The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2180

At that moment, Lance and Yvette’s eyes met, and the surroundings fell silent.

There were all kinds of people all around, but they did not seem real.

Yvette did not hear the buzzing in her ear.

She just felt happy to see such a lively Lance.

She was elated.

The scene that she fantasized about on the plane might really come true.

Yvette always felt that she had lived an exciting life.

However, at this moment, she felt that she had never really settled down since she got married.

Yvette and Lance started from trying to date each other to actually liking each other.

To this day, Yvette knew that she did not just like Lance, she really loved him wholeheartedly.

Something in her chest wanted to burst out and tell him how she felt out loud, but when she opened her mouth, she could only feel a sharp pain coming from her heart.

Yvette expected this.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw that Farley had regained his footing, pushed away the people blocking him, and approached them.

Yvette was less than thirty meters from Lance, but it was impossible to reach him in a few seconds.

The moment Farley raised his gun.

Yvette suddenly got the courage to turn back. She blocked the direction where he shot and went up to him.


Everyone was shocked.

The arrival hall suddenly became chaotic with people screaming, shoving each other, and running away.

Many people fled the scene and blocked Farley’s sight, so he did not have the chance to fire the second shot.

The police officers who had not walked out of the terminal turned back in. Together with the airport security, they pressed Farley down.

The woman lay there quietly with her eyes open and sighed. She looked at the bright lights on the ceiling as her pumping heart slowly calmed down.

Lance hurried over with the help of others. He carefully covered her chest because he did not want the blood to drain from her body.

Yvette was so afraid of pain. Usually, she would cry and make a fuss even when she had a small bump.

Why did she block that shot for him just now?

Lance’s voice trembled. He was afraid that she would leave him.

“Yvie, don’t scare me… The doctor will be here soon, so hang on!

He held her, and his tears fell on her face.

Yvette blinked and closed her eyes.

She really wanted to speak, and she thought she would still have time to say something.

Was that not how it was played out on TV? Those characters usually had time to say a lot of things before they died, right?

Why did she not get this chance when it was her turn?

What a pity.

Yvette had not hugged Lance yet or told him about the future she envisioned for them on the plane.

Forget it. There was no point in saying it now.

She did not have many sensational opportunities.

Lance shouted her name in a hoarse voice.

“ Yvette”

He was hysterical, and time seemed to be frozen at this moment.

Before this, Lance and Yvette thought that they would have a long life together.

However, this was their last glance at each other.

Yvette was dead.

She died before the ambulance arrived.

Mrs. Quimbey cried so much that she fainted outside the ward.

Lance held Yvette’s hand and refused to let go for a long time. He was in a daze, and his eyes were scarlet, gloomy, and cold.

When Nicole got the news and arrived with Clayton, Mrs. Quimbey had already been sent to the emergency room.

Her legs went limp when she saw the lifeless person on the hospital bed.

Clayton supported her from behind.

Her best friend died. They were just talking and laughing before this. Nicole felt devastated.

Lance was dejected and thin, and there was no more light in his eyes.

Fiona was also depressed. She felt sorry for both Lance and Yvette.

She did not know how to comfort Lance, so she could only go and check on Mrs. Quimbey.

Nicole cried so much that she fainted, so Clayton brought her home.

She had narrowly escaped death many times, so she thought that Yvette would also be as lucky as she was.

However, Nicole forgot that she had exhausted all her luck to survive.

Yvette was not as lucky.

Clayton sacrificed his business to save Yvette at a critical moment because of Nicole.

He transferred his most profitable business in Southeast Asia to Snakehead.

As far as Snakehead was concerned, he worked with the police, got benefits from the old master, and got Clayton’s business. He killed three birds with one stone and made a profit.

It was just a pity that Yvette died at the airport in Atlanta.

Yvette’s death was a big blow to everyone.

She was so lively and vibrant. She loved to laugh and have fun. It was a pity that she left without leaving anything behind.

Lance stayed with Yvette for three days without moving, eating, or drinking.

In the end, Mrs. Quimbey had to stand out and prepare for Yvette’s cremation.

Mrs. Quimbey seemed to age twenty years all of a sudden. She did not cover the white hair on her head or the wrinkles on her face.

Fiona, Yvette’s mother-in-law, was busy arranging the funeral because she did not know how to console Mrs. Quimbey and Lance.

On the day of Yvette’s cremation, everyone was there.

Nicole, Ian, Julie, Kai, and Grant..

Yvette’s old friends from the past, the people she liked and disliked attended Yvette’s funeral.

Lance watched silently as Yvette was pushed into the burner. His expression was grim, and he could not keep his composure.

He had a mental breakdown from this torment.

Only this time, he did not wail or go hysterical.

Mrs. Quimbey, Fiona, and the others watched quietly.

They then went to the designated grave and watched her get buried.

They chose a photo that Yvette liked when she was alive. She smiled brightly with vivid eyes.

Yvette should have lived her life like this.

Nicole stood there with red and swollen eyes. She looked haggard.

The others were not much better than her.

In the end, everyone left one after another. The whole funeral process was quiet.

Nicole and Julie stayed behind with Lance and Mrs. Quimbey.

The sky darkened, and it began to drizzle.

Not long after, a few people walked over slowly from a distance.

Three of them were in police uniforms, and they brought an old man with them.

The old man looked haggard and did not look as shrewd and capable as before.

He slowly hobbled forward to Yvette’s grave.

At that moment, he could not stand up any longer.

The police officer pursed his lips and went over to explain to them.

‘His last condition before he confesses is to visit Ms. Quimbey. We hope that you’ll agree to it”

Mrs. Quimbey nodded expressionlessly.

Nicole and Julie walked to the side to give them some privacy.

Julie sighed.

Yvette used to say that she didn’t miss her father, but we know that she does. I wonder ifshe knows that her father isn’t dead. “

Nicole said in a hoarse voice, ‘She knew. The police said that the person who shot her at the airport confessed that he told Yvette everything he overheard in the hospital.”

Julie choked up and said, “He’s so cruel! Yvettemdidn’t do anything wrong!”

Nicole closed her eyes and sighed.

Forget it. Let’s just take good care of Aunt Quimbey from now on. It’s not easy for her to be alone.”

Julie nodded.

The old man knelt down and trenbled as he reached out to touch Yvette’s portrait.

Yvie, I’m your father.. “

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