The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2090

“Nicole! Watch out—”

Clayton suddenly pushed open the car door.

Nicole’s expression stiffened when she suddenly felt a breeze from the back.

In an instant, Nicole reacted very quickly. She ducked forward and bowed down to lower her body.

Kirsi was so frightened that she took a few steps back. She accidentally tripped over a rock on the ground and clutched her belly in pain.

Her face was pale.

In the next second, the person who came out of nowhere chased after Nicole and raised a bottle of liquid high in her hand.

Nicole quickly lowered her head, picked up something, and threw it backward.


That person screamed.

The attacker suddenly stopped rushing toward Nicole and stood frozen in place because of the pain.

She was bleeding.

The brick that Nicole threw at the attacker shattered in half.

That person covered her head, squatted on the ground, and wailed in pain.

The glass bottle she was holding also shattered, and the liquid splattered all over the floor.

It was some kind of corrosive chemical.

Nicole was terrified. Before she could react, Luca had already restrained the attacker.

Luca pulled the woman’s hair to show her face.

Nicole’s expression changed.

Clayton ran over. His eyes were extremely cold.

He lightly touched Nicole’s shoulder to comfort her before he turned his head to look at the attacker.

For some reason, they all had a gut feeling that the reason for Tina’s and Zach’s deaths was about to be concluded.

Kirsi, who was not far away, was still sitting on the ground, clutching her belly with blood all over her body.

She cried out for help while in pain.

Nicole glanced at Kirsi, then looked at Clayton.

Clayton disliked Kirsi and did not want to care about her at all.

He took a step forward and stared at the woman on the ground with dark eyes.

“Who are you?”

The woman on the ground was forced to kneel on the ground and raised her head.

The reason why they were so shocked was that they noticed this woman’s facial features from the nose up resembled Nicole.

Nicole was stunned as she stared at the woman that looked like her. However, the woman’s nose was a little shorter and seemed to have been surgically done.

The woman’s mouth was completely different.

Her mouth was very big, occupying half of her chin, which affected the overall aesthetics of her face.

Thus, she kept her head down. When she was forced to raise her head, she looked at them like they were her enemies.

The woman glared at Nicole.

“I’m Kirsi’s loyal fan. I saw how difficult it was for her to get to her position today step by step, yet you forced her into a corner. I won’t let you go! Who gave you the right to bully our idol?! ”

Nicole froze. She never imagined this farce was because of Kirsi.

She frowned. The woman looked at Kirsi, who was lying there, and felt guilty and remorseful.

“Kirsi, I’m your biggest fan! I know you’re forced into this. I won’t let these capitalists bully you. It doesn’t matter if you lose the child. You still have a good career ahead, and we’re all looking forward to your new film! ”

Kirsi could not speak because of the pain. Her face turned pale and livid when she heard those words, and her eyes seemed to be on fire.


Kirsi bit her lower lip and looked at Nicole. “Please save me! Save my child!”

Nicole glanced at Clayton. “Call an ambulance.”

Two people were already dead, and Nicole did not want to see another life at stake.

Moreover, the child is innocent.

Clayton held Nicole’s shoulders and took out his phone to make a call.

The woman who was restrained on the ground raised her head and laughed madly.

“Kirsi, I did this for your own good. This child will only drag down your career. Look at the actresses who are on your level. None of them are married or have kids! How will you be able to perform well when you have a child?”

The woman looked at Kirsi excitedly.

“I solved so many troubles for you, but why can’t you learn to seize the opportunity?”

Nicole looked at the woman in shock.

“What do you mean by solving so many troubles?”

The woman raised her eyebrows and smiled smugly. She looked bloodthirsty.

“Yes, I killed Tina and Zach Gilbert. Why? If it wasn’t for your luck, you would’ve been the next one! ”

Luca exerted some force on his hand, and the woman cried out in pain.

Clayton brought Nicole a little farther from that woman.

After a while, the police car and ambulance arrived.

The ambulance took Kirsi away, and the police arrested the woman on the ground.

Nicole clutched her chest and felt terrified.

Before it was over, she felt a cold sweat on her back.

They suspected that it was Angie, but it turned out to be Kirsi’s fan.

Clayton put his arm around Nicole and got into the car. Nicole let out a deep breath, and her face was slightly pale.

“How could it be…?”

Clayton glanced at her and instructed Luca, “Follow them to the police station.”

Luca nodded and tailed the police.

This incident happened before Tina’s and Zach’s funerals were over.

It seemed so coincidental like it was God’s will.

Nicole looked at Clayton, whose face was solemn. He seemed to be thinking about something.

When they arrived at the police station, Clayton got a call from his subordinate.

Kirsi had a miscarriage, but her life was not in danger.

Kirsi insisted to sue the murderer.

The police interrogated the woman who resembled Nicole.

It did not take long before the results were out.

Under strict interrogation, the woman confessed to killing Tina and Zach.

How did she kill them?

It was simple to kill Tina.

The woman had been stalking Tina for a long time and happened to be a nurse in the hospital that Tina went to.

After Nicole left Tina’s ward, the woman went in.

She pushed Tina out the window in order to avenge Kirsi.

The process was more troublesome for Zach.

The woman followed Zach to Stanton Corporation that day and returned to Zach’s apartment afterward.

She wore a mask that showed only half of her face and drugged Zach’s water.

When Zach was wandering around the balcony in a semi-conscious state, the woman heard a commotion and ran out.

Coincidentally, Zach fell from the balcony the moment she ran out and saw Kirsi.

Thus, the two murder cases were closed.

Nicole somehow felt that something did not add up when she saw the results.

“It’s that simple? How can an ordinary woman plan such a thing?”

The police officer said, “That’s the result of the investigation. Everything makes sense.”

Seeing that Nicole still had questions, the police officer coughed and added, “Ms. Stanton, this kind of thing is not uncommon.

Some crazy fans think they’re doing something good for their idols. In the end, they go beyond the boundaries of the law. This woman has a history of stalking celebrities, and we have her records. In the past, she hid in an actor’s house for half a month, secretly filming and drugging the actor. Kirsi is quite unlucky to have such a fan. We won’t let this woman off the hook this time because she’s a murderer.”

Nicole was shocked. Her heart was beating quickly and uneasily.

She had only heard of such cases, but not to this extent.

Clayton, who was on the side, patted the back of Nicole’s hand and said with a thoughtful smile, “Good. At least she’s arrested. I’d like to ask if the police can issue a statement regarding the two deaths so that the public will know this case has nothing to do with my wife.”

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