The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 10

The night was pure like water. It was at midnight.

Sitting in front of the desk, Lucas Hawk reached out and made a phone call.

“Hey, why do you call me now? Is it another attack?”

A young voice came from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean which showed a little concern in the final words, “How long have you been back to China?”


Lucas faintly replied with a bit low voice, “Jacob, this time is different.”

His words surprised the other side of the phone. Such situation of Lucas had been more than one or two days and there was a tendency to intensify.

Jacob Collins had stayed abroad for psychology for many years,and had become a well-known psychologist at home and abroad. Lucas was part of the reason for those efforts.

“How is it different?”

It took a while for Jacob to find his voice back, and he was somewhat afraid that the situation of Lucas would be even worse.

Noticed the worry Lucas said frankly, “I used to fight alone against the darkness every time. There seemed to be countless invisible tentacles, as if I was dragged into abyss by accident and no one could help me. But this time, Nora Davis, my newlywed wife, made me feel different. It is the first time for this phenomenon that I sensed the external force, which was so great. Do you have any idea of this?”

Jacob on the other side of the phone was a little surprised, “You mean that someone can help you calm down without using drugs.”

“You can say that.”

Lucas also felt surprised that there was mood swings when even mentioned the name of Nora Davis.

Jacob was silent for a while, “It is hard to find out specific factors. I need to see her. Bring her over if you have the opportunity. Or I will pay a visit when I am free. Anyway, don’t rely on drugs as much as possible to avoid dependency.”

“Okay, I will.”

“Lucas, it is a psychological problem. If you really want to recover, you must overcome the demon inside.”

Lucas nodded, “I understand, thank you.”

“Oh, my buddy, there is no need to thank. It doesn’t like your style. If you have time, let me see the sister-in-law.”

Hanging up the phone, Lucas was in a good mood, standing in front of the huge French windows. Looking at the shimmering glazed tiles refracted by the moonlight in the villa, his slightly raised his lips.

The next day, the sun shone brightly again.

After breakfast, Lucas went to work early.

Evelyn Davis had nothing to do at home and got bored, having no idea how Nora killed time.

Fortunately, the house was big enough. The flowers were in full bloom in the garden and looked so beautiful.

There were also many varieties that Evelyn had not seen before. She couldn’t help picking a bunch. Various flowers were beautiful with faint fragrance.

“They smelled good.” She looked obsessed with blinked eyes.

Not far away, there stopped Amelia Morgan who just drove back home and saw Evelyn in the walking into the hall with a bunch of flowers.

Seeing her entering, many cleaning servants stopped to say hello to her.

Evelyn waved her hand to reject the manner, “Where is the vase?”

Seeing that they were stunned, Evelyn shook the flowers in her hand.

“Here.” A servant approached in haste.

Others were looking at each other. When was this young lady so kind?

Looking at the pure appearance of the little housewife, Amelia almost broke her tooth. She knew about Nora better than anyone.

“Disguise, you can continue it. Since Lucas was back, now you pretend to be pure. After all, the paper can’t hold the fire, we will see!”

Amelia was so mad, she had been angry for a few days.

Last time we went to eat, it was Noah Field who saved Nora.

Although Lucas was angry, he did not completely dislike Nora.

Not only that, Nora almost killed Lucas this time. But she was only reproved by several sentences.

What qualification did she have? She had the support from Lucas’s grandfather.

Evelyn did not expect to be hated when she took a bunch of flowers to kill time.

Looking at Evelyn carefully arranging flowers, the more thoughts Amelia had, the more reluctant she could be. She turned her step away, “Yes, I will go find the little aunt. I don’t believe you can keep disguising.”

The little aunt was the youngest daughter of the grandfather, who was only three or four years older than Lucas.

They grew up together and were very close.

Amelia usually loved to play with the little aunt and they had a good relationship.

Just arriving at Vivian’s residence, Amelia saw her wearing a black leather coat with sunglasses and taking a limited edition of Hermes diamond bag, which was clearly a outfit for hanging out.

Seeing Amelia’s entering, Vivian was stunned for a while then turned into smile, “ Amelia, why do you come so early?”

She seemed to be in a good mood, and the Amelia’s visit made her more joyful, “Amelia, come with me. I have several friends to meet today.”

“Ah, well, just go for it without me.”

Obviously, Amelia had little interest and looked pitiful. It seemed that she had some grievances.

“What’s up, who is bullying you?” Seeing her like this, Vivian could not help but frown.

Amelia curled her lips, “It was Nora again.”

“What did she do to you?”

Vivian felt confused. Although she had heard a lot about Nora, they didn’t bother each other and didn’t interact a lot.
She wouldn’t seriously treat Nora, her nephew’s wife if it wasn’t for Lucas’s sake.

“She didn’t provoke me, but she did provoke Lucas. Do you know that she is the one to blame for Lucas’s attack that almost killed him at the night before?”

Amelia looked angry, “You don’t know how terrible that woman is. She looks like nothing ever happened under grandfather’s support. Such vicious thing happened to Lucas when he came back for a short time. She had done so many wrong things before, but she still doesn’t know how to behave well. I think she clearly did it on purpose. Little aunt, please help Lucas.”

Vivian became angry while listening, how could sister-in-law hide such thing for Nora when it happened to her son in the same yard?

“She really can’t settle down at all times, it seems that I must give her a lesson.”

Vivian chilly hummed and rushed out to the direction of Lucas and Evelyn’s residence.

“Hey? Little aunt.”

Amelia shouted, seeing that Vivian did not return, and she could not help but raised her lips, quickly followed up, “Little aunt, wait for me!”

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