The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1930

Camden’s words are still ringing in the ears.

Outside, a light breeze blew through the treetops, and the temperature and humidity were just right.

Lumi said quietly, “Dad, because that person is Kirsi, I can’t get over it. I just can’t get over it, no matter how long it takes.”

She was completely honest.

Camden sighed, “She won’t affect you or anything, and you shouldn’t think you broke them up.”

There would have been other women if it hadn’t been for the marriage with the Makinen family, and the Lindstrom family would not have married someone of unknown origin. My illegitimate daughter was brought back because her father is bad, and she should not have been brought back in the first place.”

Lumi lowered her head and remained silent, but her eyes were bloodshot. She never felt she didn’t like Kirsi because they didn’t share the same mother.

She did everything that a sister could. But why did Kirsi cause her so much pain?

Lumi closed her eyes and listened to Camden talk about her words: “Daughter, we’ll be upset but don’t bring up divorce lightly. Samuel arrived to explain and apologise, and the Lindstrom family’s parents are already on their way. The Lindstrom family’s attitude is now very clear. Marriage is very important; don’t regret it because of a temporary outburst of rage. Besides, don’t you like Samuel?”

Lumi was pleased with Samuel when the two sides met for the first time.

Although they are not particularly affectionate after marriage, the conversation is not without affection for Samuel.

So no one thought their marriage was bad or hopeless.

What will you do if you get divorced because of an outburst of rage?

Lumi opened her eyes and remained silent for a long time before casually saying: “I don’t like it much either, Dad.”

Camden gave her a long look before opening her mouth: “Are you certain you won’t be sorry?”

Lumi: “No, I’d rather break up with Geying for a lifetime. If the project in which I invested loses money, I will not continue to invest; perhaps you will all say that I lack patience and foresight, but I am like this, Dad, and I will not be sorry.”

Camden sighed as he reached out and touched her hair. He sighed and said, “All right, let me persuade your mother.”

Camden stood up and prepared to leave.

Lumi said softly as she was about to leave, “Thank you very much, Dad.”

She could sense her parents’ preference for her and their disinterest in Kirsi. But she has done her best to compensate, but who can blame her if it doesn’t work?

When the Lindstrom family’s parents arrived with Samuel, they had their luggage taken to the hotel, and the family went to the Makinen family first.

So the Makinen family were quite lively.

Although Louisa despised Samuel for injuring Lumi, their family’s attitude was faultless.

There is no other way to defend Samuel except to say that an apology is an apology.

They didn’t respond no matter how harshly Louisa chastised them.

As soon as Samuel walked through the door, he noticed that the house was empty except for the servants and the Makinen family.

The Lindstrom family’s parents are shopping mall businessmen. They must have greeted them since they are arriving.

The Makinen family did not object, demonstrating that there is still hope for this marriage.

Camden was thoughtful in every way, but Louisa couldn’t laugh.

Before getting to the point, the old master of the Lindstrom family exchanged a few words with Camden.

“This b*stard hasn’t done anything serious in the last few years. He discovered his black history after getting married, even though he had never been married before.

I stated that there is something that cannot be handled ahead of time? Or was he too young and inflexible to do things before? Allow some people to benefit from it.”

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