The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2091

The police agreed as it was their duty to do so.

Nicole and Clayton left here.

When they got into the car, Nicole looked at Clayton. Her throat moved.

“Hubby, why does it feel so strange? Although everything makes sense, I still feel that something is wrong…”

Clayton touched her head and smiled.

“Mm. It’s fine if you’re feeling that way because something is fishy.”

Nicole raised her head to look at Clayton. His eyes were deep and dark.

“We’re about to get to the bottom of it, but the murderer bumped into us. Isn’t it too much of a coincidence?”

Nicole asked, “You don’t believe it either?”

Clayton smiled. “Most people will hide after killing two people. Why did she rush over to get caught?”

Nicole nodded solemnly.

“You’re right!”

“But this also just shows that the actual murderer is afraid that we’ll find her, so she wanted to expose another murderer to cover for her and divert everyone’s attention.”

Clayton’s voice gradually turned cold.

Nicole heard this and became more agitated. Her mind was spinning.

“Then should we set up another trap to catch them!”

Clayton glanced at her and remained silent.

“Traps need bait.”

“I’m the bait!”

Nicole patted her chest.

She was unwilling to sacrifice herself, but with so many people protecting her, Nicole did not believe that something would really happen to her.

After all, Nicole had gone through so much and wanted to resolve this matter as soon as possible so that she could enjoy her luxurious life.

Clayton was silent for a moment and shook his head to refuse.

“No way.”

Nicole frowned. “I’m not an eye candy. Don’t worry, I won’t be in danger. This is our territory, so I’m not scared no matter how risky it is. It’s better than being a sitting duck.”

Clayton seemed to have only heard the first half of her sentence and laughed.

“Of course I know you’re not an eye candy.”

Nicole clicked her tongue. “I am an eye candy, a capable one! ”

She was smart and undeniably gorgeous!

Clayton looked at her seriously.

“Don’t insult yourself like that.”

Nicole was speechless.

She finally realized the feeling of being misunderstood.

The two fell silent.

Clayton took Nicole’s hand and coughed.

“Why don’t I be the bait?”

Nicole suddenly turned her head and looked at him in surprise.

“You as the bait? Who will even dare to take the bait?! ”

Clayton fell silent.


Even so, Clayton would not allow Nicole to take the risk of being the bait.

The police were very efficient in closing the case as soon as they arrested the murderer.

The negative public opinion about Stanton Corporation online had finally dissipated.

From an outside perspective, Nicole solved all these difficulties with ease.

However, Nicole did not clarify anything.

Kirsi retired from showbiz completely. She had a miscarriage, so she was inactive for a few days and disappeared from the hospital.

She learned from her former manager that her former endorsement partners wanted to seek compensation due to the negative public opinion she caused. Thus, she hurriedly went abroad to avoid her debts.

This was something Kirsi would do.

Nicole finally relaxed her guard after being comforted by Clayton all night.

She should be proud that the other party was afraid.

Nicole took a bath and accidentally overslept. When she came out of the tub, her voice changed.

Unfortunately, she caught a cold.

Before going to bed at night, Nicole could only breathe through her mouth because of a stuffy nose. She did not even dare to bring Chatty back home.

Mrs. Zoe made ginger tea for Nicole, but Nicole did not feel any better after drinking it in one breath. Nicole was too lazy to go to the hospital and insisted that she would get better after some rest.

Clayton stood there helplessly as he looked at Nicole’s appearance.

Mrs. Zoe came in with the medicine and a glass of warm water.

“Mr. Sloan, if Madam doesn’t get better and faints, you should take her to the hospital! ”

Take Nicole to the hospital while she was unconscious.

Clayton thought it made sense and agreed.

Nicole, who was lying weakly on the bed, grunted to express her dissatisfaction.

“I can hear you!”

Mrs. Zoe sheepishly put down the medicine and water and left.

Clayton smiled, closed the door, and went over to pinch Nicole’s nose.

“Get up and take your medicine.”

Nicole leaned against Clayton’s chest and said feebly, “I’ll just sleep and sweat it out. Don’t disturb me.”

“Sweat it out?” Clayton looked at Nicole for a few seconds. “I have a good idea. Wait a second.”

Clayton left after saying this.

There was no sound in the room, so Nicole closed her eyes and fell asleep in a daze.

When she was about to sleep soundly, she suddenly felt a breeze coming from her side. Soon after, a warm body hugged her waist and took her into an embrace.

Nicole struggled slightly to open her eyes and saw the man’s enlarged face right in front of her.

She did not even have the strength to speak, let alone refuse.

After a while, Nicole sank into his gentle embrace and could not resist his advances.

Clayton had really found a good way to “sweat it out”.

Nicole did not know if that cup of ginger tea had finally taken effect.

She got much better the next day.

Her breathing became smoother.

Clayton claimed to have made great contributions to her recovery.

He even smugly told her about the benefits of exercise to improve one’s immune system.

Nicole just wished that he could shut up.

Grant really could not bear seeing Nicole taking a break at home for so many days, so he called her and said, “Hurry back to work! ”

Nicole hung up the phone sheepishly, got dressed, and went to the office.

Usually, Nicole could slack off, but it was their busy season, so Nicole could not be lazy.

That afternoon, Nicole and Yvette went out for coffee.

Julie was in Europe, participating in a fashion competition. She brought Kai along, so no one was there to help Grant. Thus, Grant could only rush Nicole to come back to work.

Nicole sat in the cafe in the office lobby and took a sip of coffee. She felt both physically and mentally at ease.

Yvette stared at Nicole with a bit of doubt in her eyes.

Nicole raised her eyebrows. “Just say what you wanna say.”

Yvette said, “Weren’t you sick yesterday? Why do you look so good today? Were you just pretending to be sick?”

Nicole took a sip of the coffee and almost spit it out.

She thought about what Clayton did and could not describe it.

Her face flushed red for a moment, then she cleared her throat seriously.

“I took my medication in time and got better after a good sleep…”

Yvette said, “That’s quick, I’m so envious!”

Nicole replied, “Mhmm…”

Yvette sighed in relief, but she looked a little more haggard than before.

“Something is going on in Cali, and I’m still deliberating whether I should go or not.”

Yvette complained and drank half a cup of black coffee in one gulp.

Nicole was stunned for a moment. “Why are you thinking about this? Whether you go or not, Lance will solve it sooner or later. You don’t need to rush to become Sheldon Corporation’s pillar of support since you are the boss’s wife whether you contribute to the company or not.”

Yvette frowned and said, “It’s not the same. If I don’t go, I won’t be able to stand on my own, and my mother will mock me.”

Nicole blinked.

“But what?”

When Yvette went to Cali for the first time, she did not have so many worries.

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