The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2131

Sean laughed softly from behind.

Yvette thought, ‘The rooms are so close together. Did Lex hear us from the previous nights?’ She was repulsed by Lex’s lecherous eyes and felt nauseated for a while.

When they were about to reach the end of the corridor, Sean said, “That’s Tate’s room.”

Yvette paused, pushed the door open, and went in.

Tate gave her the impression of being low-key, calm, and mysterious. He seemed to be keeping a deep secret and was unlike Lex or the other thugs.

Tate’s room was clean and tidy.

The entire room could be seen at a glance and had nothing out of the ordinary.

Sean came behind her and said in a complicated tone, “Why? Are you interested in Tate?”

Yvette stepped back, closed the door, and folded her arms.

“Can’t I’ve always been interested in capable men?” Sean’s eyes darkened.

He pinched her chin and said, “You’d better not provoke me. I know your purpose.”

Yvette’s eyes flickered slightly as she took a step back.

“Are you afraid that Ill hook up with him? You don’t have faith in him?”

“I have no faith in you.”

There seemed to be a silent tension between them, and no one gave in. Yvette smiled and finally reached the room at the end.

She walked over leisurely and was about to push the door open when Sean said, “This is my room.”

Yvette turned her head back.

“Can’t I take a look?”

Sean stared at her for a few seconds.


Yvette did not push the door open immediately because she suddenly thought of a question.

She turned to look at Sean and asked seemingly unintentionally, “Which is Melissa’s room?”

Sean’s face froze.

That was because he just realized that there was no sign of a lady living there in all the rooms that Yvette opened just now.

Where did Melissa live? Sean did not bother since he had been sleeping in Yvette’s room for the past few days. He only went back to his room once to get the first aid kit.

In the next second, Yvette pushed open the door to his room without hesit ation and went inside.

This room was no different from a hotel suite. It just had a darker and greyer color scheme.

Sean frowned and followed her inside.

Yvette admired the living room inside. She could see the greenery outside if she stood on the balcony.

The view was excellent. She smiled.

“This room is not bad, why don’t…”

Before Yvette finished speaking, Sean chuckled and said, “If you want, you can move in with me. I don’t mind sharing this room with you.”

In other words, he would never move out of this room and would only share it with her.

They did not care when they heard footsteps going upstairs.

Yvette glared at Sean and immediately dismissed the idea. She might as well live in the original tiny room.

However, her purpose was not to change rooms but to probe into his secrets.

There was nothing to see in the living room, so she went in the direction of the bedroom.

“You won’t mind if I take a look, right?”

Sean saw that she was deliberately trying to embarrass him, but he did not stop her and smiled faintly.

“If I mind, will you not take a look?”

“I won’t go in if a woman is living here with you,” Yvette said as she pushed the door open.

The next second, everyone was stunned.

The man behind ran in, panting.

“Mr.Moore, I…”

Melissa stood there, nervous and embarrassed.

There was indeed a woman living in Sean’s bedroom.

There were women’s clothes on the bed, and her luggage was on the side.

Melissa’s things were all over the room, so it was hard for Yvette not to think that Melissa and Sean were in a relationship.

Sean’s face was gloomy and frigid, and his eyes were cold.

“Are these things yours?”

Melissa nodded her head shyly while she grabbed the hem of her shirt.

Yvette smiled. She did not take a step inside and backed out after taking one glance.

“I guessed it right. Sean, you shouldn’t have let me walk in like that when you’re hiding a woman in your room. You didn’t want me to stay here because someone moved in earlier, huh?”

Yvette hooked her lips nonchalantly and glanced at the flustered Melissa.

“Sorry for disturbing you.”

After that, Yvette walked toward the door.

Sean stopped Yvette from behind, pulled her arm, and said stiffly, “Yvette, I don’t know why she’s staying here. I’ll get her to leave immediately.”

Yvette was annoyed and purposely tormented him.

“You don’t know? That’s a sh*tty excuse, but it doesn’t matter. It’s not like you haven’t slept with her before. She’s your woman, so it makes sense for her to sleep here.”

Her slender eyes curved from smiling.

However, Sean’s face was extremely glum.

For a while, the air in the room felt stagnant.

When Sean came to his senses, Yvette had already left and gone back to her room.

Melissa stood there timidly with a pale and scared face.

“Mr.Moore, I…I can explain it to Ms.Quimbey right away.”

Sean was exuding an intimidating vibe. His eyes were cold and completely different from his doting eyes when he was chatting with Yvette just now. He seemed to be quenched in ice and looked like he could kill someone at any moment.

When he heard this, he raised his dark eyes and glanced at Melissa. He said in a low voice, “Who told you to stay here?”

Melissa trembled in fear and did not dare to speak. Sean was impatient and did not care if she was scared.

Many people were afraid of him. He would not have gone on this path of no return if he had compassion.

“I…I really didn’t mean it.”

A wave of monstrous anger seemed to be brewing in Sean’s eyes.

“Since you like to call the shots, you can leave. You’re not allowed to come back to this villa again.” Melissa froze.

Sean wanted to kick her out. She was stunned because she did not think that she would get kicked out for such a minor thing.

Melissa had long thought that she was Sean’s woman although Sean did not acknowledge her.

As long as she stayed by his side, he would sooner or later see her true heart.

However, no matter what she did, she could not compare to Yvette.

Melissa looked at him pitifully with tears in her eyes.

“Mr.Moore, I…”

While she was talking, a set of footsteps came from outside.

“Boss, what’s the matter? Don’t get mad. I told Melissa to stay in your room.”

Lex came up with a smile and stood up for Melissa.

Sean looked at Lex silently with a solemn and dark face.

He was not at all surprised.

Lex saw that Sean was angry and knew that he had gone too far.

Lex thought that Melissa staying in Sean’s room would make Sean happy.

After all, Melissa was pure.

Who would not like her? Lex rubbed his hands and explained, “Well, I was afraid that you’d get lonely sleeping alone, so I asked Melissa to come and accompany you on the first day.

But you didn’t go back to your room, so I forgot about it until now…Melissa wasn’t trying to trouble you.

Are you afraid that Ms.Quimbey will disagree? What right does she have to disagree with this arrangement? She’s married, so she’s not qualified to judge you. Boss, you gotta stand your ground.

You can’t pamper that woman!”

Lex became more agitated as he spoke, and the temperature in the room was getting lower by the second.

Soon, Sean could not stand it any longer and said in a cold and harsh tone, “Lex, haven’t you always wanted to go to the nightclub? You can stay there from now on.”

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