The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2045

Clayton changed Nicole into a pair of pajamas and carried him to the bed in the lounge, covered with a thin quilt.

The doctor looked at it, breathed a sigh of relief, and looked at Clayton and Nicole meaningfully: “Mr. Sloan, Miss Stanton is a little hypoglycemic, it’s okay, the main reason is that the soaking time is too long, um… I’m too excited, the blood supply to the heart is insufficient, so please take it easy.”

He said it euphemistically, but both Clayton and Nicole understood.

Nicole wished she could hide under the quilt.

Clayton was very calm, he just glanced at Nicole casually, then thanked the doctor, and sent him out the door.

Not long after, a bottle of water was sent in.

Clayton took it in a hurry and handed it to Nicole: “Do you need me to feed you?”

Nicole blinked, her lustrous eyes twinkling:”You don’t explain, how embarrassing…”

Clayton sighed deeply: “What to explain? It’s me who is wronged, obviously I didn’t do anything, I didn’t say anything, and I was shocked…”

Nicole turned away and pouted: “I’m a patient.”

Clayton lowered his eyes at her and said with a deep smile: “If it wasn’t for the sake of you being a patient, I wouldn’t let you go, open your mouth…”

After feeding water into her mouth, Nicole was instantly energized, she pushed him away suddenly, and the mouth in her mouth was too late to spit out, so she could only swallow it.

There was an indescribable expression on her face.

Clayton smiled: “It seems to work well, just take a sip?”

Knowing that Clayton was intentional, Nicole didn’t care about him because he was wronged tonight.

She lied back down again, without the slightest drowsiness.

Clayton was still sitting there, throwing the rest in the trash can.

Nicole blinked: “I want to eat oranges.”

Clayton paused, not understanding her sudden thought.

However, he still frowned and took out his mobile phone: “Australian citrus do you eat most often?”

Nicole smiled: “The most common one will do, just to suppress the taste in your mouth.”

Clayton smiled helplessly and Laughed: “Wait, I’ll go out and have a look.”

If he remember correctly, there seem to be oranges in the lobby.

Seeing Clayton coming out, the manager hurried to greet him: “Mr. Sloan, is Miss Stanton okay? We really didn’t take good care of it today.”

Clayton was more reasonable, after all, this matter was their own reason.

Clayton: “It’s nothing, low blood sugar, just lie down for a while, the hot spring is good.”

The manager: “You’re satisfied, why do you want to eat oranges? This is for temporary guests. If the businessman wants it, I have imported ones in my office. The fruit, I’ll have someone deliver it?”

Clayton smiled and weighed the orange in his hand: “It’s alright, don’t bother.”

“Then if you need anything, please contact me again.” The manager With a wink, seeing that he was not angry, and he didn’t leave with Nicole, he knew that this little episode was nothing.

Clayton entered the box, but Nicole did not follow.

Nicole sat down with the phone, watched him come in, and put the phone aside with a smile.

Clayton glanced at her and sat beside her.

Slowly peeling the orange, the rich juice from the orange peel splashed out, and the fragrance of the green orange instantly melted into the air.

Refreshing, thorough, sweet and sour.

His fingers are clean and slender, and after peeling it off, the orange peel is like a slowly blooming petal, beautiful and even.

He opened a flap and handed it to Nicole’s lips, “Here…”

Nicole paused, then lowered her head and bit it.

Oranges were slightly sour, but just right.

Nicole raised her eyes and swallowed, and when she was feeding it again, she reached out to take it, but instead handed it to Clayton’s mouth.

Clayton was stunned.

Under the urging of her eyes, Clayton lowered his head and bit it, swallowed it, and stretched his brows with a slight smile on his face: “Why, don’t you want to eat?”

His voice was gentle, with a bit of depression. Merry means.

Nicole smiled, “After eating my oranges, you won’t be mad at me, right? I know you’ve been brooding over what I said in the car all night, but look, I’m so wrong, you don’t worry about it, I’m just saying it casually.”

Clayton’s eyes darkened, and his eyes flickered, but he said more: “So, you’re admitting your mistake? I’ve been waiting for you all night. You dismissed me in one sentence?”

Although Nicole was guilty, she had never lost in a quarrel. She stretched out a finger and smiled: “Don’t worry too much about my details. My attitude is good, my dear, help me get my clothes, I want to go home.”

Nicole stretched her waist, not forgetting to call Clayton.

Clayton smiled playfully, lowered his head and stroked his brow bone, and could only stand up resignedly: “Okay, my wife.”

Although she can rest here, the conditions were not comparable to those at home.

Nicole was not someone who can feel wronged. Even if it’s too late, he’s finished enjoying what she should enjoy, and she still wanted to go home and rest.

It was very late when the two of them got home, and only then did they realize that the children couldn’t wait for Daddy and Mummy, so they fell asleep angrily.

Miss Yvette took the plane early in the morning and called her friends when she got off the plane.

Nicole bears the brunt.

But Nicole slept late last night, didn’t get up, and forgot about picking up the plane.

Julie had pinned all her hopes on Nicole, and she didn’t go.

Clayton went to the company early in the morning and didn’t let anyone wake her up.

As a result, Nicole was called by the phone vibrating early in the morning. When she picked up the phone, she heard Yvette ask her dissatisfiedly, “I said Miss Stanton, did you forget your best friend’s plane today? Can you bear me standing alone at the airport waiting for you?”

Nicole paused for a while, and instantly woke up. “Wait for me…Lance didn’t pick you up?”

Yvette coughed twice and cleared her throat: “He’s back at the headquarters. He’s in a hurry but that’s not the point, husband and girlfriend can Is it the same thing?”

Nicole smiled, “Okay, just wait, I’ll pick you up right now.”

After she finished speaking, she called Julie.

Julie was also agitated.

Everyone really can’t test Miss Quimbey’s temper.

Twenty minutes later, Nicole picked up Julie and set off.

In fact, it took only twenty minutes for Yvette to come back by herself. But she pays attention to the sense of ritual.

It was not until ten o’clock that Nicole and Julie arrived near the airport.

As soon as she called, Yvette couldn’t bear her temper, and ran to the basketball court near the airport to watch people play.

The two searched for a long time before they found the slender figure, standing outside the basketball court, leaning on the railing, smiling and looking at the sweating… little fresh meats.

Nicole and Julie both found reasons to defend as they thought Yvette would lose her temper.

As a result, Yvette glanced at them lightly, and was slightly dissatisfied with their unhurried makeup and hair: “You are so bright, you didn’t even make up!”

Julie raised her eyebrows and said quickly, “That’s because we are born with Beautiful.”

Nicole nodded repeatedly: “Yes, yes.”

Yvette smiled.

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