the doll dancer finally tells what happened

You are certainly not unaware that the relationship between Emma Lohoues and the dancer Poupette has not been in good shape for a long time. Formerly very intimate, the two actresses of Ivorian showbiz have strangely moved away from each other. Several months after this abrupt separation, Poupette reconsiders the facts.

Emma Lohoues and Poupette are no longer close friends. The whole canvas is perfectly aware of this. Besides, the two ex-friends were frequently questioned about the disruptive reasons for their previously harmonious relationship.

Emma Lohoues has always refrained from answering the question frequently asked by Internet users.

For her part, with her real name, Line Aude, Poupette did not remain silent in the face of questions.

Invited to an Ivorian radio in December 2020, poupette had let it be known that she did not know the reason for the distances observed by Emma Lohoues vis-à-vis her. She burst into tears when she let it be known on the radio waves that Emma Lohoues had shown her no attention at the birth of her son.

If until then, we still have not heard Emma Lohoues’ version of the facts, Poupette meanwhile, returned to the case during an interview with an Ivorian magazine.

To the question, what would have derailed their beautiful relationship, she answered in these terms: “ Nothing, to be honest, nothing, nothing happened“.

I decided to focus on me than anything else. So I think it’s the most important, my life first added the Ivorian dancer.

Regarding the father of her child, the man to whom the web has attributed various identities, Poupette said that he is a big fan of her talent, who eventually became her boyfriend and father of her son. . Without wishing to provide further information on the latter.

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