The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2042

Clayton suddenly felt a kind of anger and panic in his heart.

Nicole was stunned for a moment, then smiled: “Don’t think too much, I just asked casually.”

She took a deep breath, feeling like a sc*mbag with this question.

Sure enough, instead of worrying about others leaving her, it is better to let others worry about her leaving others.

The initiative still has to be handed over to oneself.

A stupid person like Tina will spend half her life.

Nicole is different, she is very confident, at least looking at Clayton’s love for herself, it is no problem to keep it for ten or twenty years.

As for the future, or worry about it later.

Nicole said it casually, but Clayton took it to heart. He has been secretly speculating, and he can’t calm down at all.

Seeing that he was about to turn a corner, Clayton walked straight.

Nicole was stunned for a moment and reminded her: “I passed…”

Clayton smiled, and his warm eyes were instantly clean: “I forgot to tell you, I still made an appointment with a friend. Hot spring, aren’t you in a bad mood today? Go take a dip and relieve your fatigue.”

“Then talk about it…” Nicole hesitated.

Tell me that the children are still waiting at home!

Clayton could only aggrieve his precious daughter: “It’s fine, just fall asleep.”

Nicole snorted, not realizing Clayton’s emotional change.

At the door of the hot spring manor, Nicole stood there, and the cold wind hit, she shivered.

Fortunately, Clayton had her shawl on his car. He casually draped Nicole over his shoulders.

Clayton’s friend had been waiting there for a long time and greeted Nicole: “Sister-in-law, thank you for your honor…”

Nicole smiled, “Thank you for your invitation.”

Don’t look at Nicole being so playful, she didn’t know there was a hot spring here.

Clayton hugged her and went in, “This is the artificially introduced hot spring water. It is not open to the public yet, but there are a lot of people here.”

Looking at Nicole’s surprised eyes, Clayton quickly added: “I am also the first Come once.”

The friend behind followed him and said with a smile: “Yes, I have invited several times, and Clayton always shies away from being busy. I said that you brought your sister-in-law here. The fact is that hot springs are especially nourishing for women’s skin that is much more effective than doing beauty treatments…”

Nicole couldn’t help smiling. Although it was bragging, it was also pleasing to hear.

As soon as she entered the door, many people in the lobby were joking.

Clayton was really right, there were not too many people.

Nicole glanced at them and almost knew them all.

They’re all people in the mall.

Doesn’t Nicole go to bars and clubs now and change them into hot springs? But with so many people, she was really exhausted and sighed secretly.

Clayton shook her hand, smiled and said to the friend next to her:

“Take a private bath, my wife has been working all day and is too tired.”

The friend immediately said: “Don’t worry, I’m ready, do you need a massage? Both men and women!”

Nicole couldn’t help but cast a glance at him.

Afraid of her misunderstanding, the friend immediately added: “It’s a serious massage, all of them are blind, and I’m all for the public good.”

Nicole didn’t hold back, with a smile in her eyes: “No, thank you.”

“Then call me again if you need to.”

Clayton greeted him and took Nicole to the corresponding room.

Nicole pulled off his shawl and smiled: “When did you meet a friend, it’s quite interesting?”

Clayton raised his eyebrows: “I did a little favor before, I’m not here to bring you to know each other.”

With a smile, Clayton pushed her shoulders: “Let’s change clothes?”

Nicole nodded, since she’s here, of course she has to enjoy it.

Just as she entered the locker room, her phone rang.

Clayton took it for her, because Julie knew that he was so out of temper.

Nicole glanced at him and picked the call up. “I saw you, are you coming to the hot spring? Come out and say hello…”

Nicole was taken aback, “Okay.”

She put down the phone and smiled: “I know I’m here too, more Coincidentally, let me go out and say hello, do you want to join us?”

Clayton knew that they had a good relationship, so he didn’t know how long it would take to greet him. “Sorry, but I can’t stop it.”

He sighed: “Forget it, remember to come back early, I’ll soak it first.”

Nicole walked over and hugged him and kissed him gently: “It’s really sensible.”

Clayton smiled helplessly.

It’s really being pinched by this woman.

Nicole happily took the mobile phone and went out the door. As soon as he turned around, he saw Julie standing there talking to someone.

Like waiting for her.

Nicole walked over, and Julie waved quickly when she saw Nicole. “Nicole, here…”

Julie smiled and hugged her, teasing her in a low voice: “I just saw this business manager went in with you, didn’t you disturb your two-person world?”

Nicole tutted: “You should know it yourself, we are out on a date.”

Julie smiled and blinked: “My fault, let me introduce you, this is Clarissa, The legal advisor of the crew.”

Nicole smiled and looked over, slightly taken aback.

It turned out to be the female companion beside Eric?

What a coincidence.

However, because it was introduced by Julie, she was much less alert, and she became more enthusiastic and casual.

She stretched out her hand and took the initiative to shake hands: “Hello, I’m Nicole.”

With a smile in her eyes, she put down the air, very kind and gentle, with a frown and a smile, bright and generous.

Seeing her smiling and looking at Clarissa, Julie was very satisfied:

“Miss Clarissa, this is Nicole, she sponsored a law firm that specializes in lawsuits for women, and she has also been involved. There are few shows, and the popularity is very high. If you are interested, you can talk to Nicole…”

Clarissa’s face flashed a trace of discomfort, but she still stretched out her hand, shook her hand, and instantly twitched back.

She raised her eyes, but there was not much excitement in her eyes.

Looking at Julie is more enthusiastic than looking at Nicole.

Nicole pursed her lips, looked at Clarissa, and then looked at Julie.

Inexplicably felt a trace of first, and frowned suspiciously.

Where did you offend her?

Even if I knew it, I didn’t understand. I knew this Clarissa was so ignorant, why did I need to call Nicole out to say hello?

It wasn’t because she was kind enough to expand her personal network, so many people would not have the chance to meet Nicole.

Julie took a deep breath, but did not expect this Clarissa to be so blind.

On the surface, Julie smiled calmly and raised her eyebrows: “Ms. Clarissa is a top student studying law. Unlike us businessmen, she is cold-hearted and warm-hearted. She is very enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings. This time she is here with us. The crew is here to observe the feelings of the people.”

Nicole smiled, looked at Julie, and said meaningfully: “You have come to the hot spring club to observe the feelings of the people? Your people’s feelings are really noble.

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