The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2101

The sky was darkening.No one knew when the feud between Eric and Clayton started.

Occasionally when they met each other outside, Clayton would take the initiative to say hello to Eric.

However, Clayton’s attitude was nonchalant.

Every word that Clayton said could easily rile up Eric, but that made Clayton very happy.

Eric always coveted Nicole but was unwilling to do anything about it.

The real progression of the relationship between them was on the day that Chance found out that Angie was dead.

Several months had passed.

Angie died on her way back to Southeast Asia.

The cause of her death was related to the two teenage girls who were also among the stowaways at the border.

However, because of the limited space in the car, Angie gritted her teeth and stabbed the two girls with a knife, throwing them out before they were about to be discovered.

Due to this incident, everyone targeted Angie.

It was not because Angie was cruel.

It was more so because the people there were more worried about their own safety.

Before Eric’s subordinate did anything, Angie was secretly stabbed to death one night.

The person who killed her was the father of the two girls Angie murdered.

He was also among the stowaways.

Naturally, Clayton’s subordinates did not need to do anything either.

Their men returned empty-handed, but they all felt relieved.It was particularly enjoyable to have something solved without getting one’s hands dirty.

Mitchell kept telling Chance that Angie had returned to Southeast Asia.

With the help of a psychiatrist, Chance also gradually came out of the previous incident.

However, he stil] could not speak.

The cry that day seemed like a dream.

Mitchell finally coaxed Chance to go back to school.

As always, Chance was obedient and quiet.

All the teachers took special care of him.

Levi was the happiest to see Chance.

Somehow, Levi had a natural sense of duty to protect Chance.

It was probably because Chance was different from Chatty.

Chatty was not meek, nor did she listen to Levi.

Instead, she would even fight back sometimes.

Chance was different.

He would think that whatever Levi said made sense.

Thus, Levi became Chance’s protector in school.

In school, Chance was still happily playing games with Levi when someone called him out.

“Chance, your aunt said she needs to tell you something.” Chance blinked.

Before he could react, a strange yet familiar-looking woman had already appeared in front of him.

“Thank you, teacher.My brother asked me to take him home ask for a few days off.My mother is very sick and doesn’t have many days left.She’s in the hospital and wants to see her grandson.”

“Okay, Ms.Ferguson.”

How could they not recognize Ingrid? The young lady of the Ferguson family had an infamous reputation.

Ingrid dragged Chance out and left.

Chance had no chance to resist at all.

After getting into the car, Ingrid glanced at him leisurely and laughed sarcastically.

“I see you’ve had a good life.You’ve gotten fatter since the time you were in Southeast Asia.It seems that my brother still cares about you!”

Chance could not speak and just kept staring at her.He tried to find a pen and paper but realized that he did not bring them with him.

They did not prepare a pen and paper for him in the car either.

Ingrid put on her lipstick in front of the mirror and sighed.

“Well, you’re his son after all.How can he not care about you? He likes Nicole, but that doesn’t stop him from loving you.His love for you also doesn’t stop him from killing your mommy.”

After Ingrid finished her sentence, Chance’s expression changed dramatically.

His shocked face turned pale in an instant as he stared at Ingrid wide-eyed.

Ingrid glanced at him.

“Why? You still don’t know that your mommy is dead? Your daddy, my brother, killed your mommy.It’s been a while since he wanted to kill her, and he finally found an opportunity.

By the way, do you know how I found out? Your daddy has a villa in Imperial Gardens.

The maid in Imperial Gardens told me this.

If you don’t believe me, you can ask her.

By the way, it was Clayton’s idea.

They were all in on it.

Chance, you have to avenge your mother!”

Ingrid looked at Chance’s innocent and shocked eyes with a sinister smile.

She wanted to contaminate those pure eyes.

Thinking of Tyler’s death, Ingrid felt her heartache.

The smile on her face was bitter and gradually became distorted.

Even her eyes turned ruthless.

Chance’s body was stiff and dumbstruck.

He seemed to revert to his original self before he saw a psychiatrist.

He was overwhelmed by an indescribable sadness.

Chance did not like Angie in the past, but she was still his mommy.

He also often remembered the moments that Angie was nice to him in the past.

Uncle Tyler said that Mommy was just sick.

That was why she beat him and scolded him.

Everything was exposed.

Uncle Mitchell lied to him.

Daddy really killed Mommy! Ingrid drove straight to the lobby of Ferguson Corporation and took out a pocket pistol from the compartment on the side.

She handed it to Chance and said in a soft voice, “Chance, you know how to shoot, right? I know you can.

Your mom should’ve taught you how!”

Chance looked at the weapon on his legs and trembled.

He raised his head in horror.

Ingrid touched his head and said with a smile, “This is a toy gun.

There are no bullets inside, just bubbles.

It’s just to scare people. Look…”

Ingrid took out an identical small pistol from her side and pulled the trigger lightly.

Many bubbles came out from the barrel.

It was just a toy.

Chance’s tense body gradually relaxed, and the panic in his eyes settled a little.

Ingrid put the things on his legs into his pockets, and coaxed softly, “Take this and ask your father about your mommy.

If he doesn’t tell you, shoot him with this to scare him, then he’ll tell you the truth.

He’ll only be afraid if you do this.”

Ingrid’s eyes flickered, and she said with a smile, “Good boy, just do as I say.

Auntie won’t lie to you.

Go ahead!”

After speaking, Ingrid opened the car door from the side.

Chance looked at her uneasily.

He was gloomy and uneasy.

Perhaps Ingrid’s words got to him.

He wanted to know if his mother was really dead.

That night after his mother was taken away, there was no more news from her.

Chance jumped out of the car and walked inside Ferguson Corporation.

Ingrid curled the corners of her lips into a deep smile.

To watch this drama unfold, Ingrid did not leave immediately.

Instead, she went to a nearby cafe which happened to be at the right distance away from Ferguson Corporation.

From there, she could see what was going on in Ferguson Corporation in a timely manner.

It was the most suitable spot.

Chance walked in with red-rimmed eyes.

The receptionist saw him and recognized him at a glance.

Mitchell specifically instructed them before.

Was this not Young Master Chance who did not show up often? Chance got on the elevator.

He shrunk his trembling body.

No one knew if it was because of nervousness or fear.

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