The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2140

Yvette spoke ill of Sean without hesitation. She did not understand why these women desired Sean so much.

What kind of rumors have they heard about him? If they knew of the crimes he did, he would not even look at him. Daisy glanced at Sean strangely and looked at Yvette sympathetically.

“I didn’t expect that a good-looking man like him would be so stingy.” Yvette nodded in agreement.

Daisy sighed with regret.

“There’s such a huge difference between the party downstairs and this one. Do you know that the Chairman of Stanton Corporation is celebrating his birthday downstairs? How great would it be if we can get into the Stantons’ social circle?”

Yvette’s expression changed slightly. She looked at Daisy in shock.

“Who are you talking about?”

“The Chairman of Stanton Corporation. Haven’t you heard of him? I just heard of it when I was downstairs. Those high-society people have a special VIP lane, so they won’t bump into people like us.

Moreover, the two floors are heavily guarded, so those without an invitation can’t enter.I heard that Chairman Stanton’s son-in-law bought out the upper and lower floors in order to make his father-in-law happy. Ms.Stanton is really lucky…”

Yvette’s body stiffened. Her eyes seemed to be glistening with tears, but she tried her best to suppress her emotions. She could not lose control. It turned out that she was so close to Nicole! Yvette would be safe as long as she entered the Stantons’ premises.

Yvette’s heart was beating wildly.

A thought flashed in her mind.

Was she about to escape this hellhole? Yvette subconsciously looked back at Sean, but he was not there. She stood up in shock.

Sean was just standing there.

Where did he go? For a moment, Yvette’s heart seemed to be flying out of her chest.

Daisy was surprised by Yvette’s change in attitude.

“What’s the matter with you?”Yvette quickly shook her head.

“Nothing. I need to find someone.”

She did not want to delay further and subconsciously glanced around. There was no sign of Sean at all. Yvette was excited and secretly rejoiced. However, she wondered if this was a trap that Sean set up for her.If it was a trap, should she still jump into it? However, if it was not a trap, she would have missed such a great opportunity.

As she deliberated, Yvette had already reached the entrance. It was an incredibly smooth journey.

As soon as Yvette went out, she breathed a sigh of relief.

Without hesitation, she walked in the opposite direction of the elevators.

When they came upstairs earlier, there were a lot of people standing near the elevator.

Yvette would have failed if she went in the direction of the elevators.

Thus, Yvette could only hope that she could get to the emergency stairs.

There were still a lot of bodyguards standing on both sides of the corridor, just like the time she arrived.

Yvette was apprehensive when she walked and tried her best to calm her emotions to go forward calmly.She completely ignored the people looking at her and held her head high as if nothing had happened.

Yvette knew that she would not make it if she looked guilty.

The farther she was from the banquet hall, the more excited she became.

However, when she got to the end of the corridor, she found that the door of the emergency stairwell was locked. Yvette’s heart sank. She stood there and felt a chill all over her body.

Yvette clearly saw hope, but she was quickly enveloped in despair. She did not know what to do.

The bodyguards would get suspicious if she stayed any longer.

Yvette was still pondering what to do next when the door next to her suddenly opened.

A coquettish and charming woman in a red off-shoulder dress appeared.

Yvette recognized her and paused slightly.


In just a few days, the innocent and shy Melissa seemed to turn into another person.

Melissa reeked of smoke and looked depraved. She no longer looked like a college student.

Melissa was also surprised to see Yvette. She no longer had to pretend to be nice to Yvette, so she looked at Yvette with contempt and indifference.

In the next second, Melissa leaned against the door frame and tilted her head at Yvette.

“Ms.Quimbey, where are you going?”

Yvette’s face turned pale.

Yvette stood there and was just about to say something when Melissa chuckled lightly and said, “Oh, I guess you found out that the 26th floor was bought out by Stanton Corporation, huh? Are you planning to ask for help?”

Yvette stood there and could not say a word. She just felt suffocated.

Melissa stood upright and looked at her with a complicated gaze.She then took a step back and made way for Yvette.

“I can help you leave, but you can’t show up in front of him again.Can you do that?”

Yvette narrowed her eyes and suddenly understood what Melissa meant.

At that moment, Yvette could make any promise to get out of here.

Yvette nodded, and a cunning smile appeared on Melissa’s face.

Melissa let Yvette in and got her a set of waiter’s uniform.

“Put these one.I’ll get someone to open the door to the emergency stairwell later. You only need to go down four floors, and you’ll be free.”

Her words were a huge temptation to Yvette, who could not contain her excitement. However, Yvette looked at the uniform in front of her with some doubts.

“How are you going to let them unlock the door to the emergency stairwell?”

Why would the bodyguards listen to Melissa? Melissa’s eyes turned cold, and she chuckled.

“Ms.Quimbey, you probably don’t know that thanks to you, I was sent here after getting kicked out of the villa.I’m no longer just a salesperson. My backer is much more powerful than Sean.”

Melissa was happy to say this.She was happy, but also frustrated.

Yvette pursed her lips and did not refute Melissa’s words. However, Yvette was displeased that Melissa blamed her for getting kicked out of the villa.

Yvette did not kick Melissa out; Sean did.

That was because Melissa moved into Sean’s room, which upset him.

Melissa was really sick in the head! Even so, Yvette did not complain.

After all, she had to ask Melissa for help.

Moreover, Yvette attacked Melissa once in order to escape.

Yvette was also afraid that Melissa would have a grudge against her because of this.

Yvette lowered her head to look at the uniform in front of her and felt tangled.

Melissa saw through Yvette’s thoughts, turned around, and walked out.

“What are you waiting for?” Melissa muttered.

She was annoyed with Yvette’s habit of not wanting to change in front of others.

After Melissa walked out, Yvette breathed a sigh of relief and began to change her clothes.

Yvette finally felt like she had unloaded a burden off her shoulders after getting out of the expensive gown. She tied her hair into a ponytail and tiptoed out.

Melissa was standing there and smoking a cigarette.

When she saw Yvette, she hooked her lips and waved.

That corner was a dead end, and no one was standing guard there.

However, the emergency stairwell at the end of the corridor could be seen at a glance.

Yvette lowered her head and hurried over.

She noticed that the door was unlocked and glanced at Melissa in shock.

Then, she thought about what Melissa said just now.

Who was the person with a higher status than Sean? Was it the old master? Yvette frowned as she pondered. Melissa nudged her and pushed her inside.

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