The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2083

Kirsi’s expression changed and shouted at the car. “Nicole!” “Nicole”, who was in the car, looked different.

Kirsi stepped forward and glared at her.

“What are you doing here? Did you come to laugh at me? Tina and Zach are dead. Zach’s property belongs to me and my child now. No one can take it away from me.”

The woman’s expression changed slightly as she stared at Kirsi gloomily.

Under the dim light, only half of her face was exposed while the other half was immersed in darkness.

Kirsi could only feel a pair of falcon-like eyes looking out a stern and cold gaze.

The woman in the car was silent for a few seconds before she said indifferently, “Yes, they’re all dead, and you’re next.”

Kirsi frowned. “Why are you threatening me? I am a homewrecker, but I didn’t destroy your family! ”

“Nicole”, who was in the car, chuckled softly.

“Threaten you? I always keep my word. Did you forget how Zach died?”

After she said that, Kirsi looked at her blankly.

“How did Zach die? I heard that he committed suicide by jumping off a building. So what if he died? What does it have to do with


“Nicole” glanced at her with complicated eyes.

A look of surprise appeared on her face.

“Aren’t you afraid? You saw it with your own eyes…”

Kirsi frowned.

“What are you talking about? I didn’t see anything…”

The person in the car gave her a silent look.

Kirsi gritted her teeth. “What was that sound just now? Nicole, get out of the car and explain it to me.”

The woman in the car felt like Kirsi seemed like a different person.

Suddenly, the woman remembered something, rolled up the car window, and instructed the person in front, “Drive.”

The car drove away immediately, leaving Kirsi behind.

The woman in the car was a little flustered.

“Did Clayton already begin to suspect something? No, I can’t stay any longer.”

Stanton Mansion.

After dinner, Nicole watched as Kai and the children set off fireworks in the yard.

Jay and Floyd seemed to have endless things to say as they reminisced about the past. Thus, they went upstairs after dinner.

Grant and Aida were chatting in the garden, looking very int!mate.

Clayton went to the other side to answer the phone and looked in their direction with a gentle gaze.

Nicole and Julie were chatting and laughing. Julie pointed at Chatty and was laughing about something.

Kai carried Levi to light the fireworks, but Levi was scared and struggled.

Thus, Kai tirelessly went to carry Chatty and Fish.

Fish also shrank in Kai’s arms in fear.

Only Chatty fearlessly lit the fireworks, which surprised Kai.

Julie could not help but yell at Kai. “K, don’t scare the kids! You’re so mean!”

Kai glanced back and grinned.

“Chatty is so brave like a little bear cub! ”

Nicole looked unhappy. “Nonsense!”

She thought, ‘My daughter is clearly a delicate flower! ’

Chatty was oblivious to Kai’s comment. She was so happy that she wanted to go down and run in circles around the fireworks.

As a result, Kai picked her up and carried her on his shoulders.

He looked at the two little boys, who were huddled at Nicole’s and Julie’s feet and refused to step forward.

Fish cowered at Nicole’s feet. His little butt was seated on Nicole’s feet as he looked at Chatty with a bright smile.

Julie looked at them with a smile and covered Levi’s small ears.

They finally witnessed the day that the composed young master was scared.

Soon after Clayton finished his call, he walked over from a distance and saw this scene with a bright smile on his face.

The colorful fireworks were reflected in the man’s eyes, which made them look warmer.

Nicole waved, and Clayton walked over gently.

Clayton subconsciously pinched Fish’s little cheeks and said to Nicole seemingly unintentionally, “It’s almost resolved.”

Nicole looked at him in surprise and took a few seconds to react.

She handed Fish over to Julie and brought Clayton into the living room.

“What do you mean by ‘almost resolved’?”

It had only been half a day, but the issue was almost resolved?

Did they find the murderer?

Clayton said with a smile, “As expected, that person has already gone to Kirsi. She wanted to target Kirsi.”

Nicole was surprised. “What happened to Kirsi?”

Clayton patted Nicole’s shoulder and said soothingly, “Nothing happened, of course. I was prepared. That person looked for Kirsi and shot at her, presumably to provoke Kirsi so that she’d go to the police station to tell on you.”

Clayton pondered slightly when he spoke, and his eyes flickered.

Nicole looked at him in shock.

“Did your people see that person clearly?”

Clayton took a deep breath. “No. My people were far away from them at that time so that they wouldn’t be exposed, but they heard Kirsi shouting ‘Nicole’.”

The room was silent.

The hustle and bustle outside did not seem to make Nicole feel at ease.

Nicole felt like she was trapped in the cold, which made her shiver.

She did not know when all these dangers around her started.

This time, the danger crept up to her quietly, and it was different from the past.

It was everywhere, like air and water.

“Was that person Angie?”

Nicole asked.

Clayton frowned in thought, patted her hand, and said in a heavy tone, “I can’t be sure right now, but I can confirm this soon.”

Nicole closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

“Damn it! What’s wrong with Angie?! She always sees me as a rival in her broken marriage! Did she think that she can get what she wants after getting rid of me?”

Nicole was about to curse up a storm when she suddenly thought of something.

“Wait. If that’s the case, why didn’t Kirsi listen to her? If your people stopped that woman, they would be able to catch her. If they didn’t catch her, did it mean that she didn’t do anything? But Kirsi denied it before your people did anything. Why did Kirsi let me off the hook?”

Clayton lowered his head and could not help but smile.

“Sure enough, I can’t hide anything from you.”

Nicole frowned at him.

Clayton smiled and said, “That’s because I sent someone to look for Kirsi in the afternoon.”

“Oh, I know. You asked someone to warn her! ”

However, Kirsi was a fence-sitter. She certainly would not be tight- lipped in the face of danger.

When Kirsi saw that “Nicole” wanted to harm her, she would have done anything to protect herself, and the best way was to go to the police to expose what “Nicole” did.

By then, “Nicole” would have lost her reputation and would be scorned by the public.

Perhaps she might even be called a murderer.

Clayton’s eyes were complicated as he said warmly, “How can a warning be enough? I asked a psychiatrist to hypnotize her so that she would forget everything she told us.”

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