The do’s and don’ts for a successful evaluation interview

Not every employee is looking forward to his or her evaluation interview. The possible negative feedback can cause quite a bit of fear. However, an evaluation interview is an opportunity for the employee to find out where he or she is and to map the work points.

Here are the do’s and don’ts for a successful evaluation interview

The do’s and don’ts for a successful evaluation interview

Evaluate throughout the year

The traditional evaluation interview, which takes place once a year, is not enough. The evaluation of an employee must take place throughout the year. A manager must regularly allow the employee to grow and learn through feedback. It is, therefore, not enough to sit together once a year for a general evaluation. After all, the employee has not been able to adjust his behavior or way of working at the time. This is a two-way street: the employee himself must also take the initiative and ask for feedback. Only then will both know if their expectations match.

Evaluation moments or feedback throughout the year are not only relevant for who is new to the company or who carries out a new job. Even those who have been working for the company for a more extended period must evaluate whether they are still in the right place and what possible career opportunities there are. Think not only of promotion but also of broadening the position, for example, by taking on new tasks.

Prepare well

Going to an evaluation interview unprepared is not a good idea. You must look critically at yourself and your functioning in the organization. What have I done well in the past year and what was less good? How did that happen? What could I have done differently and how could I improve myself? Do not look too quickly at your manager or higher up in the organization. Take your responsibility when it comes to your performance.

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Open and transparent communication

Depending on the manager, you will be able to speak more or less as an employee. In any case, there must be open and transparent communication in two directions for an evaluation interview to be successful. Try as much as possible to tell your story and also bring things yourself that, in your view, did not go entirely smoothly. Who knows, your supervisor may think entirely differently about that situation so that you can place it better.

Focus on yourself and not on colleagues

The evaluation interview is about you as an employee, not about other employees. For example, you can say that the atmosphere is not pleasant, which means that you are not functioning as well, but be critical and analyze what your share is in this. How can I contribute to a pleasant atmosphere at work?

Handle criticism constructively

Hearing that you are doing something wrong or that there are work points is not always pleasant. But that feedback can also offer opportunities. If you, as an employee, receive criticism that you cannot immediately post, or that you do not agree with, ask for very concrete examples and reasons why your supervisor believes that you did not do it well. Find out why it is that you have different opinions about this. The answer will often be that the employee and manager have different expectations.

Take your chance to grow

In any case, it is essential not to look at such a conversation with fear, but to see it as an opportunity. You have to see an evaluation interview, or other evaluation moments throughout the year, as an opportunity to name things. This applies to you as an employee, but also to the manager. If the latter does not dare to call specific situations, it will deprive you of the opportunity to grow in your job. So if you notice any reluctance, then don’t hesitate to keep asking.

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