The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2036

Clayton stood there warmly. The gentle self-confidence in his eyebrows, the noble and handsome, makes people feel that in Atlanta. He is someone who can compete with Eric.

Nicole doesn’t seem to have any feelings about the higher and higher numbers. She stood there quietly, as if wondering if it would be too wasteful to use it as a brooch?

The people around Eric couldn’t stand.

It’s already close to $200 million.

Nicole seems a little guilty from the excitement at the beginning to the panic now. She thought it was her words that made Eric angry. She couldn’t help tugging at Eric’s sleeve and said in a low voice, “Mr. Ferguson, forget it. I don’t like it very much either.”

If Gerard found out, 80% of them would scold her to death.

Eric frowned, glanced at her, said nothing, and continued to bid. It seems that he will not give up until he achieves his goal.

Clarissa’s heart was uneasy. It seemed a little excited, but also a little nervous.

But the people in the arena watched this scene with a smile.

Because it was brought by Eric, he didn’t say it blatantly.

The woman around him persuades the man to forget it, which is a very frustrating thing in itself.

A calm person like Nicole, standing beside Clayton, although he didn’t say a word, his aura was there, and the two complemented each other well.

The asking price suddenly reached $400 million.

Nicole woke up like a dream. She interrupted the contest between Clayton and Eric, and said a price with a smile. Everyone looked at her in astonishment.

Undoubtedly, the focus of the highest price in the field today is Nicole. As soon as she exited, Clayton didn’t say any more.

Eric was also strangely silent.

This contest ended silently, and everyone enjoyed it. There seems to be no winning or losing. After all, no one is asking for a higher price than Nicole.

The last thing was in Nicole’s hands.

Clarissa couldn’t help but glance at Nicole a few more times, and the envy in her eyes was undisguised.

Nicole smiled and accepted everyone’s attention.

In the next auction, Eric took a ring. The meaning of this ring was extraordinary, and the women present were amazed. For a diamond king like Eric, the meaning of photographing the ring did not mean that he is getting married?

He don’t know who had such luck!

Clarissa came out of the loss of that diamond, because this ring was more attractive to her. She was Eric female companion, and she was excitedly looking forward to Eric giving her the ring.

The manager asked the bodyguard to find Nicole with the diamond and said a few words of congratulations.

To be honest, Nicole felt that the diamond was worth the money, so when The manager heard that they had taken it to a certain level, he stopped.

Nicole glanced at Clayton, and Clayton took out the card very interestingly.

The manager smiled.

With a clear door in Nicole’s heart, Clayton is still better. If it wasn’t for Nicole who made the bid, how could Eric give up?

“Mr. Sloan, President Stanton, do you need a bodyguard to deliver it to your home?” The manager asked. They have such a service.

Nicole smiled, picked up the priceless diamonds inside, and put them in her bag. Clayton patted and said with a smile, “Manager, no need to be so troublesome. Thank you. We’ll take it away by ourselves.”

As the end drew to a close, Clayton also took the tea set he had photographed for his father-in-law and had them put it on the car ahead of time.

Nicole greeted several celebrities she knew in the circle.

Clayton was inconvenient to follow, so he waited not far away.

Seeing Eric’s female companion, Clarissa coming out of the bathroom alone, Clayton didn’t seem to be in high spirits.

Clarissa came to the front, only to realize that she almost bumped into Clayton.

She quickly apologized: “I’m sorry, I didn’t pay attention.”

Clayton raised his eyebrows and smiled gently, “It’s okay, Miss.”

His polite appearance really made people feel no sense of distance.

Clarissa looked up at him in surprise: “Do you know who I am?”

Clayton said sincerely and politely: “Of course, almost all of the women who can appear beside President Ferguson don’t know. They are really talented and also a natural pair.”

Perhaps Clayton was too blunt, and Clarissa’s face instantly turned red. She faltered and was speechless. Finally shyly said goodbye and ran away.

It turns out that everyone thinks so, and has it been tacitly agreed that she and Eric are a couple?

Clarissa was running and accidentally bumped into someone.

Looking up, it was Eric.

Her face turned redder.

Eric frowned slightly and spoke to the manager across from him with a grim expression.

The manager glanced at Clarissa and recognized that she was Eric’s female companion.

He smiled and complimented a few words: “The young lady brought by Mr. Ferguson is really beautiful, and the color of the dress she wears matches this diamond ring.”

Clarissa looked up and heard that she matched the diamond ring very well. Immediately, her mood was up and down, and she looked at Eric excitedly and nervously.

She Seems to be expecting something from him.

Eric didn’t notice.

Her usual shyness did not allow her to take the initiative to ask for it. It was just a secret message from time to time, hoping that Eric would understand.

After the manager finished speaking, he left with someone.

Eric was playing with the textured velvet-colored box, which he could hold with one hand.

Clarissa kept her eyes on the box and pursed her lips. She looked back and looked at Eric and asked, “Mr. Ferguson, shall we go back?”

Eric paused before noticing her. Instead of answering, he stretched out his hand to say hello, and someone immediately greeted him.

He looked at one of them and handed over the velvet box in his hand: “Give it to her, just say I wish her happiness.”

He didn’t name it clearly, but Clarissa understood it too. The ring was given to someone else, not hers.

All night, Clarissa was under the spotlight, thinking that she really looked like Eric. But Eric changed his hands and gave the ring to someone else. Her face turned red and white, indescribably colorful and complicated.

Disappointment and embarrassment all came together, making Clarissa feel as though a basin of cold water had been poured on his head.

The bodyguard left with something.

Eric called and asked the driver to wait outside. After he finished speaking, he looked at Clarissa: “I will ask the driver to take you back, be careful on the road.”

After Eric finished speaking, he turned and left. He doesn’t care about Clarissa’s hypocritical thoughts.

Clarissa suddenly came up with a thought, wanting to know who this gift was given to. She subconsciously followed the bodyguard and ran out.

People left one after another at the door, and private cars were more expensive than the other. Everyone greeted and said goodbye.

Among the crowd, Clarissa watched sharply as the bodyguard ran to the last car, a black Bentley.

Clayton was chatting with the bosses in front, and the bodyguard ran to the back. The car window fell, revealing Nicole’s bright and intoxicating face.

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