The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 590

Livia’s eyes also brightened. She nodded, but then she felt embarrassed. “But will the investment be too much?”

Nicole waved her hand. “Don’t worry, I’ll leave it to the professionals. All you have to do is take part in it.”

Livia nodded solemnly.

Everyone easily agreed to what Nicole proposed.

Nicole immediately asked Dominic Young to find someone to set a plan.

Livia went back not long after, and she also set Nicole’s share of the profit to fifty percent.

Nicole narrowed her eyes and immediately changed it to ten percent before sending it back to Livia.

She was not spending her energy on this, so she naturally could not take advantage of Livia. Besides, Livia still needed to manage the law firm after this.

Dominic did not have any doubts about the novelty of this variety show. The public had seen many shows where the participants gradually grew closer, but a show about self-improvement and inspiration

to engage in their careers after divorce would certainly open up a new path.

After all, Nicole poured her heart into her career after the divorce, which everyone was interested in. Unfortunately, Nicole was not an actor, so she would not perform for everyone to see.

Once this variety show was released, it would definitely attract a lot of attention. There was no need to worry about the hype for the show.

Dominic immediately held a secret meeting, and the plan was instantly decided.

The main characters to participate were not only Livia but also several famous divorced female celebrities in the entertainment industry. These people would guarantee their early ratings.

Dominic was very determined to invite Nicole to participate as well because everyone was more interested in her identity.

Nicole did not agree immediately, but she agreed to join the first episode to add some hype to the show.

When the variety show started looking for investments, Nicole did not let Stanton Corporation invest but instead turned to the public.

Ferguson Corporation.

Mitchell hurriedly placed the investment invitation proposal on Eric’s desk.

Eric raised his brows. “What program is this?”

“I heard it’s a divorcee variety show made to promote Young Master Ludwig’s ex-wife, Ms. Lehman.”

Eric frowned. “It’s by Keith?” He snorted.

Mitchell watched Eric’s face closely. “It’s by Ms. Stanton.”

Eric’s expression turned ugly. ‘Livia is a horrid person. She’s leading Nicole astray!’

“Crush it.”

Eric decided at once. The iciness in his eyes was extremely strong.

Mitchell said, “Ms. Stanton is participating as well.” There was silence in the office.

After a long while, Eric suppressed the stirring in his heart and fiercely gritted his teeth.

“No matter how much it costs, Ferguson Corporation must sponsor this variety show exclusively.”

It was his woman’s show, so of course, he had to support her fully. He would not give others the opportunity to fawn over her.

Mitchell frowned and continued to explain the content and nature of the variety show. He said hesitatingly, “President, we don’t know the market for this kind of variety show. The guest stars aren’t that popular, and the main thing is that they’re all divorced…”

“Alright, that’s enough. I’ve made up my mind. Get to work.”

Eric immediately commanded.

Mitchell paused and could only obey his order. “Understood.”

Within a few days, the script for this variety show was sent to Eric’s desk.

The title of the document was extremely loud. “Love in the City!”

Eric looked at these four words for a long time. His brows were tightly knitted, his eyes were cold and dim, and he did not look very happy.

Mitchell paused. “President, I’ve told them that we won’t be too involved with the recording of the program, and the funds have been put in place already. The divorced female stars invited all have good reputations and won’t have any impact on us.”

Eric’s long and slender fingers rubbed the four words, his eyes sunken.

Was this variety show that Nicole was participating in about a happy life after divorce?

His jaw tightened.“ Is it too late to withdraw the investment?”

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