The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2014

Clayton had no surprises. It seemed that Angie’s response was what he expected.

This was her last bargaining chip, handing over her hands was for a chance of survival.

Angie looked at Clayton nervously, and the fingerprints on her neck were particularly scary. At this point she couldn’t care about anything.

Clayton chuckled lightly, looking particularly gloomy in the dimly lit room.

He said sloppily and coldly: “Okay, then I’ll give you a chance. Let me see your sincerity.”

Angie clenched her fists tightly and closed her eyes: ” My brother didn’t have a chance. The forces at home and abroad are all staring at him. He thinks he is like a duck in water but disaster is imminent.”

Clayton’s eyes flashed, knowing what Angie meant, and withdrew his eyes.

Surprisingly, Angie looked farther than Liliana.


It’s not a loss to die at the hands of his own sister.

He Paused then turned away.

Angie heaved a sigh of relief. She was dripping with cold sweat.

She survived.

Clayton went out and glanced warmly, watching what Nicole was saying to Sergio.

Sergio leaned down and leaned as hard as he could. He narrowed his eyes, walked over, put his hands behind her, and said in a warm voice: “What did you say?”

Nicole paused, looked at him sideways, and smiled: “What job is he suitable for?”

Clayton glanced at Sergio, he stood up nervously, his eyes flashed. Turning the wheelchair in one direction, he smiled and said, “Then you figured it out?”

He said while pushing away.

Nicole responded, “PR department.”

Clayton got on the elevator and raised his eyebrows, unexpectedly. “Why?”

Nicole glanced at Sergio, then at Clayton, and said in a low voice: “He is good-looking, and good-looking can solve a lot of trouble.”

Clayton was silent and smiled.

Clayton smiled casually and did not continue the topic. He went back to the room.

Nicole opened her hands and said, “Carry me to bed?”

Clayton hummed, then bent down and hugged her easily, pinching her around her waist: “I’ve lost weight.”

However, Nicole’s eyes lit up: “Really?”

Clayton almost forgot that Nicole had to reward himself for every pound he lost.

She shook her calf and hugged his neck with a smile: “Great, I heard from Kai that there will be a jewelry auction in Liberty after half a month. Let’s go to participate!”

Clayton lowered his head and kissed her lips, released it again, and agreed happily.


He put her gently on the bed, but didn’t loosen her waist. After leaning down, he unbuttoned his neckline, his collarbones clear and neat.

His kiss gradually went down, kissing the side of her ear intimately, knowing that it was her most sensitive part.


She originally wanted to push the evidence, but the next second she shrank in his arms, like a clingy cat.

His eyebrows and eyes were lightly dyed dark, and the corners of his mouth were hooked with a gentle arc: “Continue?”

He teased her into a dazed state, and was still politely asking her if she wanted to continue?

Nicole got angry and kissed his beautiful collarbone, and he froze all over.

Taking this opportunity, Nicole gently bit his collarbone.

He sucked in a breath of cold air from the pain, and his voice was low and hoarse: “You want murder to your husband?”

Nicole smiled and released her hand. Her eyes so delicate that she couldn’t take her eyes off her: “Let you sober up, I’m still a patient. What!”

Nicole was about to back away as he spoke.

As a result, Clayton grabbed her calf.

The next second, he was back under him.

Next, he did not ask politely, but just smiled: “Don’t worry, I have asked the doctor, as long as you don’t move much, you can’t touch your wound!”

Nicole’s face flushed red: “…”

Did you ask the doctor?

Is he poisonous?

It’s just that, if she persists, her physical strength is not as good as a healthy man after all.

The two tossed her to the middle of the night before taking her to the bathroom to clean.

Nicole muttered dissatisfiedly: “Mr. Sloan, to be honest, I always thought you were quite abstinent, but after all, I was blind.”

I saw you wrong.

Clayton smiled and kissed her on the forehead: “Don’t talk about yourself like that, I only do this to you, baby.

He carried her back to the bed and said in a very soft voice beside her ear: “Only you can Got me hooked.”

Nicole was confused and didn’t seem to hear clearly, so she fell asleep as soon as she lay down.

Early in the morning.

Clayton woke up quickly.

He was afraid that the sunlight would disturb Nicole’s rest, so he got out of bed immediately and closed the blackout curtain and he lightly went back and stuffed the quilt for her.

Sitting there for a few seconds, she didn’t feel sleepy.

He opened the door and walked out. Sergio didzed off with his eyes closed in the chair. When he saw Clayton coming out, he stood up immediately. His face was flushed. The ward is not soundproofed. He knows exactly what happened last night. He is too young to hang on his face.

Clayton still has traces left by Nicole’s loss of control last night on his neck. He does not hide it.

“Send Angie away.”

Sergio’s face was cold and solemn, and he raised his eyes.

“Send it to Liliana.”


Sergio responded, he had no room for doubt.

Clayton turned to go back, suddenly remembered something, and glanced at Sergio: “You go to Mediania first, I will let Roland contact you.”

Sergio pursed his lips, hesitated, but nodded. He could have returned to Liberty with Clayton and his wife.

Why suddenly let him go first?

Nicole got up, and started to eat breakfast after grooming.

After talking to the children, I put down the phone after the video, and suddenly felt homesick.

Floyd always thought that they were on vacation outside, so he didn’t want to disturb their two-person world after a few words.

After dinner, Clayton packed up.

Nicole looked at the hard-working good man at home and shook her head.

He was completely different from the Shura-like person last night.

Fortunately, they did not become rivals.

Nicole touched her neck, smiled, and looked at Clayton: “Darling, will you hit me?”

Clayton paused, then rolled up his sleeves, revealing his well-defined forearms, and pursed his lips: “Of course No. “

Nicole said: “If I hit you, will you fight back?”

Clayton looked at her with complicated eyes, wondering what she wanted to ask in her little head?


Nicole raised her eyebrows: “Thank goodness, we don’t beat our own people, when will we go home?”

Clayton: “Are you homesick?”

Nicole nodded.

Clayton’s eyes darkened: “Wait, we’ll go back when Liliana is caught.”


Clayton nodded: “Mr. Ferguson has gone back, and the plan will be implemented as usual, plus I put Angie back. It will only speed up. The failure of hard work will end soon.”

He said in a warm voice, every word was very meaningful.

Different from just now.

Nicole pursed her lips, a little surprised: “You put Angie back? Isn’t that letting the tiger go back to the mountain?”

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