The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2178

Clayton smiled inexplicably.

“You’ll know when Yvette returns to Mediania.

She’s strong enough to face the facts and accept whatever’s to come.”

Nicole sighed.

“My baby Yvette has suffered so much. I hope she can return to her usual self soon.”

Clayton pursed his lips and smiled.

“Mm. You’re right.”

Southeast Asia.

Half a month passed.

Tate followed the police to investigate the case and was wrapping up his work.

None of Sean’s subordinates were left behind, and they were all arrested.

Yvette was accompanied by one female police officer from day to night.

She did not know if the officer was there to take care of her or to monitor her.

However, she did not care.

Tate knocked on the door while he carried a fruit basket. The female officer opened the door.

Tate nodded and said, Can I have a few words with Ms. Quimbey?

The female officer nodded and left the room.

Tate went in and looked at Yvette, who was sitting on the sofa drinking red wine and watching TV. She looked so relaxed and did not look like a victim at all.

She could live a lavish and carefree life anytime, anywhere.

However, her expression was less cautious compared to when she was around Sean.

Yvette finally did not have to live in fear.

At first, Tate was worried that Yvette would expose him if she knew of his identity. After all, Yvette did not seem like someone who could keep a secret.

However, he now felt that Yvette was just being protected too well before.

She was stupid, but also clean and innocent.

“Ms. Quimbey, how are you doing these days?”

Tate walked in.

Yvette smiled, raised her eyebrows, and looked a little tipsy.

“Im fine, Tate..Officer Tate…”

Tate walked to the opposite side and sat down.

He looked exhausted.

“The work here will be over soon, and we’ll be returning to Mediania tomorrow afternoon. I came to tell you in advance so that you’ll be mentally prepared.”

Yvette’s eyes flickered slightly. Even though she was very calm, she still looked hopeful and surprised.

“Thank you.”

Tate paused for a few seconds before he said, Farley isn’t dead. He was sent back to Mediania first, and his sentence will be pronounced when he recovers.”

Yvette slowly breathed a sigh of relief. She felt less guilty that Farley did not die.

Until today, Yvette regretted shooting him impulsively that day.

Although Farley was guilty, he should not be punished by her.

Farley had always been working in the kitchen, and he was nice to her. He even persuaded her to treat Sean better.

Yvette was shocked when she watched Farley collapse in front of her.

The complex and subtle emotions in her heart surged.

I don’t understand. Why did Sean trust Farley so much?”

Yvette looked at Tate.

Sean never let Farley participate in important discussions normally, but he only brought Farley with him at a critical time.

The corners of Tate’s lips twitched. Farley helped Sean get sober when the old master forced Sean to take drugs. Farley also brought Sean back when Sean delivered the goods for the first time. Farley was Sean’s true benefactor, not the old master.”

Yvette was surprised. No wonder.

They got along so well and naturally, but Yvette did not think they had such a background story.

She scratched her hair and looked at Tate.

“Officer Tate, why do you look unhappy?”

Tate smiled, looking a bit lonely.

I’m not upset. In order to wipe out this criminal group, countless undercover officers like me have died, so I should be happy that I’m still alive.”

Yvette paused. She suddenly thought of a question and looked at Tate seriously.

No, wait. Sean isn’t the leader of this criminal group.The old master is their real leader. If vour identity is exposed here, can you still go back?

Won’t they take revenge on you?”

Tate lowered his eyes and smiled. He took a deep look at her.

“No. Although my identity has been exposed, I’ll be transferred soon. The transfer order is confidential, so I won’t be on the plane with you tomorrow. Ms. Quimbey, please take care of yourself when you get back” Yvette nodded. She had a feeling that Tate knew some secret that he could not tell her about.

Even if she asked him, he would not tell her.

Tate did not stay for long and got up to leave.

Yvette got up to pack her things, but there was nothing to pack.

She looked at the unopened new phone on the table beside her and paused.

It was given to her by the female officer.

Yvette did not use it or open the packaging-

For some reason, she did not feel like contacting anyone.

After tossing and turning all night, Yvette could not sleep well and had several bizarre dreams that overwhelmed her.

She dreamed about her mother and the old master.

In her dreams, Sean viciously strangled her neck and said that he wanted to take revenge on her.

She was so frightened that she was drenched in a cold sweat.

Yvette suddenly opened her eyes, sat up, and looked at the dark sky.

The wind outside was cool, and it blew into the room, so she went over to close the window.

The next day, the police officer came over and put the flight ticket on the table. She looked at

Yvette with a smile.

“Ms. Quimbey, are you excited that you’ll be home soon?”

Yvette nodded and said with a smile, Yes. Thank you for taking care of me.”

“It’s my duty.”

Yvette had nothing to pack, and the gift she bought for Chatty earlier had already been mailed.

She followed the officer and a few others onto the plane. Everyone was in plain clothes, so it was hard to tell what they were doing.

Sure enough, Tate did not follow them.

However, Yvette still remembered what Tate said to her before.

Lance would arrive at the airport at the same time as her.

Thus, Yvette could see Lance right away.

Lance… Yvette smiled when she thought of him. She unconsciously felt a burst of warmth in her heart.

He was the warmest existence in her world.

They must go back to how they were before and live happily ever after.

Yvette looked out the plane window and saw everything getting smaller and smaller.

She could finally stop compromising with Sean.

Yvette had been downcast for a few days, and she finally regained her spirits.

During the three-hour flight, Yvette did not feel sleepy at all.

She was imagining how happy she would be after seeing Lance. He should have recovered by now.

Yvette wanted to pounce on him for a warm bear hug, and he would helplessly wrap his arms around her hair and tell her not to make trouble.

Her tears fell unconsciously as she thought about him.

Yvette also had another important thing to tell him. She needed to apologize to him properly.

She took a piece of paper and scribbled on it.

When she came to her senses, she saw Lance’s name written all over the paper.

She was delighted and could not help but quicken her pace when she got off the plane.

Seeing this, the police officer next to her laughed and teased her.

“Ms. Quimbey, you must be very homesick! Have you notified your family to pick you up?”

Yvette did not inform her mother or anyone else because Tate told her that Lance would come back.

She just wanted to meet him first.

Yvette smiled. Someone will come to pick me up. I’ll get going first.”

The police officer waved to her.

Yvette’s excited steps eased a little.

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