The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1964

Thought that Clayton was hiding, so they let out the wind to let people find them.

Now that he has found it, he has even investigated the matter. It turned out to be the one who wanted to cooperate with him.

He will not take his own brother’s death as a horse. Not to sit still.

Clayton doesn’t care what he wants. If it weren’t for Nicole, he wouldn’t bother to care. But as Nicole is involved, he will not let it go, no matter the ends of the earth.

Nicole paused, suddenly remembered something, and turned around. “The two women in the Ferguson family are innocent, can you let them go?”

Although Ingrid was in love, Quinn didn’t seem to be willing to stay. If they could leave, Eric’s situation might not be so passive.

Nicole didn’t have any extra feelings, just in terms of two innocent lives, she had no choice but to mention it. Besides, emotionally, she has no extraneous affection for Eric.

But after knowing each other for so many years, She don’t want him to lose his relatives.

Falcon chuckled twice: “Mrs. Sloan is joking, it’s not that I’m holding on to people, it’s that they don’t want to go.”

Nicole frowned and wanted to say something. Thinking of Ingrid’s brain, Falcon probably didn’t lie.

She pursed her lips, seeing that Falcon is not the kind of unreasonable person.

With two people in her hands, it is estimated that there is no danger.

Clayton hugged her into the car.

He brought enough people, and Nicole had never seen or had the opportunity to meet these people.

The car started, and a shrill scream could be heard from behind.

Falcons are not compassionate on the surface.

Nicole trembled in her heart, Clayton gently hugged her shoulders, slowly tightened his arms, and gently patted her back: “It’s alright baby, you’re alright now.”

For a while.

The sound is completely inaudible.

Clayton began to slowly untie the black cloth on her eyes.

Touching the light, Nicole frowned slightly, feeling slightly uncomfortable. But got used to it quickly.

Next second.

She immediately turned around and hugged Clayton.

The two hugged each other tightly and did not speak immediately, but they both understood that this incident was a near miss.

But these shocks are enough to make people tremble with fear. “Baby, fortunately you’re fine, otherwise I really don’t know what to do!”

If Falcon betrayed his brother and really colluded with Liliana, just to confuse Clayton, he could only jump in.

Even if he died, he didn’t want anything to happen to Nicole. There is nothing more important in this world than her.

But he bet right, Falcon cares more about his brother.

Nicole felt that Clayton’s whole body was tense and stiff and gradually loosened up. She hugged Clayton and said in a low voice, “I only heard a lot about you in Liberty, and no one answered the phone when I called you. I came to look for you because I was really worried.”

Although it’s only been a day, it feels like a long, long time.

Frightened like a roller coaster ride.

Clayton gently kissed Nicole’s hair: “It’s all my fault, I should have finished the matter earlier, and should not have left this hidden danger.”

There was a bit of coldness in his tone.

Nicole suddenly remembered something, “By the way, my eldest brother, he called me a lot, so I have to hurry back there.”

Clayton frowned: “You sneaked here?”

Nicole opened her mouth, not knowing what to do say.

Clayton immediately understood, and felt even more pity in his heart.

He hopes that Nicole loves him more than yesterday, but also hopes that she does not love him so much.

This way, he won’t be foolishly running to such a dangerous place.

His heart is really tangled and complicated, stuck in his throat, and he can’t say a word.

The person next to the driver handed over Nicole’s mobile phone:

“Mr. Sloan, this is from Falcon.”

Clayton glanced at it and handed it to Nicole.

As soon as Nicole turned on, he saw many missed calls.

This time, there is also Clayton.

Nicole blinked and looked at him:” You must tell me where you are going in the future, otherwise I will be anxious if I can’t find you, especially if you haven’t answered the phone yet!”

The tenderness is about to overflow.

“Okay, it’s my fault. I thought I wouldn’t let you worry if I didn’t tell you why. If I didn’t tell you to worry you more, I’d tell you everything.”

Nicole smiled and clicked nod.

It’s not easy for them to get to where they are today.

Clayton is not a perfect person, but in life, Nicole could not find a warmer existence than him.

Every time Nicole turned around, Clayton was there. But if he suddenly disappeared, she would panic to death.

They are attracted to each other and get closer.

Nicole lowered her head, her phone vibrated.

It was Grant.

She paused for a while, then picked it up sternly: “Hello? Nicole? Is that you?”

Grant’s impatient voice was hoarse.

I’m afraid it will get hot in a hurry.

Nicole felt ashamed. After all, when she was locked up, she regretted not listening to Grant ten thousand times. Sure enough, a big somersault!

She paused, “Big brother, it’s me, I’m fine.”

“Why don’t you answer the phone when you’re fine?”

Grant reprimanded a bit: “The person who went to pick you up didn’t see you after waiting all night, where are you going? Is it?”

“Brother, don’t worry, I have found Clayton, and he is by my side.”

Nicole didn’t want to talk about the past day, and handed the phone to Clayton.

Clayton raised his eyebrows and took over under great pressure.

After all, he didn’t dare to lie because of the pressure from his eldest brother.

Grant can see it at a glance.

It’s too easy to want to investigate something.

“Brother, Nicole is fine. We’ll go back to Liberty now.”

Grant didn’t know what to say, but Clayton replied solemnly, and then hung up.

Nicole looked at him sideways: “What’s the matter? Are we going back to Liberty now?”

Clayton stroked her hair with a smile: “Yeah, there are a lot of dreams in the night, and Liliana has little influence in the country, so he will restrain himself. It’s too dangerous to stay here.”

Nicole didn’t want to stay. Of course agreed.

As a result, She got on the plane and found out that there was suitable flight.

The plane is Clayton’s private plane, luxurious and restrained, low-key and not simple.

No wonder he came back from South Africa so quickly.

Sitting on it, Nicole breathed a sigh of relief when he was in the air.

The maid came over with two cups of coffee, Nicole glanced at it and shook her head.

Clayton touched her face, too tired and a little pale. He was distressed all the way.

“Go and change a glass of warm milk.” The maid nodded and went back to change the milk.

Nicole was in no mood and closed her eyes for a while.

Clayton covered her with a blanket and stared at her face intently. It was like looking at a lost treasure.

The assistant walked over quietly and patted Clayton.

In order not to disturb Nicole, the two went to the other side to talk.

“Mr. Sloan, Mr. Ferguson seems to know that something happened to Ms. Stanton, and his people have inquired about us…”

Clayton frowned, his eyes dark looking at the vast sea of ​​clouds outside.

“Get off the plane and tell him that his mother and sister are in Falcon’s hands.”

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