The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2139

The old master’s attitude was clear and stern. Yvette’s eyes lit up again after having lost all hope.

When she heard that so many people were looking for her, the tears in her eyes almost overflowed. Yvette realized that she was not alone. She was never forgotten.

The old master lectured Sean, but Sean’s face was still indifferent.

“So what? Most people will search for a missing person, but they’ll give up if they can’t find her after a while. She’s with me now, so I won’t let her go unless they come and grab her personally!”

After that, he glanced at the old man. His tone eased.

“It’s your birthday, so don’t get worked up over this small matter. I’II take care of it.”

The old master narrowed his eyes and stared at Sean for a few seconds with a bit of viciousness and coldness. Yvette looked at the old man expectantly. She hoped that he could convince Sean to let her go. However, at a turning point, the old man sighed.

“Sean, I know you’ve always been prudent, but now. you’re so stubborn. She’s just a woman, so if you want to keep her around so much, then so be it. But you can’t take her out with you so openly anymore.” Sean smiled.

“Of course. I’ll be careful.”

Yvette looked at them in shock and thought, Is this it?!”Her hopes were dashed. She was really disappointed. lt seemed that the old master was not that great after all.

Could it be that Sean had taken over the old master’s power as well? Just as they were talking, Sean went over to hold Yvette’s hand and walked out. Yvette was unreconciled and looked back. She happened to meet the old man’s gaze.

At that moment, she seemed to have missed a fleeting emotion in his eyes. Yvette did not know if his gaze was threatening or sympathetic. She just knew that she would have less of a chance to escape if she left this place.

When Sean felt the cold sweat on Yvette’s palms, he paused, squeezed her hand, and whispered in her ear. “You didn’t think that he really wanted me to let you go. right?”

Yvette subconsciously looked up at him. Sean laughed and stroked her hair.

Yvette could not understand Sean’s complex and gentle gaze.

“Don’t think about it. You can’t escape. The Sheldons aren’t that powerful, and your family…Well, I’m sure you’re aware. As for the Stantons and the Fergusons, it’s hard to say whether they’ll go all out for an outsider like you. Also, if they were to provoke me, my revenge would be silent and deadly. You know that best…”

Yes, Yvette was familiar with his revenge.

Yvette watched as Lance was beaten to the brink of death. She also witnessed how Sean forced himself onto her unscrupulously. She also saw Sean pulling out Lance’s ventilator in the hospital.

They were criminals and vile people who would do all kinds of evil. How could they listen to reason? There was a moment of silence.

Yvette struggled to smile. She stretched out her arms to hug Sean’s waist and leaned on him. She looked like a little girl who read his mind.

“I don’t want to run away. I’m willing to stay. You won’t doubt me so much once you learn to trust me. Sean, how can we start over again if you don’t trust me?”

Sean’s body froze slightly. Her soft fragrance lingered around him. and he felt as if he was embracing the most precious treasure in the world.

Sean breathed a sigh of relief and patted her shoulder lightly.

What she said seemed fake, but this moment when he embraced her was real.

Many guests looked over at the couple, but Yvette pretended not to notice and continued, “Lance and I had a marriage alliance and didn’t have feelings for each other. But we’re different. We’ve truly loved each other, and I want the best for you.

I know that it’s not your intention to make me compromise by hurting the people around me. I’ll stay by your side, so don’t worry too much. I’ll only go to them when you want me to see them, okay?”

Yvette said softly, but she did not get a response. That was fine because it was just as she expected. She just said this to show him her stance.

Yvette did not want Sean to touch her relatives or friends. He should just deal with her alone.

Sean gently touched her head.

Although he did not make a sound, Yvette knew that he heard her. Sean liked her, so she was his weakness. That was best for her. Yvette’s restless heart gently rippled. However, she would not tell him her obscure plan. This party was unlike the high-society parties Yvette attended before.

The male guests would not bring their wives to such an occasion because this was not a gathering appropriate for anyone’s wives to attend.

Even if there were some women around, those women were merely escorted from some random nightclub. They had heavy make-up and wore revealing clothes.

However, they all had the same pointed chin and small face.

Perhaps this was the type that everyone liked at the moment. The women shuffled around different men and looked seductive. The men also looked at them like they were a dish on the dining table.

Yvette did not know why Sean brought her here.

Did Sean deliberately want to humiliate her? Was he trying to tell her that she was no different from those women? Yvette suppressed the disgust in her heart, forced a smile, and held Sean’s arm.

Sean only took a few steps forward when a tall and thin man came over and glanced at Yvette meaningfully.

However, he did not avoid her and said, “Sean, the old master’s batch of goods…”

Before the man finished his sentence, Sean stretched out his hand to stop him. Sean glanced at Yvette and smiled gently.

“Why don’t you grab something to eat?”

Sean did not want Yvette to hear these things. Yvette immediately understood what he meant. She nodded and went to the lounge.

Yvette looked back and saw that Sean was still looking at her. She thought, ‘He must still be worried about my loyalty to him. Hmph! He should let me listen!’ She just flashed a fake smile and sat in the lounge.

The woman opposite her kept stealing glances and winking at a man. The woman saw that Yvette looked familiar, so she happily ran to her side ano sat down.

“Are you also new here? I saw you came with Sean earlier. He never had a woman by his side, so w* thought he was impotent…”

The corners of Yvette’s mouth twitched. She did not respond to the woman’s enthusiasm.

The woman smiled and did not mind Yvette’s attitude.

“My name is Daisy. What’s yours?” Yvette blinked.

“I’m Rose.”

The woman covered her mouth and laughed.

“You picked such a tacky name!”

Yvette retorted, “Isn’t yours?”

Daisy’s smile faded. She suddenly said, “I begged my friend for a long time to bring me to this party. But you look a little familiar. Have we met before?”

Yvette glanced at her strangely and shook her head. Daisy raised her eyebrows. Her eyes lit up and asked Yvette nosily, “Is Sean Moore generous to you? Judging by his status, he shouldn’t be stingy with women, right? I heard that he used to keep a lot of women around him, but he gave them away and compensated them a huge amount!”

This was the main point of her small talk. Yvette shook her head and said in a solemn tone. “Those are just rumors. This man is really stingy. Although he looks brilliant and generous on the surface, it’s just a facade. Look, I borrowed this dress.

He won’t even give me a penny. There were no women around him because he didn’t want to spend money on women. Those women he kept were just used as trade for greater benefits. He’s heartless!”

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