The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2170

Yvette heard the conversation upstairs and smiled silently. She continued to make the soup with her head lowered.

After some time, the chef, Farley, came in from the outside, looked at her, and smiled.

“It smells so delicious! If the boss knows that you made this, he’ll be so happy that he’ll lick the bowl clean”

Yvette smiled gently and guiltily as she suppressed the complex emotions in her heart.

“He was hurt because of me, so this is nothing.”

The chef nodded in agreement.

“I heard that. Although the boss used violent methods to bring you here, that’s because he can’t forget you. Ms. Quimbey, if you treat him better, he’ll protect you with his life!”

Yvette’s eyes flickered. She looked fragile and sad.

“Forget it. It’s all in the past. We’re even now. Not to mention, I can’t go back even if I want to. It’s shameful for the Sheldon family if people find out that I’ve gone through this, so they won’t want me to go back. What else can I do then?”

The chef sighed regretfully and said, “Yes, Ms. Quimbey. You’re actually a smart person. Although our business isn’t glorious, at least no one can bully you here! The boss will give you whatever you want. He just lacks a partner, and you two belong together. Isn’t that great? You know that our business isn’t allowed in Mediania, but now that we’re abroad, no one can control us. We’re free to do anything we like!”

The chef persuaded Yvette and asked her to take a seat while he cooked.

He just wanted to get closer to the boss’s woman and was not worried that she would poison the boss.

After all, Sean was aware of her every move. She was not familiar with this place, so even if she wanted to poison Sean, she could not get the poison.

Yvette looked at him meaningfully and smiled.

“Yeah, I’m just worried for him since he’s in such a dangerous business. I’m afraid that something will happen in the future. Look at Tres, he’s gone all of a sudden”

Farley’s body stiffened. He seemed a little sad.

However, he regained his spirits and said, “Tres was too impulsive. He died too soon. He was the boss’s most trusted subordinate, so the boss will definitely feel sad.”

Yvette raised her eyebrows and remained silent for a few seconds before she spoke again.

“Where’s the woman that was with Tres? I didn’t see her around. Is she resting?”

The chef paused. He saw that the soup was ready, so he quickly served two bowls and put them on the tray.

He took a few local appetizers from the refrigerator and put them on a plate while he said regretfully, “Tate just sent her back to her hometown.”

Yvette paused. “Back to Mediania?”

The chef shook his head. “That woman is from here even though she looks just like us, and she’s been with Tres for a long time. Before Tres worked for the boss, he was framed for murder. This woman was the only one who didn’t abandon him.

She hasn’t been back home for almost ten years.

Since Tres is dead, we can’t keep her here. After all, she has nothing to do with our business. Tate gave her some money and sent her back to her hometown so that she can live a good life. See, we’re not as cold-blooded and ruthless as you imagined, right?”

Farley looked at her with a smile.

Yvette also nodded regretfully.

What happened to this woman was really unexpected.

That woman experienced so many intense events in the past decade. Could she still return to her village to live a mediocre life?

Yvette thought, ‘Forget it. That’s not my business.

Someone shouted upstairs.

“Ms. Quimbey, the boss wants to see you.”

Yvette raised her head, smiled, stood up, and walked up with the tray.

Through this conversation, Yvette made one thing clear.

This chef, Farley, seemed to be the most useless personnel here, but he was the most loyal to Sean and knew a lot of things.

Yvette knew she should not underestimate Farley.

The only person she could trust was Tate.

When Yvette entered the room, everyone left one after another.

They were too noisy and talked to Sean endlessly.

Sean was a little helpless. He made an excuse to dismiss them so that Yvette could come over.

As soon as Yvette came in, they consciously shut their mouths.

After all, they were not familiar with Yvette and did not trust her very much.

Yvette pretended not to notice. She walked over and put the porridge aside.

“Are you hungry? The doctor said that you should eat something light these few days. Do you want to have some soup first?”

Sean smiled gently.


Even if Yvette brought him a bowl of poison, Sean would still swallow it without hesitation.

Tate coughed at the side.

“It’s getting late, and we have a lot of things to deal with when we get up tomorrow, so let’s not disturb the boss. Ms. Quimbey will take care of him”

Everyone nodded sensibly.

Soon, everyone except Tate left the room.

Sean could not use his arms, so he looked at Yvette with difficulty.

It was self-evident what he wanted.

Yvette did not play dumb and fed him with a spoon.

The lights surrounded them, and Sean was in a trance for a moment.

It was as if they had never been apart.

They were still as passionate and in love as when they first met.

Tate was standing on the side and saw this, but he did not leave.

Sean noticed him and stopped eating after a few mouthfuls.

He looked at Tate and asked, “Do you have something to say?”

Tate paused, then looked at Yvette again.

Just as Yvette was about to go out with the tray, Sean stopped her.

Sean squeezed her palm and looked at Tate.

“You can talk. She’s one of us now.”

One of us.

This phrase startled Yvette.

She finally waited for this day to come.

Even she could not believe it.

However, this was a good thing. It meant that Sean began to trust her.

Yvette slowly raised her head to look at Tate.

Tate did not look at her, and his face was as cold as ever.

“Mr. Cash died here this time, and the old master hadn’t made his stance clear. Should we attack first?”

Sean’s face was partially in the shadow. His side profile was indifferent and sharp, his eyes permeated with coldness.

“It’s impossible that he’s not aware of this. He’s just testing our attitude.”

Tate paused and said, “I suspect that he deliberately wanted Mr. Cash to die. Is he trying to test you?”

Sean’s face was gloomy and cold. He was silent for a moment, and he said in a low voice, “The old master knows that I’ve cut off his path and asked Mr. Cash to come. He’s not just testing us.

He paused and continued, “The old master has a lot of subordinates who have been with him since the start of his career. They were definitely dissatisfied when they saw that I’ve gained so much power in a short period of time and even betrayed the old master. The old master wanted to use them against me, and Mr. Cash’s death is nothing more than a trigger and a reason for a conflict to break out.”

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