The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1954

“I didn’t talk nonsense!” Nicole shook the phone.

Ian was very angry, but seeing her smiling happily and smartly, his anger disappeared: “Forget it, why did you call me here?”

Nicole smiled and said, “I asked you to come over to play, you are not the best. Do you like this kind of occasion?”

Ian played the most fun in this kind of place. But today he feel uncomfortable and Nicole seems to know something.

Ian’s face was a little flustered, and he frowned: “I have something else to do. If you are okay, I will leave.”

Nicole stopped him, seeing that he was uncomfortable, and didn’t say anything. “Wait a minute, I’ll go to the bathroom, let’s go together and take me to the golf course.”

Ian glanced at the time and sighed helplessly.

He doesn’t mind and doesn’t compare with her.

He flicked the car key from his mobile phone and urged her arrogantly: “Hurry up, I’m not waiting for anyone!”

Nicole cut and went straight out.


Nicole sent a message that he was already at the door.

Ian took the key and went out.

Just happened to meet Lumi on the stairs, the two eyes met, and Ian paused.

Lumi smiled casually, “I’m leaving now?”

Ian nodded, “I still have something to do, I’ll play next time.”

Lumi nodded and moved out of the way.

The two passed by, and the moment Ian went downstairs, he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

There is no nervous feeling like before.

Nicole stood at the door, looking at a pot of green plants at the door. She tilted her head not knowing what she was thinking.

Ian walked over with a smile, “If you want, I’ll go back and bring you a pot back?”

Nicole shook her head, “No, I’m looking at the flower pot, I don’t want it if it’s not gold.”

Ian paused and smoked. The corners of his mouth twitched: “Think beautifully.”

The two went out laughing.

Lumi upstairs looked at the two people getting into the car, looked at Ian’s eyes glued to Nicole, and blinked.

No one in the circle knew that Ian had a good relationship with Nicole. It turns out that he likes a person’s eyes like this!

“Sister…” A familiar voice came from behind.

But it made Lumi physically disgusted.

She turned her head and saw Kirsi standing there, smiling, with several men and women standing behind her, who seemed to be colleagues from the crew.

“I went out to dinner with my friends from the crew, thinking that I haven’t been to your new store yet, so I came here to cheer.”

Seeing such an obedient sister, she should be happy if it turns out. Now nothing but disgust is disgusting.

Lumi twitched the corners of her mouth: “It’s very polite and the drinks are not free. You can get 10% off when you apply for a card. We have a minimum consumption of $30,000 here. If you want to eat, go to the sitting area behind you!”

The perspective and feeling of the sitting area are the most bad. But Kirsi deserves it.

Lumi didn’t want to say more and left immediately.

The rest of the crew looked at each other in dismay: “Such a boss? Really your sister?”

Kirsi smiled, “Just kidding, let’s go first!”

She said and chased after her.

“Sister, I know you’re still blaming me, but our relationship of more than 20 years is going to be nullified because of a man?”

Lumi stomped on her feet and turned around leisurely, looking at Kirsi’s face, unable to smile.

“Emotions? I thought it was my wishful thinking for more than 20 years? Do you really think I’m a sister, would you do such a dirty thing?”

Kirsi pursed her lips, “I didn’t tell you, it’s true for your own good.”

“Oh, then I really thank you.”

Lumi sneered: “Since you said you want to cut ties with the Makinen family, it’s best not to have any contact with me. I have seen you clearly for so many years . It’s not easy for you today. I won’t ask for garbage like Samuel again, if you like it, pick it up, you don’t need to pretend to be here.”

Kirsi stood there, pursing her lips. She clenched her fists secretly. “I have nothing to do with him, and I won’t hurt my sister again because of his affairs.”

Lumi stared at her face for a few seconds, then curled her lips mockingly and remained silent.

Kirsi knew what she was thinking, and took a deep breath: “I was in the toilet that day, I really drank too much…”

The time when I took off my clothes and went to hook up with Samuel.

Lumi sneered lightly:”No need to explain, you two men and women cherish each other, and it is impossible not to be together. In fact, I can also think of the ex, of course, it is unforgettable. But you, it is not necessarily. You need a financial backer, You should have found a lot of people, but none of them took the bait. There is nothing more suitable than Samuel. Whether you like him or not now, you will not let him go, right?”

Kirsi’s face paled slightly, her eyes narrowed. It was pitch black. She did not speak and remained silent.

No matter the other investors, there are more or less quirks.

She can’t take it.

Samuel is pretty good. It’s a pity that Ian didn’t take the bait…

Lumi’s heart has long been like a mirror. She said lightly, “So, no need to pretend.”

Kirsi was silent for a moment and then said normally, “I want the photos you took that night. As an actor, especially an actor in the rising period. No pornographic photos should be exposed. Once it gets out. Her career in this life is over.” She spoke bluntly.

Lumi also raised her eyebrows. After a pause, Lumi chuckled lightly: “I don’t have any photos at all, I’m just tricking Samuel into getting a divorce. Because I recognized it was you. Kirsi, you have to remember that was my last tolerance for you. “

The sisters of more than 20 years, just once broke up cleanly.

After Lumi finished speaking, she turned and left.

Kirsi looked at the direction she was leaving for a long time before taking a deep breath. She turned around with a relaxed smile. It’s fine if not.

Golf course.

Nicole is the supreme VIP here, so everything has been prepared. She changed her clothes and came out. Watching Ian hadn’t left yet, she was little surprised.

“Want to play?” Go change clothes! Ian shook his head, not in the mood.

Nicole looked at the time, and there were still 20 minutes left with the scheduled partner.

Don’t worry.

“What’s the matter with you?” Are you Depressed?

Ian raised his head, hesitant to speak and finally smiled lightly, and went over to hold her tools: “Forget it, let’s go, I’ll go after you play for a while.” “

Nicole frowned and walked all the way.

They didn’t get in the car.

The waiter who brought them things was good-looking. Nicole thought he looked a little familiar, and his features were similar to a certain male star.

Ian raised his head and glanced at her and smiled. “Just like you, Mr. Sloan is so relieved to leave you alone?”

Nicole clicked her tongue and rolled her eyes at him: ” You think they are all the same as you?” I am a self-disciplined person! “

Ian raised his eyebrows: “Then you can rest assured that Clayton is alone in Liberty?”

Nicole blinked and smiled: “Don’t worry, I have to let him out and let him make money for me. Besides, Clayton is pure and self-righteous, but he is not one of those who make trouble.”

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