The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2049

At this time, Clayton’s face was solemn and glum.

Clayton exuded a chill and was inexplicably frightening.

This was not just vigilance for someone trespassing their property. It was more likely to be a provocation.

The result was out.

Clayton and Nicole left the hospital.

Clayton did not drive them back to the apartment but went straight to a hotel.

Nicole was a little surprised.

Clayton smiled and comforted her. “The apartment isn’t safe anymore. This hotel has the highest security. I lived here when I just arrived in Mediania. You’ll have to put up with staying here for a few days, okay?”

Nicole pursed her lips. “What about you?”

“I’ll be with you.”

Clayton smiled and pulled her hand to lead her out of the car. He rubbed his palm against hers to softly comfort her.

“Don’t worry. I’ll get someone to protect you at all times.”

They let down their guard because Tyler was arrested, but what they have to worry about now were people who were more sinister than Tyler.

Clayton’s face remained calm, but his heart was as cold as ice.

It was already midnight.

Nicole fell asleep as soon as she touched the bed.

Clayton held her in his arms after he washed up and gently touched her head.

It was only through the dim yellow light that he suddenly saw something. His face instantly turned cold and stern.

Perhaps because of the angle, he did not notice it before, but there were two bruised finger marks on her neck, as if someone had strangled Nicole.

However, it was not noticeable if he did not look closely.

Clayton was more experienced with marks on people’s bodies. Thus, when he saw the bruise, he did not think that it was a shadow or dirt. It was finger marks!

His eyes instantly turned gloomy.

Clayton turned over and got out of bed.

He went outside, took out a first-aid kit, and gently smeared ointment on the bruise.

Nicole slept soundly. She only frowned and did not wake up.

Clayton had no intention of sleeping until the latter part of the night.

Early in the morning, Nicole was still not awake.

He stood on the balcony of the living room A

“Go and watch Angie’s movements carefully. Are you sure she hasn’t left?”

“Don’t let go of the slightest detail.”

The sunlight spilled through the curtains, and Nicole woke up with sleepy eyes.

She looked at the unfamiliar place and was stunned for a few seconds.

Then, she remembered what happened last night and immediately got up and ran out.

However, she bumped into someone when she ran to the door.

Nicole covered her nose and was about to cry. Her nose was so sore.

Clayton laughed. His voice was smooth and pleasant.

“What’s the hurry? Does it hurt?”

Nicole snorted lightly. She was in a daze. She took a breath and felt better.

“Why did you stand here?”

Clayton was messing around so early in the morning.

He smiled and said, “Should I hire a plastic surgeon for you?”

“Are you dissatisfied with my nose?”

Clayton laughed. “No way. I’m just afraid that it’s broken.”

Nicole let go of her nose, put her arms around his thin and strong waist, and sighed.

“I always have a feeling that something’s wrong…”

“Don’t think too much about it. Didn’t you want to go to the office today? I heard Big Brother say that Luke Youngblood has something new to show?”

Clayton’s words suddenly made Nicole feel as excited and energetic.

What was more important than making money?

Nicole let go of Clayton, touched her messy hair, and coquettishly said, “But my clothes aren’t here…”

Clayton sighed and pointed to the other room.

“I got people to deliver your things early in the morning. Go try it. By the way, the bodyguard I arranged for you will look for you today. He’ll protect you when I’m not around.”

Nicole nodded and asked casually, “Male or female?”

Clayton squinted his eyes. “Do you want it to be a man or a woman?”

“I hope that it’s you!”

Clayton’s expression softened, and he kissed her cheek.

“Dream on!”

Nicole was speechless.

Clayton was not as nice as he used to be.

Nicole slowly finished her breakfast. When she went downstairs, she saw that Luca was her driver.

She immediately felt a sense of security.

Stanton Corporation.

Nicole held meetings back-to-back, read documents, and met with clients until it was almost noon.

Logan mysteriously knocked on the door and entered.

“President, someone wants to see you?*

Nicole raised her head. “Who is it?”

Before Logan could answer, Nicole suddenly thought of the bodyguard Clayton had arranged for her.

She immediately understood.

Nicole nodded and said frankly, “Let her in! ”

Logan opened and closed his mouth. In the end, he brought the person in.

Nicole looked up after she signed a document.

The person was tall and dressed casually, with a mask and cap for fear of being recognized by others.

It was difficult not to attract attention with such a getup.

Nicole frowned slightly. Just as she was about to say something, the person took off his mask and cap, revealing a handsome and polite face.


“Shane? Clayton made you come?” i

Nicole was shocked.

Her bodyguard was actually Shane Libb?

“Didn’t you become an actor?”

Shane lowered his eyes slightly. “I was ostracized because of Kirsi’s accident last time. Mr. Sloan said that I should lay low for a while and wait until the public forgets about the incident before I come out again.”

His tone was calm when he spoke, without the slightest grievance and discomfort.

It was like he was retelling what happened to someone else.

Nicole paused and frowned.

“Oh, was Kirsi’s accident that serious? I saw her some time ago, and she seemed fine!”

Nicole looked at Logan, who was beside Shane.

Logan nodded. He was more aware of gossip.

“Kirsi was initially on the sidelines, and Samuel Lindstrom didn’t plan to help her when he came back. Besides, her spine was injured, so she couldn’t continue filming. That’s why she became close to Mr. Gilbert. She rarely appeared in the public eye during this period.”

Nicole clicked her tongue and did not expect this.

She glanced at Shane and smiled.

“You saved me, so I should repay you. I’ll get Clayton to send someone else.”

Nicole could not bring herself to boss around someone who saved her life.

Shane was calm and stopped her.

“Madam, I just did what I was supposed to do. Mr. Sloan also intends to protect you better by having me accompany you. This way, you’ll most likely be exposed in front of the camera, which is equivalent to countless people watching you. You’11 be much safer then.”

Nicole’s hand paused. She suddenly understood Clayton’s intentions.

“Okay, then sorry to trouble you.”

She put away her phone and looked at Logan. “Shane will be my bodyguard in the future, so he can come and go freely.”

“Yes, President.”

Nicole was busy for a while, then she received a call from Luke.

There was an aviation exhibition that was closed to the public.

He got the admission ticket. Thus, he wanted to take Nicole with him.

After all, investors were the king.

Nicole also wanted to go and check it out. Thus, she postponed her schedule, got into the car, and went to the Aviation Building.

Luke stood at the entrance and waited for a while. He was well- dressed, which was a plus.

However, seeing the woman beside him, Nicole instantly stopped in her tracks.

Tina took Luke’s arm and greeted Nicole with a smile.

“Nicole, long time no see! Come here! We’re all waiting for you! ”

The corners of Nicole’s mouth twitched. She squinted and sized them up for a long time. Her smile slowly faded when she saw Luke’s awkward smile.

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