The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 887

Only the head of the R&D department would be able to get the finished product.

Nicole’s face was somewhat cold, and there was a chill in her eyes. ’Something like this was happening right under my nose. How revolting! Andrew Zeno…’

“Ms. Stanton, if you don’t believe me, you can go and see if your company is missing one of the devices. As far as I know, the device has arrived at Andrew’s brother-in-law’s home.”

Nicole raised her eyes, her face cold and calm.

She smiled. “Ms. Yuliana, did you specifically wait for them to steal the item before you came to tell me this news?”

Yuliana froze and lowered her head. Nicole got to the point.

“Yes, otherwise you wouldn’t believe me even if I said it…”

Nicole chuckled and called Logan in. “Call the police. The company lost something. Investigate the manager of the R &D department and suspend him from all duties.”

Logan glanced at Yuliana and immediately nodded. ” Understood.”

Nicole gave Yuliana her phone back. “If it’s true, how do you want me to thank you?”

Yuliana sighed in relief. “There’s no need for thanks. Ms. Stanton helped me last time, so it’s only natural that I return the favor.”

Nicole looked at her and raised her brows.

“Oh? In that case, then I won’t be courteous.”

Everyone was too tired to wear masks. If Yuliana was not direct with what she wanted, Nicole would not insist on it.

Yuliana’s expression stiffened. “Well, if you could help send my child abroad…”

Nicole stared straight at her and frowned.

Yuliana bowed her head and lowered her eyes. “Then I would be very grateful.”

“I don’t understand what you mean, Ms. Yuliana.”

Yuliana took a deep breath. “You don’t know this, but Andrew has a child of his own. Despite that, he’s always keeping an eye on his illegitimate daughter and me. Why is that?”

Indeed, this was what Nicole was curious about.

“It’s because the child he has with his wife has leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant. They secretly brought my daughter over for a test and found that she’s an exact match!”

Yuliana’s eyes reddened, but her face was ferocious.

She gritted her teeth. “They treat my daughter like she’s a tool. She’s not even ten years old, but this will give her psychological trauma, not to mention that it’s not good for her development. I can’t let her suffer like this, much less let that shameless couple take advantage of her!”

It was Nicole’s first time seeing a mistress call the rightful spouse a shameless couple.

“If it’s just sending the child abroad, you should be able to d o it as well, right?”

Nicole looked at her. Actors were among the high-income 2/?

group, not to mention, an actress who was soon to become an A-lister. Why did Yuliana have to ask Nicole for help?

Yuliana lowered her eyes. “My every move is being watched by Andrew’s people. If I step foot abroad, he can steal the child back in an instant. I can’t take the risk. Ms. Stanton, help me send the child out secretly and don’t tell anyone about her whereabouts. When things settle, I will go pick her up…”

It seemed like a good idea.

“But isn’t it too inconvenient for a child to stay alone abroad?”

Nicole meant that it was best if she sent Yuliana abroad as well to make it easier to take care of the child.

After all, when Nicole went abroad by herself, the Stanton family had been on edge the entire time. They called her 180 times a day, and even Grant wanted to come over just t o cook for her…

Yuliana smiled awkward Iy. “It’s fine. She’s used to being alone. I can’t leave… My career is on the rise now. The best time for an actress is in the first two years, so I have to stay. If I disappear in front of the public for more than three days, people will forget about me…”

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