The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 101

Amelia talking about Lucas’s protection of Evelyn said sadly, “Now she’s under the protection of Lucas I’m afraid that no one could change her status as the young hostess.”

Vivian sneered.

“How could her Nora have the right to be the young hostess of our Hawk family? She’s just pretending to be good in front of Lucas.”

As she said she seemed to have thought something, with a bad intention: “I remember that she used to like to go to the Bar, often wandering in those places. She didn’t go to anymore must because of Lucas. I can’t imagine how she would want to go. I will think some ways to take her to these places and she must show herself in her true colors.”

When Amelia heard this, her eyes sparkled.

Before she could open her mouth, Vivian continued, “At that time we can call the group of people who had fooled with her. No matter who we call out she will be doomed eternally.

“But will it be found out by Lucas, then Vivian you will be implicated…”

Amelia agreed with her in heart, but pretended to care.

“Don’t worry. I will not let Lucas look into me. Even if he did, I will make excuse for Nora. She had done this kin of things many times. How could Lucas doesn’t believe?”

Amelia saw that she had even thought about the plan B, she quickly complimented her and said, “Vivian , it’s very kind of you to care for me.”

Vivian just said: “It doesn’t matter. You are my good friend and my favorite nephew’s wife. If I don’t help you, who will I help?”

On the side of the new house, Evelyn did not know that Vivian had planned to deal with her.

At that time, she was warned by Lucas: “In these two days, you will have a good rest at home. In the next two days, Envy will go to the company to take pictures. After discussion, the sample clothes you designed will become one of the main players, and you will need to match them personally.”

“I know, I’ll have a good rest and make sure I don’t make trouble to the company.”

Evelyn could hardly hide the smile on her face and promised.

After all, the greatest achievement of any designer was that his works were recognized.

Lucas also understood that, looking at the bright smile on her face, he could not help but bow his head and kissed her forehead: “Then you have a good rest. I will go to the study to deal with business.”

After he finished, he got up and left, leaving Evelyn sitting in bed.

The gentle touch on her forehead seemed so nice, so she couldn’t help reaching out and touching it.

A heart beat uncontrollably, like a stone falling into the water, making circles of ripples.

It took her a long time to calm down.

She patted herself on the hot cheek: “Evelyn, what are you thinking? Don’t forget your identity!”

Didn’t know if it was her warning that helped to calm the confused heart.

She was going to look for something else to divert her attention.

Then she looked at the unfinished design on the table and got up and took it to continue drawing.

In fact, she was still a little dizzy that she drew for a while and gave up but lay down to rest after taking the medicine.

After all, she was still thinking about two days later.

Two days later, Evelyn’ cold completely recovered.

And that was the day when Envy entered the company to take pictures.

“I’ll go to the company with you later.”

When they had dinner, Lucas offered to go to the company with Evelyn.


Evelyn nodded.

After a while, they finished their meal and drove towards the company.

Evelyn still got off at the street corner.

When she arrived at the company and asked the staff then she took the elevator to the studio.

The studio was situated on the tenth floor of the office building. It covered a large area and had various interior scenery styles.

Europe and America style, ancient customs and home style.

After all, the clothing company belonged to Hawk family, which had all kinds of equipment.

It was also necessary for brand clothing.

When Evelyn entered the studio, it was already very busy.

Everyone was busy with his work, setting and checking with the equipment…

Envy was making up, surrounded by a group of people.

There were assistants,Freya Lee general manager of the company, and clothing designers such as Amelia and Chloe Field.

Even Lucas was there.

He sat beside Envy. His face was soft and he did not know what he was talking about.

Envy responded with a smile.

Evelyn was not surprising at the intimate interaction between the two, but it made Amelia clenched her fist with jealousy.

She had lived in Hawk family for so many years that she had not been so close to her Lucas.

In Hawk family Lucas never spoke untruthfully to her and was always frightening and cold.

But now this woman, unexpectedly let Lucas brother be so nice to her and whisper so softly.

She lost to Nora the bitch. Is it hard to lose to the woman who she even didn’t know where she’s from?

She was unwilling to roar at the bottom of her heart. Lucas and Envy did not pay attention to it.

They talked about the shooting.

Lucas said, “When you shoot later, you try to highlight the advantages of the company’s clothing.”

When Envy heard this, she just put on her makeup and opened her eyes. She was ready to nod and promise but she saw Evelyn behind the crowd.

She recalled what Lucas had just said then turned her eyes and said with a smile, “Do you mean all the designs of the company, or her…”

Lucas followed her line of sight and also saw Evelyn, then he understood the meaning of her words.

He pursed his lips and murmured, “Everyone, here, business comes first.”

Envy got an unexpected answer, with a slight frown and a more brilliant smile on her face.

“Well, if you promise to invite me to eat dinner, I will.”

Lucas did not think she would say that: “The company will organize dinner in the evening, I will go too.”

Envy gave him a deep look.

“Dinner party? That’s all right. Let’s have dinner together.

After she finished, she went out of the dressing room and planned to start shooting.

With her appearance, a lot of breathing sounds appeared in the studio.

They all heard that Envy as a young lady of note was very beautiful but temperament and the feeling she gave people even more perfect.

At this time, she dressed in the company’s main design, cool and attractive. She could catch up everyone’s eyes and don’t move from her.

Especially when she stood in front of the camera, she could perfectly showed the merits of the clothes. You would wish that the clothes were worn by yourself.

More importantly was that she could change her style at any time.

Cold, gentle and charming.

Evelyn looked at her with admiration, and her heart was full of admiration.

Amelia was even more jealous, mad and inexplicable.

Because she found her proud identity, self-cultivation in the front of Envy she became nothing.

But even so, she was not reconciled.

She looked at Lucas who was out of her but looking at the studio then her eyes flashed. She pretended to admire and said, “Lucas, you are so thoughtful to invite Miss Miller as the spokesperson. With her help we must get great success after we put out our clothes.”

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