The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1945

Mitchell seems to know Nicole’s concerns. He looked at her eagerly: “Ms. Stanton, you got a military project before, which is equivalent to having a military background. Even if foreign forces want to do something, they still have to be concerned. What’s more, if this project really falls, In the hands of others, foreign forces have no worries, and they will only be used by others!”

Nicole raised her eyes, smiled, and there was no fluctuation in her eyes: “I will tell my brother what you said, do you want it in the end? Cooperation, I will not interfere.”

Mitchell wanted to say something, but Logan, who was outside the door, had already knocked on the door and came in.

Logan looked at Mitchell and then at Nicole: “Ms. Stanton, there is an emergency meeting, I need you to come over…”

Nicole raised her eyebrows and stood up, “Mr. Collins, I won’t accompany you.”

Mitchell pursed his lips, and could only nod his head, regaining his expression:

“Excuse me, goodbye.” As soon as Mitchell went to the office, Nicole breathed a sigh of relief and sat down.

Logan went out with an empty coffee cup and came in with another one.

“Ms. Stanton, President Sloan’s phone call came in just now. I answered it. Do you want to call him back?”

Nicole was stunned, and immediately sat up straight: “Got it.”

Clayton valued family more than work. He doesn’t like to travel on business, it will delay his relationship.

Especially after being with Nicole, the professionalism is obviously not strong. After calculating that their assets are more than enough to allow their family to squander their lives.

He disposes of some abandoned projects with great care. It has only been two days since he went to Liberty. He called Nicole five or six times a day, and he could chat a little when he saw the latest cosmetics in the mall.

Three or four calls were made to Floyd. In order to make a videocall with his precious daughter, Floyd directly handed the phone to the housekeeper.

Nicole directly showed him a video. Clayton was sitting on a chair wearing a black shirt.

Then, he picked up a small delicate box next to him and showed it to Nicole: “Baby, I prepared a birthday present for you!”

Nicole narrowed her eyes, it was a very beautiful bracelet. The pink diamond above glitters like it’s the latest in this season’s auction. Her eyes sparkled and she smiled: “My birthday is still three months away!”

Clayton paused and sighed regretfully: “Why isn’t our baby’s birthday once a month?”

Nicole’s mood instantly got better.

Clayton became more clingy as soon as he went out. He used to be more restrained, but now he treats his wife as unscrupulously clingy.

After the two of them spoke sweetly, it seemed that there was an emergency on Clayton’s side. Just as he was about to end the chat, Nicole stopped him: “Wait a minute, five minutes.”

Clayton was stunned for a moment, and when he saw Nicole’s serious expression, he nodded without hesitation.

Nicole briefly explained what she had seen Mitchell just now, and also talked about Eric’s current situation.

Looking at Clayton’s calm face, without any surprise or shock, the stern lines on his face are smooth and straight, the warmth between his eyebrows has faded, and there is a bit of coldness.

Nicole couldn’t figure out what he was thinking for a while. “I’m telling you this because I want you to be careful over there. So many coincidences suddenly collided, I’m afraid you will also be affected…”

Clayton in the video call was silent for a moment. The corners of his mouth gradually lifted an arc. “Don’t worry, baby cares about me so much, I’ll be fine!”

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