The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2021

After Eric finished speaking, he gave Ingrid a meaningful look and turned away.

Ingrid didn’t want to let him go like this, she cried and cried and took his arm:

“Give Liliana back to me, brother. I really like him, why can’t you see me well. You have looked down on me since you were young for An outsider bullies me, and now you are going to kill even the person I like…”

Eric irritably shook her off, lifted her by the neckline, and looked at her fiercely: “You like it People? Are you pretending to be stupid or being cheap? They chopped up my father, killed the old man, and arrested you and my mother to threaten me, but you are still in love with the enemy?”

Eric gritted his teeth, his face was stern: “I tell you, if not Mom is in their hands, do you think I’ll take care of your life?”

He threw Ingrid on the ground suddenly, like a piece of garbage.

Ingrid’s knee hurt and she sat on the ground with a pale face.

Eric lowered his head and tidied up his sleeves: “Liliana will die soon. Even if you die for him, I won’t care. From today on, if you want to live or die, stay away from Ferguson’s house.”

After that, Eric got into the car without hesitation.

Mr. Jenson looked at the people outside and hesitated: “Mr. Ferguson, she…”

Eric’s tone was indifferent, and his eyebrows were slightly condensed:

“Just a love-minded idiot. She doesn’t know anything about Liliana, let her fend for herself.”

Mr. Jenson lowered his eyes, pondered for a few seconds, smiled and nodded.

“Okay, for the sake of President Ferguson, we can list her as a victim.”

The victim, not the accomplice. Otherwise, Ingrid would also be among those arrested today.

Mr. Jenson smiled and said: “Mr. Ferguson’s contribution to the successful capture of Liliana and his black money this time is a big part of the hard work. Mr. Ferguson dealt with him hard, endured the humiliation, and we will always remember it.”

Eric lowered his eyes, and there was no excess on his face. He glanced out the window, still feeling unhappy.

“It should be, after all, it is involved in the Ferguson Corporation.”

Mr. Jenson nodded with a smile: “As for the Stanton Corporate, I will make it clear to President Stanton in person.”

Eric paused and looked at him: “Mr. Jenson, The forces in South Africa and Southeast Asia have not been completely destroyed, why did they close the net so quickly?”

Mr. Jenson was stunned, smiled, and said meaningfully: “It is the responsibility of the United Nations to combat terrorist forces, and we are involved too much, It will cause unnecessary disputes and misunderstandings.

Our original purpose was Clayton’s arms base, and now the power in South Africa has basically been removed, and Clayton has also handed over the core weapons of the arms base to the government. The purpose has been achieved.”

Eric’s face froze slightly: “Clayton gave all the core secrets to the government?”

“Yeah, Clayton is a well-known businessman, not only those weapons, but also the experts in the research room were sent over, and most of them agreed to stay and serve the country.”

Mr. Jenson smiled brightly: “So we quickly solve the problem, so that Clayton and his wife can return to Mediania safely.” The words were out.

He realized that there was something wrong with Eric’s face next to him.

Suddenly thought of Clayton’s wife, isn’t it Eric’s ex-wife?

Can he be happy when Eric mentions someone who shouldn’t be mentioned?

Suddenly, Mr. Jenson changed the topic with a smile:

“Mr. Eric, we still have a very good project here. We plan to leave it to the Ferguson Corporate instead of public bidding.”

This is also a public thank you to Eric.

Eric nodded lightly: “Then I would like to thank Mr. Jenson.”

“Yes, yes.”

Eric was a businessman with a relatively clean background, so that was why they chose him.

On the way back, Eric didn’t say a word. His face was gloomy but calm. He didn’t expect Clayton to let go of a piece of fat so easily.

He didn’t even expect that he would use this piece of fat to please his superiors.

The original plan was to wait until the fortified site was fully settled and caught, and a series of people in the back would surface.

At that time, it will not be an enemy.

The Stanton family entered the chess game, but the Mr. Jenson would find a way to protect it.

But the above will not protect Clayton, the foreign businessman.

Therefore, he will show his feet in the whole plan and fight with Liliana, or at least his vitality will be greatly damaged.

In the end, why did he suddenly make a move, and began to target the forces of Liliana, and pulled them out with lightning speed.

too fast.

Unbelievably fast.

This also made him secretly startled, indicating that Clayton’s ability was not as simple as he saw it.

Suddenly, he thought about Nicole.

Was it her injury that made Clayton impatiently vigilant?

The plan seems to have ended perfectly. But none of his goals were achieved.

Although Liliana was caught, there was still Angie.

Not what is failure?

Eric closed his eyes impatiently, loosened his neckline, and his face was tense and ugly.

It was he who underestimated the enemy.

Mr. Jenson returned with Liliana, and Eric also returned to the Ferguson Corporation.

Mitchell hurried back with sweat on his face. “Mr. Ferguson, I’ve already found the school, it’s just…”

“Get ready, the old man’s funeral should be held someday.”

Eric interrupted him.

Mitchell was stunned: “A funeral is going to be held?”

Eric responded.

Liliana was caught.

On the surface, they have won.

You don’t have to keep your ears open and stealing bells.

Mr. Ferguson is also a prominent figure, so it is impossible for him to be buried so silently.

Mitchell nodded solemnly: “Yes, I’ll do it right away.”

He turned around and left. As soon as he went out, he remembered and forgot to tell Eric which school Easton was assigned to.

But he didn’t seem to care.

Suddenly, the phone on the table rang.

Caller ID is not displayed. He looked at it and picked it up.

He did not speak in advance. On the phone, Angie’s familiar voice came: “Eric, are you satisfied with the gift I gave you?”

Eric’s face instantly stiffened.


Angie smiled: “I was busy for a long time before I made time to call you, take good care of our son, and…you should thank me for taking your sister, My brother and I gave it to you.”

Eric’s face was ashen, his heart trembled fiercely.

“What did you say?”

Eric asked, but his mind was spinning quickly.

It was because of Ingrid that Liliana appeared.

But why did Ingrid appear?

Because I saw Liliana with a woman?

Do not.

Was that what Angie deliberately let Ingrid see?

Eric’s heart was cold and gloomy, “You arranged it?”

Angie laughed softly, “It’s just a small gift for you, you’re welcome, isn’t your purpose to arrest my brother?

Caleb and Liliana were all defeated by you. You should be very satisfied, right? “

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