The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1940

Grant rolled up his shirt sleeves and was having a barbecue, Ian next to him saw his serious look, and went over to laugh and joke: “Brother, you can sign a contract worth hundreds of millions of dollars. With your hands, can you still make skewers?”

Grant glanced at him silently, not losing his aura.

Many people around looked at the liveliness here, and also came over to talk and laugh.

Aida warmly entertained everyone with fruit, and the atmosphere was just right.

Nicole and Julie ran on the beach with a sun hat. It was rare for them to be so happy that they would not chat around a group of strangers.

They simply ran barefoot with their skirt in hand, the beach was warm and still warm.

Julie made a videocall to Yvette.

Yvette, who is far away in Cali, seems to have changed a person. In addition to work, she is fighting wits and courage with other people. She almost lost her hair.

“Envy, when I go back, I’ll have a good time too!”

Nicole leaned into the camera, smiled and rolled her eyes: “I heard that Lance is looking for you? I’m still worried that you won’t be able to let go. Next time I come back, will I ask for help? Shall we go together?”

Yvette blushed and said, “He just stayed for one night and then left. He was very busy, so how could he stay?”

But he did a lot of things that night.

Thinking about it makes her heart blush.

They haven’t been so crazy in a long time.

Julie saw that she was immersed, accidentally touched the phone, and the video was turned off.

But never again.

The breeze was blowing, and the skirt swayed in the wind.

Nicole trotted against the wind, her light-colored long skirt flying up and down. Between the light and the shadows, facing the sparkling waves on the sea, it is extraordinarily beautiful.

Julie had just taken out her phone and planned to take a picture of her.

Suddenly, she stopped, standing there, looking at the sea.

Apart from a few people catching the sea in the distance, there were no other ships. But the shadow of a ship that gradually became larger on the sea seemed a little strange.

Soon, the distance is tens of meters away.

Julie walked over, “What’s wrong?”

Nicole pursed her lips, “That’s not the ship of Mediania. I remember when I was studying abroad, there was an organization with a special logo, which was the pattern on this kind of ship.”

Although the water surface Floating up and down, see incomplete. But she always felt familiar.

Julie: “No way, how can a smuggler be so blatant?”

Just as she was talking, the distance of the ship was getting closer and closer.

When five or six meters away.

Seeing the people on the deck clearly, Nicole was slightly startled.

It turned out to be Eric.

Following him, there were five or six foreign men.

Julie pulled her arm closer and said in a low voice, “Don’t say hello, let’s go directly?”

Nicole thought so too.

She responded, pressed down on the sun hat, tried to cover her face, turned around and followed Julie. But the group didn’t give her a chance, and two men in black suit jackets but only beach shorts stopped them: “Hey, such a beautiful girl from Mediania, let’s have a meal together. It’s fate to meet you!

Mr. Ferguson, what do you think?”

Eric said low and hoarse voice:

“Forget it, I’ve been ready. Well, the girl who accompanies you to dinner, wouldn’t I be disappointed if I didn’t wait for you?”

The foreigner seemed very happy to be entertained, then raised his head and laughed, followed Eric and his group.

Nicole and Julie only dared to look at the direction they were leaving.

Eric also turned around at this time.

The eyes of the two met, and neither could see through each other’s thoughts. Very thrilling.

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