The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2111

Nicole looked sideways at Clayton.

Clayton’s breathing in the darkness was very light.

She knew that he was not asleep.

“For the time being? That’s to say he might go back in the future?”

Nicole had experienced unimaginable dangers, so she did not want the people around her to experience it too.

Not everyone was so lucky to survive a crisis over and over again.

Clayton sighed lightly.

His tone was cold as he said, “They might not give up easily. His aunt is the best at tugging at people’s heartstrings.

Otherwise, she could not have managed the family for so long.

But I can’t keep him by my side forever.”

Michael was grown up and had his own mind.

Nicole blinked.

“Why don’t we let him stay?”

“I’ve spent so long paving the way for him in the field he’s studying now.

He’s the best at it and likes what he does. He has the top teachers in Europe and can only get the best education there.”

Clayton’s voice was a little low and hoarse.

Perhaps he was tired.

“Go to sleep, baby. He won’t leave until he becomes an adult, anyway.

When the time comes, I can’t control him either. I don’t want to bring myself unnecessary trouble.”

After saying that, Clayton turned around and pulled Nicole into his arms.

Shortly after, his breathing was long and steady. He fell asleep.

These two days, Nicole and Clayton were not at home during the day, and Floyd had limited energy.

Thus, Floyd arranged for the maids to take the children out to play.

Fortunately, the kids listened to Michael, who was like an old hen leading a flock of chicks.

Mr.Anderson arranged for a few people to go with them.

Michael was unrestrained and took his younger siblings to the amusement park. It was rare to see Levi so happy that his eyes were filled with excitement.

Fischer jumped up and down and insisted on holding hands with Chatty.

Michael, as the eldest brother, directed the staff to inspect the facilities to ensure their safety before they rode on them.

Michael would not let them book out the park, so it was rare for Chatty and Levi to see such a lively place.

Chatty did not need to be carried and happily observed her surroundings.

Fischer was glued to Chatty as if he could not survive being a single step away from her.

Levi looked at the two peas in a pod helplessly and had no choice but to follow Michael.

Michael held Levi’s hand.

“Do you want to ride on the merry-go-round?” Levi shook his head and pointed to the roller coaster in the distance.

“I want to ride that one.” Michael paused and frowned.

“It’s a bit dangerous for you!” Levi looked at him with a straight face.

“It’s not dangerous.

I’m not afraid.”

Michael hesitated for a moment, looked at Levi’s pleading eyes, and agreed.

Thus, he brought Levi on the roller coaster.

Chatty went around happily and ran to a pond with Fischer.

The water in the pond was very shallow, and many children were fishing.

Fishing was Chatty’s forte.

Thus, Chatty rolled up her sleeves to show Fischer her skills.

Before Chatty could get in, someone next to her grabbed her skirt and handed her a candied apple.


Fischer looked at the boy who was taller than him and was stunned for a moment.

Then, anger surfaced on his little face.

Fischer pushed the boy with all his might to keep him away from Chatty. The boy was stunned for a moment. He fell to the ground and looked at Fischer in puzzlement.

Fischer took Chatty’’s hand and said, “He was the one who pushed you into the water last time! We can’t play with him!”

Chatty was too young and had long forgotten about what happened.

Chance sat on the ground.

His fair and tender face looked very hurt as he bit his lower lip. He was so aggrieved and did not know how to explain himself.

Chance wanted to forget what happened that day, but others would remember.

Fischer wanted to pull Chatty away, but Chatty would not give up on catching the big fish inside the pond.

Perhaps Floyd’s hobby had gotten to Chatty because the fish in the pond was too tempting for her.

Chatty turned around and got in.

She was very flexible.

Fischer reluctantly followed.

Chance helplessly watched Chatty leave, stood up weakly, and wanted to go in.

However, he was suddenly pushed down by the kid next to him.

The little boy saw that Chance was alone and fearlessly provoked Chance because his parent was next to him.

“Go away! Do you hear me?” Chance looked very sad and puzzled.

He was also hurt.

The next second, Chatty stood up from the side and pushed the arrogant child to the ground.

“Say sorry! Do you hear me?”

Chatty stood there arrogantly.

Although she was wearing a beautiful skirt, she did not look weak at all.

Chatty stared at the child with dissatisfaction and tried to use her fists to solve the issue.

That kid looked left and right for his parents.

Seeing that his parents were not far away, he cried out loud.

Someone rushed over when they heard a cry.

The boy’s parents picked him up, looked at Chance, Chatty, and Fischer, and said angrily, “Where did you all come from? How could you bully him?”

Fischer said from the side, “He pushed him first! 1 saw it all.”

“I don’t care.I didn’t see it.

You’re all bullies! I’ll go to the manager and ask for an explanation.”

Chatty stood there fearlessly and stared at the woman.

“Don’t go! Wait here.

I’ll get my daddy to teach you a lesson!”

Chatty took out her children’s watch and called Clayton.

Fischer stared at Chance silently from the side.

It was such a good day until they met him.

What a bummer! The parent and boy insisted on extorting Chatty’s parents, especially after seeing that Chatty’s smartwatch was a limited edition of an expensive foreign brand.

She thought this was a good opportunity.

The parent took those three children to the visitor center.

She explained what happened and felt even more aggrieved, especially when her child was the one who cried.

The other three children did not cry at all.

The staff looked at them and had no sympathy for this troublesome woman.

On the contrary, they liked the three cute children who stood there obediently.

They had to admit that those three children were really good-looking.

“Who started it first? Just apologize.”

Chatty pointed at the child, who was rolling around the ground and crying even more.

“He should apologize first!”

The staff looked at the kid, who looked like a rascal.

However, they could not say anything.

“Where are your parents?”

Chatty pursed her lips and said proudly, “My daddy will be here soon.”

The parent snorted softly.

“Great! Just in time to pay my son’s medical fees and mental health compensation.”

The staff wanted to say something when Michael ran over with Levi.

“Chatty, are you okay?”

Chatty shook her head and went over to hold Michael’s hand.

“That little boy bullied him.”

Michael immediately felt furious when he heard this.

Without a word, Michael went up and pushed the child fiercely.

The child was so shocked that he stopped crying.

He fell to the ground and looked at Michael.

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