The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2113

Sean pinched Yvette’s chin and said in a vicious tone, “You look like you’re living a good life.I still remember everything you said before.

I just don’t understand why you suddenly stopped loving me when we were clearly in love with each other.

You didn’t even give me a chance to change.

Yvette…Tell me why?”

Yvette cried until she was out of breath.

She looked different from her usual radiant and beautiful self.

She looked extremely wretched.

Yvette had never been so afraid even when she was in such a dangerous city like Cali.

At that moment, she did not know if Lance was still alive outside, and she did not know if she would be able to survive the New Year.

Yvette used to do as she wished with men, but she treated every formal relationship seriously, especially when she was with Sean.

She did not expect that Sean would be hung up on the past.

Yvette dumped Sean back then, and he took it as humiliation.

That was why Sean came today.

He wanted her to pay the price.

This was her retribution.

Yvette cried until she did not have the strength to answer, but Sean did not give her a chance to hesitate at all.

She never knew that Sean would be so excited to see her in despair.

Sean’s eyes darkened.

He did not want to mistreat himself, so he tore off Yvette’s clothes and pounced on her.

Yvette struggled even more, but she had no strength to fight back because Sean overpowered her.

Sean reacted even more violently when he smelled her breath.He grabbed Yvette’s neck with one hand and threatened her.

“You’d better not resist, Yvette.Unless…You want that man outside to die.”

Yvette instantly stopped struggling as if she was struck by lightning.

Sean blatantly threatened her as if he did not care whether what he did was illegal or not.He was just using his own violent way to destroy Yvette.

Sean stood below Yvette’s apartment for so long and watched as Lance went in and out of her place.

It seemed like nobody cared about that kind of heart-wrenching pain Sean felt at that time.

Only Sean knew how painful it was.It was as if his whole body was grilled over an iron plate.

For Lance’s sake, Yvette no longer refused Sean’s advances.She was just as stiff as a puppet.

However, Sean knew how passionate Yvette could be in bed and did not like that she had become so cold now.

Why could she compromise for Lance? Right in Yvette’s and Lance’s bedroom, Sean frantically took everything from Yvette and forced her to cater to his wishes.

Seeing her in pain made him feel better.

After he was done, Sean was satisfied, but Yvette slumped over like a broken doll.

“Can you let us go now?” Yvette asked in a hoarse voice.

Her tears could not stop falling as soon as she spoke.

Sean’s face darkened immediately when he heard this.He slowly put on his clothes and sneered.

“Let you go? This is just the beginning, Yvette.We’ll take things slow.”

Yvette stood up abruptly and shouted at him hysterically.

“What the hell are you trying to do? We’ve broken up so long ago, and I’ve been married for so long.Why are you still pestering me? Don’t you forget that I was barely happy when I was with you back then! Why can’t you let me go?”

Yvette suppressed the anger in her heart that felt like a volcano that was about to erupt.

Sean stared at her dangerously and sharply.He looked slightly hurt.

“You said you didn’t care, but then you changed your mind, so I got divorced.But you abandoned me and left me with nothing! Yvette, now you tell me that you weren’t happy when you were with me? Did you marry Lance so that he could give you a good life?”

Sean’s black eyes were grim and frigid.His tone was even colder.

If so, then Sean had fallen for a materialistic woman.

Sean and Yvette’s relationship was shunned by the world, but he did not think so.

Yvette had a flamboyant character.

They were happiest when they were together.

If she cared about other people’s perceptions of her, she would not have taken a fancy to a married man like Sean.

They were clearly able to move past their rough patch, but why did Yvette suddenly change her mind and leave Sean?

“Since you got married, I’ve been waiting for the day you’ll get divorced.But I’ve waited for too long, Yvette.How could your relationship with him improve? Don’t you love me? I can give you whatever you want.I no longer need to fight for anything or live for someone else.I have everything now, so you can come back to me.”

Sean’s eyes were bloodshot with a bit of madness and ruthlessness.He loosened his grip on Yvette’s neck slightly.

When he saw her breathless face, his expression softened.He looked heartbroken and less ferocious.His hands that were touching her face gently felt rough.

“Yvette, come back to me.No one will dare to say anything or accuse us.Let’s start all over again.”

A sliver of hope finally surfaced in his eyes.

Sean saw that Yvette kept crying, so he caressed her thigh and said suggestively, “Look, we’ve always been very compatible, haven’t we? I know that you liked it very much.Lance Sheldon is nothing to you, so l don’t mind.Even if you’re married, you can still get a divorce.”

Yvette gritted her teeth and covered her face while she sobbed.Her whole body was shivering from the cold.She could feel that Sean had changed.

He was no longer the man he used to be.

After she got married, she deliberately blocked him out because she was afraid that she still had feelings for him.

However, without her knowledge, Sean must have experienced something out of the ordinary during this time.She was terrified deep down.

Yvette had a privileged life since she was a child.She was a little unruly, but she was still timid.She had been raised in her mother’s cage since she was young and could never get out.

Although Yvette was flamboyant, she was still a law-abiding citizen.

Sean’s words completely frightened her.She had never thought about divorce.

Yvette and Lance were planning to have a child because she had already begun to envy Nicole and Clayton’s stable life together.

Yvette thought she could do it too.She was just one step behind.She cried until her voice was hoarse.

When she came to her senses, she looked at him.

“I’m not getting divorced.I don’t want to! Sean, please leave.I’ll just pretend that you weren’t here today.”

Yvette sat up and was about to put on her clothes, but Sean grabbed her clothes and threw them on the floor.His eyes were aggressive and stern.

“You don’t want to get a divorce? That’s fine, I don’t mind.I’ll just take you with me.”

After that, Sean pulled her up and walked out just like that.

Yvette was wearing a satin dress that was about to fall apart.She was pretty much naked, but Sean just brought her out without hesitation.

The situation in the living room was not as tense as before.

Perhaps it was because Sean’s subordinates knew what their boss was doing in the bedroom.

They smiled knowingly and just rummaged through Yvette’s house.

The safe was pried open.

The cash, gold, and diamonds inside were piled on the ground, and several documents were scattered all over the place.

Yvette’s eyes flickered slightly when she saw this scene.

However, when she saw Lance, who was beaten to a pulp, her heart ached.She felt that her heart was twitching in pain.She could no longer control herself and rushed over to her husband.


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