The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1971

Quinn and Ingrid, Mitchell is also a black line.

“The information we found earlier was consistent with the information given by the General Manager of Sloan, and they were all in the hands of Falcon.

But the day before Falcon returned to South Africa, the two suddenly disappeared.

They also searched everywhere, but they didn’t find.

Presumably…they escaped on their own?”

That was the best outcome.

Without falling into anyone’s hands, he ran away.

Eric’s face was cold and his eyes were dark: “If they ran away, why wouldn’t they contact us? How far can they run?”

Even if Ingrid had no brains, Quinn should understand that only Eric could protect them. But to this day, no one has contacted him.

Their people did not find out the whereabouts of Quinn and Ingrid. This is a little strange.

Mitchell was also silent.

“Wouldn’t it be that Liliana knew something? Let’s do it first?”

Eric’s face was cold for a moment, his eyes were trying his best to suppress the surging fierceness.

“It shouldn’t be. I’ve been with him this time, and I know him a little bit. He works hard, but he doesn’t have the kind of brain to take one step and see three steps.”

Eric’s brows indifferently crossed a bit of anger, and he gritted his teeth.

Mitchell was silent and then said, “Mr. Ferguson, Mr. Sloan has a lot of resources and connections in South Africa. Why don’t we ask him to help him to find out?

Looking at Eric’s gloomy face, Mitchell knew that he had said too much.

Why did Eric ask Clayton? It was worse than killing him.

Sure enough, his cold eyes swept over Mitchell, without saying a word.

In the Afternoon.

Stanton Corporation.

Eric’s arrival in person naturally caused quite a stir. He didn’t say hello to the other party’s assistant beforehand.

After all, a person of Eric’s status does not need an appointment to meet.

The lady at the front desk looked at him embarrassedly: “Mr. Ferguson, may I ask, who would you like to see Mr. Stanton?”

After all, there are many high-level people with the surname Stanton.

The front desk lady didn’t know if it was intentional or not, but Eric’s face turned gloomy.

After a long time, only then did he speak: “Grant.”

The lady at the front desk responded and called upstairs.

After a while, she hang up.

“Mr. Ferguson, please go to the reception room upstairs and wait for a while. Our video conference with Mr. Stanton will end in five minutes.”

Eric didn’t say more, just lifted his feet and left, with a chilling aura.

The assistant in the reception room didn’t dare to neglect, and waited with a cup of coffee. Who made Eric come so unexpectedly?

After Grant came out of the meeting, the assistant quickly greeted him. “Eric’s still waiting?”

The assistant glanced at the time, “Yes, Mr. Ferguson is in the reception room.”

Someone had told Grant long ago, so he naturally knew it.

Grant tidied up his clothes and walked in directly.

“Mr. Ferguson, it’s been so long since I returned to Liberty, are you planning not to leave?”

Eric sat there, his stern eyebrows raised slightly, his expression remained the same, and his voice was very light: “Let’s go when things are done, Mr. Stanton, long time no see That’s it.”

Grant and Eric have the same aura, and the two people’s methods in the shopping mall are also very similar.

“I just saw Mr. Ferguson on the day he returned to Liberty, and it’s only been a few days. Mr. Ferguson was joking.”

Eric pursed his lips, his brows were cold, and he looked at Grant on the opposite side calmly: “I’ll just say it straight, I hope the Stanton family can take over the AG project with full authority, and this project cannot be delayed any longer.”

Grant also looked directly at him without any fluctuations in his eyes: “Mr. Ferguson, I have also seriously considered this project. The Stanton family is No matter how great the interests are, the Stanton Corporation doesn’t want to get involved.”

Eric’s eyes shrank, his jaw clenched, and just as he was about to say something, he heard Grant’s cold voice: “The back of this project How many people are thinking about it, South Africa and East Asia are all staring at them, and even the current friendship with Mr. Ferguson, are they interested?”

Grant simply pierced the current situation.

“The Stanton Corporation’s participation in the project is not just about the benefits and prospects. Even if we want to do public welfare, we have to protect ourselves, not to mention that the Stanton family doesn’t want to be in the company of those people, let alone any danger.”

Eric asked: “Mr. Stanton is afraid?”

Grant smiled, “It’s just that you don’t need to lose your life to make money.”

“If I say, as long as the Stanton family is willing to win this project, I will guarantee that it will be with anyone in South Africa. Wouldn’t the forces interfere with it?” Eric said in a stiff voice.

Grant still smiled calmly: “Mr. Ferguson, I believe in your ability, but I don’t want to participate, and the Stanton family can’t stand any setbacks. I believe you know that my sister has escaped death many times, but now she has lost her life. Very, without the company of bodyguards, I didn’t even want to leave the door, and I didn’t come to work today. Mr. Ferguson, family is more important than making money.”

Eric’s eyes darkened a bit, and his face was ugly and tangled. After a long time, Eric stood up abruptly. There was a bit of hesitation on his face, but his voice was still cold: “Mr. Stanton, if the Stanton family doesn’t take over this project, Nicole will be in real danger and she has been targeted.

Nicole doesn’t have enough protection for her own interests, so those people will be unscrupulous to pay her attention.

Could it be that she can only have one-third of an acre of land in the Stanton family in Liberty in the future?

Once she is out of the scope of the Stanton family, There are countless dangers.”

After Eric finished speaking, Grant’s eyes were instantly deep and dark.

That’s not all he’s going to say, right?

What is Eric implying?

Grant’s face froze instantly, ugly.

Eric took a deep breath and regained his slightly cold calm expression: “Mr. Stanton think about it carefully, I will let someone bring the contract over.”

He tidied up his clothes, raised his feet, and walked out.

Grant narrowed his eyes and looked at his back. There was an indescribable anxiety in his heart.

Eric said to keep half of it.

The remaining half is a warning? Or a reminder?

Is he hating Nicole out of love, or will he destroy it if he doesn’t get it?

Grant’s face was ashen. He didn’t want to take risks with his family, so even if it was a lucrative business, he wouldn’t do it.

But the arrival of Eric made his already firm mind start to waver again. If they have already targeted Nicole, is it useful for her to hide?

Grant stayed in the reception room for a long time before coming out.

“Mr. Stanton, the next itinerary has been pushed back, but you made an appointment for dinner with Mr. Sheldon of the Sheldon Corporation…”

Grant’s voice was cold and hoarse: “It’s all pushed back, I’m going. Nicole will pick up my wife there.”

The assistant was taken aback.

“Mr. Stanton, Mr. Sheldon asked if you could change dinner to Ms. Stanton’s apartment?

Because Mrs. Sheldon is also there…”

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