

“Thank you, President!”

The next day.

Nicole had already heard the news that Yvette had secretly run off to Cali.

Clayton was buttoning his shirt as he glanced at Nicole with a smile. His handsome face was a little playful.

“Aren’t you curious? I heard that Mr. Sheldon was so angry that he drove all night to chase after her, but he couldn’t catch up to her.”

Nicole laughed as she scrolled through the news on the iPad.

“Curious about what? What can’t the Great Miss Quimbey do?”

Clayton smiled helplessly.

“But she ran away after she met you. It’ll be easy for Mr. Sheldon to misunderstand the situation.” Nicole rolled her eyes. “So what if he misunderstands? Yvette’s legs are on her body, so no one can stop her.”

Clayton walked over and hugged Nicole.

“I’m going to the office. Shall I pick you up for lunch?”

Nicole smiled and refused.

“Julie asked me to visit the film set, so I’ll just have lunch there.”

Clayton frowned slightly. “Who’s the male lead of her new film?”

Nicole’s face stiffened slightly. She blinked and said, “I don’t know…”

Clayton looked at her silently and did not speak. A few seconds later.

Nicole surrendered and conceded. “I think she mentioned Joseph Valencia… I’m not too sure. I’m just there to visit Jules!”

The corner of Clayton’s mouth curled up. He reached out to pinch her soft and delicate cheek. It felt so nice to the touch that he did not want to let go.

“Then come home soon. I might just visit the set at any time, too!”

There was an imperceptible hint of threat in his tone.

Nicole pursed her lips and did not say anything. Clayton was so petty. He kept a watchful eye on all the men around Nicole.

Nicole was certainly not as reckless and carefree as before. Fortunately, none of those men caught her eye. They could not hold a candle to Clayton. The phone rang. Clayton looked at it and frowned slightly.

He spoke while he walked into the elevator, and Nicole hurriedly followed since they were leaving together.

Clayton was going to the office, and Nicole was going to the set.

It sounded like someone was reporting about work over the phone. It was probably Jake from abroad.

Clayton simply answered with a few sentences. Just as the elevator arrived downstairs, Clayton hung up the phone.

Nicole waved at him and happily went to her car. Before she could close the car door, she was yanked out of the driver’s seat and shoved into the passenger seat.

Nicole froze and looked at the man sitting in the driver’s seat that she was originally sitting on.
“Aren’t you going to the office?”

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