The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 526

Nicole and Eric, the only ones who remained, were about 1s feet apart. As soon as their eyes met, the two simultaneously raised the weapon in their hands.

“Bang bang—” Two gunshots.

It was just the sound.

The wind howled.

No one was hit.

Nicole ducked and rolled behind the thick tree trunk, gasping for breath.

Eric quickly rolled into the grass.

He was faster. Before Nicole could take a breath, he took advantage of the situation, and the moment his gun appeared behind her, hers also came up against his abdomen.

The admiration flowing from Eric’s eyes was undisguised.

He was a pro, but she was more skilled. Neither gave in to the other.

Nicole looked at him. “Who won?”

She let her guard down and tried to negotiate the outcome.

Eric’s lips curled in a smile. Taking advantage of the split-second she was distracted, he suddenly pushed aside the gun that was pressed against his abdomen with one hand. With a twist of the wrist, he used the barrel of her gun to hold her against the trunk of the tree, his long legs pinning hers so that she could not move.

Nicole was stunned. Did he just make a sneak attack on her?

She was very strong, but her physical strength was not enough against Eric.

The situation was immediately apparent in an instant.

His breath was extremely close, and the wildness and ferocity in his eyes had not yet faded. Nicole froze in place.

However, his eyes were filled with delight and smugness.

He leaned into her ear, looking at her fair skin with his dark eyes as he said in a magnetic and raspy voice, “Nicole, this is the third time. I won.”

Nicole wanted to cuss at him. He was despicable and shameless! He took advantage of the opportunity to launch a sneak attack!

However, she suddenly remembered that for the first two games, she also won against him using sneak attacks.

They were even.

‘F*ck!’ Nicole looked into his eyes and was stunned for a moment.

There was no look of calculation belonging to a businessman. His clear eyes were filled with exhilaration and wildness.

The next second, the man’s lips suddenly came closer.

He wanted to kiss her!

Nicole had nowhere to run and could only bend her knees, but his long legs pinned her mercilessly, so there was no chance for her to dodge.

She turned her head, so his cool lips touched her cheek. He was already over the moon.

Nicole spoke coldly, “Get away from me.” Eric smiled like a rogue, not angry at all.

He took a step back. Regaining her freedom, Nicole glared at him fiercely and turned to walk away.

‘Goddammit, that son of a b*tch Eric Ferguson! He really reached a new low!’

Eric picked up her things for her and followed her with a smug smile.

“I won, Nicole. You have to agree to one of my requests.”

Nicole paused and looked at him. “What is it?”

She lost.

Just consider it being unlucky!

“Shall we remarry?” He said gleefully. “Get lost.”

That was a pipe dream.

“Then, give me a kiss?” He asked again tentatively. “Get lost.” She gnashed her teeth.

If he dared to make another unreasonable request, she would not be able to hold back anymore.

Eric paused for a few seconds and said with serious eyes, “You have to give me a chance.”

Her eyes flickered slightly as she remained silent. “ I’ve always been chasing you, Nicole. Even now.”

Every moment since he regretted divorcing her, he had been pursuing her.

Nicole had a calm attitude and said to him in a serious tone, “Eric Ferguson, what you feel for me is just a temporary sense of novelty. You’re just upset that I suddenly gave up on you after liking you for so long. You don’t want me to stop liking you without your consent. You don’t like me. You’re just bitter!”

Eric looked at her with deep and dark eyes. He did not speak for a long time.

The strength seemed to dissipate from his body, and his heart shook.

His regrets, his affection, his humility. In her eyes, they were all just because he was bitter?

“Nicole, I know how to differentiate between being bitter and being in love.”

He gave her a decrepit smile.

Eric suddenly felt an overwhelming emptiness in his heart. It was as if someone had taken the love that was as heavy as a mountain in his heart and casually brushed it away like it was just a feather.

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