The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2159

When Yvette fell back in horror, the cold wind blew past her ears. Tate, who was behind her, supported her, and Yvette quickly grabbed onto the railing again.

Tate’s muscular body jumped over the railing with ease.

He then reached out to pull Yvette up.

Yvette was so shocked that she could not stand straight. Her legs were limp, and she leaned against the wall.

If no one was trying to kill her, she would definitely fall to the ground.

However, Yvette did not forget the crisis ahead.

She had already seen Tres’s hostility and contempt toward her, but she did not want him to look down on her.

Anyway, she was Sean’s woman, so Tres would not dare to.

Yvette raised her eyes and looked at the Tres in horror, but he did not even look at her.

He just stared at Tate in dissatisfaction.

“What are you doing? Why would you save this woman?”

Tate adjusted his clothes and said calmly, “She’s the boss’s woman, so I must save her.

Tres laughed in exasperation. His smile was even more hideous because the scar on his face was more obvious.

You’re so stupid. Even if she dies, the boss will have another woman who may be even better. Why are you doing something so unnecessary?

Tate pursed his lips and looked at the movement below. There seemed to be a vehicle driving over.

You saw how the boss treated her just now. If you kicked her to death..?

What? will the boss get mad at me because of such a woman? Will he turn against his brothers?”

Tres asked back.

Tate calmly lowered his eyes and curled his l!ps.

“You know how Lex died. I advise you not to challenge the boss’s bottom line.”

After he was done speaking, he pointed downstairs.

“The police are here. Get out now.”

Tres wanted to continue arguing, but he also knew that now was not the time.

He glared at Yvette, angrily took out his gun, and ran outside.

Tate glanced at Yvette and took a step forward.

“Let’s go, Ms. Quimbey.”

Yvette took a deep breath. She had exhausted all her strength to maintain her superficial composure.

 “Thank you.”

Tate replied, No need.”

Yvette followed him into the room and had a different impression of Tate.

She had already noticed that Sean trusted Tate more than Lex because Sean would bring Tate everywhere.

Tate was also a criminal, but he just saved her life.

Yvette could also feel that Tate was different from the others.

However, she did not have feelings for Tate.

It was just her intuition.

As soon as they went out, Sean just happened to come over, looking aggressive. He glanced at Yvette and breathed a sigh of relief.

“They really are the people that we dealt with just now. Damn it! They’re so unethical. Let’s leave this place to the police.”

Tate looked cold and serious.

“Are you injured?”

Sean had a cold face as he went over and grabbed Yvette’s hand. He then responded to Tate’s question.

“Im not hurt. Let’s go through the back door. Those people have already been dealt with.”

“Okay, do they still have backup?”

Sean chuckled recklessly.

“With the Tres here, do we still need to worry? He can fight ten people on his own!”

Tate laughed. “That’s true.”

Sean dragged Yvette outside.

Yvette glanced back. Although she did not see anyone, there seemed to be dark red blood flowing slowly on the ground.

The night was quiet again.

Yvette could not express the complicated feelings in her heart.

This was the first time she witnessed Sean’s environment, and it was totally different from what she had imagined.

They did not do this just for the money.

Yvette was dragged down the stairs by Sean, who held her hand firmly.

His other subordinates were all waiting below.

The moon shone in the dark sky, and the night was cold and windy.

The moment Sean took her away, Yvette saw a man lying on the ground with a black hole in his ch3st.

A dark red liquid was still oozing out of the black hole.

It looked gory.

Yvette was shocked for a moment. Sean noticed this and gave Tres a cold look.

Tres walked over as if nothing was Wrong.

Sean pursed his l!ps. “Get rid of him. Are you trying to leave this as evidence and wait for the police to arrest you?”

Tres’s expression changed, and his eyes darkened instantly.

Yes, I’ll get it done right away.”

A woman came up next to Tres.

I’ll go with you.”

Tres frowned. When he heard the movement behind him, he gave her a push and said, “Follow the boss.

Hurry up!”

They did not hesitate. The woman also knew what to do and followed them.

In the end, Sean, Yvette, Tate, and that woman went into the car.

The woman glanced out of the window reluctantly but did not say anything.

Yvette could not help but look at her a few more times.

After all, Yvette had never noticed a woman participating in their activities, aside from Melissa who was nothing but a playmate.

Women were just icing on the cake to them because they did not treat women as equals.

After all, the women they interacted with all worked in the nightclub.

Thus, the woman sitting in the passenger seat surprised Yvette.

The car drove away quickly in the night.

The intense gunfire and dead people earlier did not disturb the order in this city.

Yvette’s near-death experience just now was also not as eye-catching as the scenes in a TV show.

However, what she did not expect was that the car did not go to the villa where she lived before.

Instead, they went straight to the airport.

Yvette was shocked.

She did not have her passport, and these people were probably wanted criminals who could not leave the country.

Sure enough, in this small airport, a helicopter was waiting for them.

In the night sky, the helicopter looked like a dormant falcon that looked intimidating.

The dark clouds covered the moon.

Yvette raised her head and looked at the sky. It seemed like something changed tonight.

She did not have time to say goodbye to Lance, so she would just have to pray that he would have a speedy recovery abroad and that he would have a fulfilling life.

Yvette was in the wolf’s den, and she was determined to crush the man who dragged her into hell.

Sean grabbed her hand and pulled her onto the helicopter.

Aside from the captain, there were only four of them on the helicopter – Sean, Yvette, Tate, and that woman.

The woman looked at Sean hesitantly as if she wanted to say something.

However, Sean did not look at the woman’s face.

Tate patted the woman’s shoulder understandingly and said in a deep voice, “Don’t worry. Tres will be fine. He’ll join us with the next batch of people.”

The woman relaxed and nodded.

The gloomy weather outside the window was not suitable for flying.

However, this was probably the only escape route for Sean, so he would take it even if the weather was not ideal.

Thus, the moment the plane took off, Sean’s face relaxed.

He leaned against the seat, and his eyes were dark.

His eyes flickered with ambition and an indistinct emotion.

Yvette covered her ears to ease her discomfort.

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